Ahmet Kaya Maths teacher

İ have 15 years maths teacher expeirence

My name is Ahmet kaya.i was born in Turkey in 1980.İ graduated from Yildiz Technical University in 2003. İ stduied at Yildiz Techinal University which is located in İn İstanbul,from 1998-2003 about Maths .after finishing university İ came to Kazakhistan and i started to work as a Maths teacher at Kazakh Turkish High Schools from 2003 so far i had been many cities of Kazakhstan also i worked as a Maths teacher in high schools.

One year Jesgazgan KTL( Kazakh Turkish High School)

3 years Astana KTL (capital of Kazakhstan)

4 years Petropavl KTL

3 years Karaganda KTL (Maths teacher also Vice principal)

1 year Galaxy İnternational School (Almaty)

3 years Almaty KTL…..also now i am working at Almaty KTL (BİLİM İNNOVOTİON SCHOOLS=BİL)







3 year