Chlowee Daoal Catalino Computer Technology

? City, Philippines

Chlowee D. Catalino
Contact Number: +63 9104023910
Email Add: [email protected]
Personal Details:

Marital Status​:​Single
Address​​:​Baguio City
Date of Birth​​:​December 6, 1980

Knowledgeable Microsoft word (50 wpm) and internet. Clerical and office management skills.
Good communication skills.
Work Experience:

Position​​:​Administrative Assistant
Company​​:​Linguo Online Philippines Inc.
Period​​:​March 15 – April 30, 2017
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Entertain inquiries of applicants regarding their applications online, thru messages, and at the office.
• Schedule interviews, teaching demo and orientation for all qualified applicants.
• Receives & checks application papers of applicants for ESL
• Acts as a coordinator for homebased teachers too.
• Entertains calls and messages from homebased teachers.
• Responsible on checking the attendance of the teachers for office based and homebased.
• Responsible on the needs of the teachers such as, drinking water, some biscuits.
• Responsible also on checking the unclean area, also liable on water supply.
• Responsible on opening the office and etc.

Position​​:​Account Management Staff
Company​​:​Leaman’s Enterprise
Period​​:​July 12, 2010– May 31, 2011
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible on reading Avon emails (contains all guides, information, instructions, updates and other important things needed to know daily).
• Ensures the posting of adjustment on collection fee and the computation of dues of dealers (adds penalty if needed).
• Gives gate pass on dealers who forget their Avon identification cards; sometimes in charge on photocopies.
• Responsible on releasing the permanent id’s; and attends to dealer queries.
• Responsible on tagging affiliation and/or transfer to other location on dealers; tagging also on allocation and/or revocation of surety.
• Liable also on giving credit lines to dealers who completes their requirements; and adding of credit lines due to advance payment with no past due history.
• Responsible on MOR ( dues/credits that cannot be seen on DRM system).
• Performs cash drop at certain hour of the day at the counter for security purposes; Post cash and check deposit before bank pick-up, endorse previous day collection to authorized bank teller and sign the pickup slip from teller.
• Reliever of DAM (Dealer Account Management)[sign’s in; tags ATP; releases temporary ID; gives gift coupon; print reports like: CTD, net due report, past due report, MTD).
• Gives updated reports on recent programs/promos.

Position​​:​Administrative Assistant
Company​​:​Pines International Academy, Inc.
Period​​:​June 2006 to February 2008
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Receives & checks application papers of applicants for ESL teacher and Administrative Assistant position.
• Entertain inquiries of applicants regarding their applications.
• Schedule interviews, teaching demo and orientation for all qualified applicants.
• Informs/notifies all qualified/passed applicants prior to their interview, teaching demo and orientation.
• Updates database of employee’s personal information.
• Makes and gives validated identification cards of employees and students.
• Maintains and update the student’s English proficiency level and picture charts.
• Updates the organizational chart for faculty members and staff.
• Lays-out and print graduation certificates for all graduating students.
• Lays-out and print the program paper for graduation ceremonies and other special occasions.
• Does also photocopies & receives (and sends) fax.

Position​​:​Computer Encoder
Company​​:​Fermar’s Computer & Xerox Shop
Period​​:​November 2004 to May 2005
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Entertains and gives contentment to clients who will give data’s to be encoded / computerized.
• Accept data’s for encoding; program papers, resume, thesis, book-report, etc.

Educational Attainment

Tertiary​​:​Data Center Colleges
​​​​Computer Technology
​​​​Bonifacio St., Baguio City
​​​​March 2000

Secondary​​:​Cordillera Career Development College
​​​​Buyagan La Trinidad, Benguet
​​​​March 1997

Primary​​:​Kibungan Elementary School
​​​​Poblacion, Kibungan Benguet
​​​​March 1993

Character references

Dr. Asterio Saquing​​​Physician Surgeon
Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya

Ma. Teresa Rizza Yvette Valencia Espejo​ESL Teacher
Linguo, Baguio City

​Mrs. Fatima Joan Valdez​​​Instructor
​​​​​​Data Center Colleges
​​​​​​Bonifacio, Baguio City