Serina Mosqueda Medical Laboratory Technologists


Serina Mosqueda, RMT
Address: Purok 3, U-og, Inabanga, Bohol

Philippines 6332

Mobile #: +639278180253

Email: [email protected]






Position Desired:  Medical Laboratory Technologist / Phlebotomy



Summary of Qualifications


Results-oriented, high energy, hands on professional with a successful record of accomplishments in the wide functions of the laboratory: hematology, chemistry, clinical microscopy, microbiology and serology.  Experienced in phlebotomy (venous, capillary and arterial blood extraction), blood banking industry, quality assurance and patients services focus on providing the recipient with the highest quality blood product. Able to work well both independently and as a part of productive team, demonstrating the motivation and problem solving abilities required to meet the demands while maintaining the laboratory standards.





Date of Birth                :  January 2, 1983

Age                              :  36

Sex                              :  Female

Citizenship                   :  Filipino

Civil status                   :  Married

Religion                       :  Roman Catholic

Hobbies                         :   singing, dancing, playing guitar / keyboards


Skills and Qualities:


Microsoft ( MS Word, Outlook, Typing )
Good communication and interpersonal skills
Good customer care
Excellent team-player
Willing to learn new task
Ability to multi-task
Proven record of reliability and responsibility
Able to work quickly and accurately under pressure
Possessing an ability to anticipate and coordinate priorities.





College Degree
San Pedro College                                                        JUNE 1999 – MARCH 2003

Davao City, Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology





Secondary Education

St. Paul’s Academy                                                      JUNE 1995 – MARCH 1999

Inabanga, Bohol, Philippines

Class Salutatorian


Primary Education
Inabanga,  Central Elementary School                         JUNE 1989 – MARCH 1995

Inabanga, Bohol, Philippines

Consistent Honor Student




Medical Technology Licensure Examination

(Certified Medical Technologist)                                           September 11, 2003

Davao City, Philippines

License no. 0046257


Ministry of Health Licensure Examination                               August 2005

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Rate: Passed











(BEDOK BRANCH Animal Clinic)


Blk. 158 Bedok South Avenue 3                                       FEBRUARY 2011 – FEBRUARY 2018

Singapore 460158


·         Taking venous blood samples in animals including (canine and feline).

·         Performed routine hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, fecalysis, I-Stat Analyzer, parvo test, canine heartworm test, FIV/FELV test, canine pancreatic lipase test, T4 test, bile acid test and ACTH stimulation test.

·         Reading blood smear for both dogs and cats.

·         Performed emergency minor and major cross-matching for dogs and cats if needed.

·         Analyzing FNA (Fine Needle Aspirate) samples from the lump of animals.

·         Do administrative duties and logistic stock management.

·         Motivated to deal with difficult clients when issue arises.

·         Able to stay organized and focus to the assigned task under work pressure.

·         Has costumer service attitude by dealing with clients professionally.

·         Manage multitasking and has time management skills to whatever task assigned in the clinic.





Machines Handled:   Idexx Vet Lab Station, Idexx Snapshot,Vet scan VS2, Vet test 8008 = Chemistry

Idexx Procyte Dx, Vet Scan HM5 = Hematology

Vet Scan   I-Stat 1





Al Mana General Hospital                                                    JUNE 12, 2005 to June 12, 2010

Al hofuf- Al Hassa, Saudi Arabia





The hospital is open 24hrs, 7 days a week both the in-patients and outpatients. Hence, any requests send to the laboratory regardless of time are performed as long as it conforms to the biologic requirements of each examination.

Securing the quality and integrity of laboratory results are day-to-day standard I employed in the department. My ability to work independently is guided by my principle in adherence to the hospital standard, policy and procedure and other accrediting institution. The hospital is accredited by the Ministry of Health (KSA) Saudi Aramco (American Standard) and Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA).

As an experienced Medical Laboratory Technologist, I am looking forward to expand my career. Fourteen years experienced both human hospital and animal clinic laboratory located in Philippines and abroad. Work successfully with physicians in different areas of laboratory. Interact daily with supervisor and laboratory staffs, patients and other people throughout clinic and hospital.

Almana General Group of Hospitals has a chain of 4 hospitals in the Eastern province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has 300 bed capacities with high standard of a laboratory. The laboratory is well equipped with fully automated machines in chemistry, special chemistry,  microscopy, hematology with blood gas analyzer and coagulometers and also microbiology. The Blood Bank is advanced following closely the AABB standards. I have joined this hospital as Laboratory Technician last June 12, 2005. I am working as rotational staff  in all sections.


Nature of the Job:


A medical technologists performs a full range of laboratory tests from simple blood tests to more complex tests to even assisting with the uncovering of diseases such as cancer.


·         Establish and monitor programs to ensure the accuracy of the tests.

·         Responsible for the monthly statistics of the section.

·         Executed and analyzed tests in areas including chemistry, hematology, clinical microscopy, immunology, blood bank and serology to aid physicians in diagnosing and treating diseases.

·         Consistently commended for the timely, high-quality completion of both routine and special laboratory assays of patients specimens (including blood and other body fluids).

·         Ensured test-result validity before recording / reporting results, earning a reputation for meticulous attention to detail.

·         Demonstrate the ability to communicate test results effectively with physicians, pathologists and nursing staff as a member of a medical team focused on providing quality healthcare.

·         Evaluate quality control within the laboratory using standard laboratory test and measurement of controls.

·         Extend professional courtesy and service to people through honest and competent practice of the profession.

·         Maintained quality assurance within the laboratory by participating in the External Quality Assurance Services program of BIO-RAD LABORATORIES and Dia Med Quality Control Survey










Description of every section rotated and machines handled in each department


A.      Hematology section

Complete Blood Count (differential count), platelet count, reticulocyte count, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, malarial smear, G6 PD Screen & assays and blood coagulation tests such as: bleeding time, clotting time, prothrombin time (INR), partial thromboplastin time, thrombin time, fibrinogen and FDP assay, D-dimer, and sickle cell screen.


·         Perform also Blood gas collection and analysis.


Examinations of Body Fluids:


·         CSF Examination – For routine hematologic tests- total cell count and differential count as well as complete microscopic and macroscopic examination. For chemical test such as Protein and Sugar.

·         Synovial Fluid – Total Cell Count and Differential Count

·         Seminal Fluid Examination – Morphology, Sperm count, motility, liquefaction time and pH.

·         Examination of other Fluids such as Peritoneal Fluid, Gastric, Pleural, Pericardial fluids.


Machine handled:

ABBOT Celldyn 3700/1600/1700, Trinity KC4Amelung, Option 4   Plus, Bayer Rapid lab Blood Gas Analyzer, Sapphire 100


B. Clinical Chemistry section

·         Glucose Fasting, Post-Prandial,  Oral Glucose Tolerance Test,

·         AST, ALT,ALKP, Total Protein, Albumin, Bilirubin, Conjugated,

·         Urea, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Cholesterol, Triglycerides,

·         creatinine kinase CK-MB, LDH, GGT, Amylase, Lipase, Na, K, Cl,

·         Calcium (Ionized Ca), Magnesium, Phosphorous, Fe, TIBC,

·         CRP (quantitative), Ammonia. Drugs (Carbamazepine, Lithium, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Digoxin, and Theophylline).

·         24 hours Urine: Protein, Creatinine, Creatinine Clearance, Na K; CSF: Protein, Glucose.



Machine handled:  Vitros 250, EASYLYTE Na+, K+, CL ANALYZER







C. Serology and Immunology

·         Widal test, C–Reactive Protein, Rheumatoid Factor, Anti- streptolysin O Titer

·         RPR, Anti-HCV, Anti-HIV1/ HIV2,

·         Hepatitis B surface Antigen, Anti-HBc,

·         T3, T4, TSH assays, Troponin I (quantitative) Rubella IgG, Quantitative B-HCG.


Machine handled:   Abbot AXSYM



D. Blood Banking and Immunohematology


·         Routine ABO and Rh (Du) blood typing,

·         Phenotyping

·         Cross matching – major and minor cross matching

·         Coombs testing – Direct and Indirect Methods

·         Antibody Identification


·         Screening of blood Donors

Tests done for screening of donors are the following: HBs Ag, HIV, Anti-HCV, VDRL, hemoglobin, malarial Smear, sickle cell screen.

·         Blood Letting

·         Blood Component Processing:

a.       Packed Red Blood Cell

b.      Platelet Concentrate

c.       Platelet Rich Plasma

d.      Fresh Frozen Plasma


Machine handled:  CRYOFUGE


E. Clinical Microscopy Department


·         Routine Urinalysis

·         Routine Stool examinations

·         Examination for Occult blood in stool

·         Concentration Method for ova detection.

·         Reducing substances

·         Drug Screening (Test Pack)



Machines handled:  CLINITEK 50











Performs following examinations:

·         Receives all specimens for routine culture, for staining and other special procedures with its proper label and identification.

·         Do routine culture

·         Performs microscopic identification of microorganism either from pure culture or from specimens received for the following procedures:

1. Gram staining

2. Acid Fast bacilli staining

3. KOH Mount/ Lactophenol cotton blue staining for fungal elements

4. India ink staining- for Cryptoccoccus neoformans

5. Prepares all culture media maintenance and other reagents.



Machines handled:    Bactec 250, Mini API by Biomeriux2, BBL crystal






·         Receives all specimens for biopsy and safekeeping with their proper labels and fixing them in 10% neutral buffered formalin. Assist section head preparation of non-commercially prepared reagents.

·          Receives and fixes cytology specimens and processes for each cell block fluid.

·         Performs routine staining of Hand E (hematoxylin and eosin) and Papaniculao smear







RAMIRO COMMUNITY HOSPITAL                                            JULY 2004 – MAY 2005
Tagbilaran City (Bohol, Philippines)



BISHOP REGAN HOSPITAL                                                  SEPTEMBER 2003 – July 2004
Apokon Tagum City, Philippines







Fundamental of Customer Service                                                       August 9, 2011

(Mount Pleasant Veterinay Centre)

232, Whitley Road, Singapore 297824


Basic Life Support Provider                                                                             January 5, 2010
Saudi Heart Association, National Health Center

In affiliation with the American Heart Association

Khobar, KSA







New Immuno-Modulators in the Management of RA                                      December 6, 2006

And Inflammatory Disease

Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization

Al Hassa, KSA


HAZMAT COMMUNICATION AND WASTE                                   May 30, 2006


Safety and Loss Prevention

Al hofuf, KSA







Dr. Chan Mun Ling

BVSc (Hons) Melbourne

Veterinary Surgeon, Practice Manager

Animal Medical Center Bedok- Singapore

Mobile no: +6596723794



Mr. Abdul Rafiq Hungarcutta

Laboratory Supervisor
Almana General Hospital – Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Mobile no. +966568601701



Dr. Amal al Hadi, MD
Clinical Pathologists
Almana General Hospital – Hofuf, Saudi Arabia

Mobile no. +966501224425