Desiree Tabinas Accounting Assistant

Computer LiterateKeyboarding

Home Address: 033 Lower Hasmin Ext., Payatas A., Quezon City, Philippines

Overseas Address: No. 23 Ave 6-43, Zona 15, Vista Hermosa, Guatemala

E-Mail Address: [email protected]

Mobile No.: +50930051809/+50248043565



ü  Board Passer of Secondary Professional Teacher.

ü  Knowledgeable in Quickbooks, Peachtree, Orion, Tradeworks.

ü  Knowledgeable in Systems, Applications, & Processes ERP System

ü  Proficient in using Microsoft Office – MS Excel, MS Word, MS Presentation.

ü  Above average fluency in both oral and written English

ü  Successful problem solving and analytical skills

ü  Ability to work independently or under minimum supervision in a culturally-diversified company (can also be a team player)

ü  Ability to multi-task and adapt in the demands of the environment

ü  Fast learner, trainable, reliable, organized and keen to details

ü  Humble, upright and with good interpersonal skills





1. Overseas Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd SA (Haiti Office and Guatemala Office) – Project in Haiti (USAID Medical School, Haiti Supreme Court Building, Rehabilitation of Road Phase I, Ministry of Interior Building Project), Project in Guatemala (Construction of the Road KM57+100 to KM-84+450).


Position: Accountant

Haiti Office address: No. 66 Rue Romaine US Embassy Tabarre 2, Port-Au-Price, Haiti

Guatemala Office address: No. 23 Ave 6-43, Zona 15, Vista Hermosa, Guatemala City, Guatemala

November 4, 2013 – Contract Date March 5, 2017






Job Description/Responsibilities :


Responsible for overall basic accounting functions. Checking liquidation/reimbursement if the expenses are accurate based on Minor Purchase Request and invoice attachment.
Review Purchase Order Report based on Budget Proposal cost.
Preparation for the Vouchers in daily transactions request both accounts of local and USD accounts.
Follow through on timely and accurate month-end closings and financial reporting activities using Peachtree Sage.
Monitoring Cash position and issue check for the payments.
Handle diversified expense control procedures including bank and account reconciliation, cash receipts, petty cash, disbursements, finance charges.
Preparation for weekly reports and compiling two weeks cashflow of Engineering to submit in Headquarter Office.
Records deposit Accounts Receivable and post Accounts Payable above payments and coordinate distribution of invoices.
Review and records the cost and revenue recognition based on percentage accomplished by Engineering.
Monitoring Accounts Receivable Aging Report to submit in Headquarters Office.
Record adjustment entries and rectification of accounts.
Assign Phase code and job cost based on the Project Budget Proposal and submit to Headquarter Office for approval.
Issue Fund Transfer Request in compiling of Engineering Monthly Forecast Report. Accrual the estimation of Monthly Expense and submit to Headquarter Office for approval.
Auditing the financial information.
Dealing with Insolvency cases for the client, payments and accounts.
Administering Employee’s payroll and termination pay.
Filing and providing of Income Tax Return, Input VAT, Output VAT, and Insurance Payable.
Compilation of Monthly Closing Report to submit in Headquarter Office.
Report and submit the Job Ledger cost control in Engineering Department for their preparation.

2. Wahoo Bay Bar & Resort – Haiti

Position : Inventory Control Supervisor

Employer : Genevieve Lemke

Date : June 2011 – 2013


Job Description/Responsibilities :


Control all the stocks at the depot at all times.
Responsible for purchasing order of all merchandise for the bar and kitchen stuffs.
Inventories of all merchandise in the kitchen and bar.
Handle and control the cash drawer sale in the bar and restaurant.
Handle the accounting for the expenses and sales.








3. Agence de Supervision et de Controle S.A., Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Position: Data Entry/Report Issuance Processor

Employer: Mr. Mondy Victor

Date: November 15, 2010 – to March 10, 2011


Job Description/Responsibilities :


Verifying, correcting, deleting unnecessary data, and combining data from several sources before entering the files.
Issue reports based on received containers inspection.
Entering information into specific files or forms from recorded materials, hand written pages, and figures contained in printed files.
Operates data entry device and prepare documents.
Checking completed work for errors or duplicate information before submitting the final product.
Requesting further information for documents that are deemed incomplete.
Keeping records of tasks, files and proofread reports.

4. SGS Gulf Ltd., (ROHQ), 20th Citibank Bldg, Paseo De Roxas Makati City

Team: AF 5 Team (Nigeria), AF2 Team (Cameroon), Asia Team (Bangladesh)

Position: Logistic Data Processing Officer

Supervision: Mr. Ernesto Rufa, Mr. Dionisio Sison, Mr. Roderick Cayari and Ms. Rachelle Solano

Date: March 19, 2007- September 20, 2010


Job Description/Responsibilities :


Verifies the technical information and quality of documents to ensure that I will correctly and completely registered in the application system.
Assists in amending Reports based on review done by the Conformity Analyst, as necessary.
Performs quality audit of administration details and correcting if necessary before finalizing the Report
Accurately and efficiently encodes information in the application system used based on received trade documents, Product Conformity Assessment Business Rules, Country Instructions, and other related or similar references.
Issue Report based on received trade documents following the Country Instructions, Product Conformity Assessment Business Rules, quality assurance procedures, performance standards and other similar or related references.




1. Student- Teacher Training (Off-Campus)

Quezon City High School, Kamuning, Quezon City

Principal: Dr. Josefina T. Perlado

November 9, 2004 to March 16, 2005


Job Description:

Assigned in Computer class as a student teacher for Web Page Design in 4th year students.
Responsible to do office tasks in Registrar Office for keeping permanent records and assisting former students.
2. 2004 Government Internship Program

DSWD Central Office, Batasan Hills, Quezon City

April 19 to May 31, 2004


Job Description:

Responsible for receiving and keeping correspondence.
Data entry tasks.
3. Kabataan 2000 Government Internship Program

Social Security System, East Avenue, Quezon City

Records Information Management Center

April 21 to May 29, 2003


Job Description:

Responsible for setting and keeping vital records prior in the process of microfilm.
4. Office Job Training

Social Security System, East Avenue, Quezon City

Corporate Legal Department


Job Description:

Responsible for recording the incoming and outgoing correspondence and other documents.
Data entry tasks.



Tertiary Level

Philippine Normal University, Taft Avenue, Manila

Specialization: Early Childhood Education

18 Earned Units

June, 2009 – March 2011


Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila

Course: Bachelor in Business Teacher Education

Major: Business Technology

Knowledgeable in  Basic Accounting, Computer (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint), Stenography, Keyboarding with 45 words per minute,  and Office Procedure.

May 6, 2005






Secondary Level


Commonwealth High School

Ecols St., Commonwealth, Quezon City




Intermediate Level


Payatas A. Elementary School

Ilang-Ilang St., Payatas A., Quezon City





TITLE                                           VENUE                                DATE


1. “Enhancing English Writing Skills”          Graduate School                    April 9, 2005

PUP Sta. Mesa


2. “Guidance on Job Hunting and Skills in       PUP Sta. Mesa,               February 19, 2005

The Workplace”                                          Manila


3. “Alay Dunong Para sa mga                        PUP Sta. Mesa,                  June-Oct 2004

Paslit Program”                                            Manila


4. “Strengthening Students Roles                  PUP Sta. Mesa,                  August 28, 2004

Toward Building a Dynamic and                   Manila

Effective Co-Existence in Fast

Changing World”


5. “Leadership Training Seminar-                Villa Lope Resort,               March 24-25, 2004

Workshop” (Teambuilding)           Pansol, Calamba, Laguna


6. “41st National Rizal Youth                    Junior Mess,                          December 6-11, 2003

Leadership Institute and                      Teacher Camp,

1st National Lecture Forum in               Baguio City

Teaching Rizal Course”

7. “Self-Awareness and Values               PUP Sta. Mesa,                         November 11, 2003

Clarification”                                        Manila


8. “Web Page Design                            Commonwealth HS                  February 8-9, 2001

Using HTML”


9. “Financial Statement Analysis”           Business Coach Philippines       September 21, 2013


10. “Basic Supervisory Skills Training”   Business Coach  Philippines      September 22, 2013









Age                  :           32

Date of Birth    :           September 15, 1984

Sex                  :           Female

Civil Status       :           Single

Religion           :           Catholic

Citizenship       :           Filipino

Language         :           English, Tagalog, Haitian Creole, French, Spanish







Professional Regulation Commission – Board Passer in Licensure Examination for Teacher – Secondary Level
License no: 0993671, Issued on December 11, 2008, Rating: 76.2%


Civil Service Sub-professional Exam for Data Encoder
Issued on April, 2006






1. Robert Lee

Finance Manager

OECC Haiti/Guatemala

Skype account: hsinjlee


2. Ruth Torres

Deputy Admin Officer

OECC Haiti

Telephone: +50934332771


3. Charity Aliposa

QS Engineer

OECC Guatemala

Telephone: +50230048259


I hereby certify the correctness of the above stated information.





Desiree V. Tabinas



2001-2005 Degree Holder at Polytechnic University of the Philippines


2013-2017 Accounting Assistant at Overseas Engineering & Construction Company