Marie Therese Rionile Arre Caneda Legal Assistant

Laguna, Philippines
and PowerPointBusiness CorrespondenceProficient in Microsoft Office Suite: ExcelWord

DTI – Center for International Tradge Expositions and Missions (CITEM) • Feb 2016 – Jun 2016

Technical Staff (Specialist Level)

Responsible for performing legal research work, preparing board papers, keeping minutes of meetings, and providing notices in all board meetings. Worked on all documentations of the Legal Unit especially in compliance to GCG requirements.

·         Contributed to the success of the Manila FAME (235 SMEs and 10 foreign exhibitors participated) and Slingshot Philippines (800 participants), events which showcase craftsmanship of Philippine Products and a summit on startups and innovation, respectively, by being part of the registration team for five  days

·         Finalized the institution’s Corporate Governance Scorecard (CGS) and Government Corporate Information Sheet (GCIS), both of which are requirements to the Governance Commission for Government –Owned and – Controlled Corporations (GCG)

·         Aided in a more systematized filing and documentation of the Legal Unit by compiling board papers for meetings, referendums and resolutions as well as proofreading of most legal documents
Department of Justice (DOJ) • Dec 2014 – Oct 2015

Administrative Assistant V

Assisted in the daily operations of the Assistant Secretary’s Office as well as the Director for the Planning and Management Service. Drafted government correspondence such as Memorandums and letters. Coordinated with other government, non-government agencies as well as the private sector

·         Facilitated the programming and funding of the Department’s Seven (7) attached agencies particularly those involved in the European Union-Justice for Support Programme (EPJUST-II)

·         Submitted numerous Post – Activity Reports in relation to meetings and workshops attended on Child Protection, Women and Human Rights.

·          Performed logistical support to the Committee for the Special Protection of Children (CSPC) in two (2) Multi-disciplinary trainings which can span from 1 – 2  days.
Department of Education (DepED) • Aug 2012 – June 2013

Project Development Officer II

Under the BESRA Technical Working Group on School – Based Management, provided general technical and administrative work in coordinating the preparation of action plans, work and financial plans, and overall operational activities in coordination with the Secretariat

·         Conducted a partial policy analysis of the impact of SBM grants to recipient public schools or 115 divisions aided in the intervention and monitoring of catch up plans of the different school divisions receiving grants

·         Facilitated grant distribution and liquidation of expenses to the twelve (12) Regions of the Philippines



June 2008/ April 2012 Bachelor of Arts- Political Science at Ateneo de Manila University