10. Virtual assistant work

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If you are capable of performing versatile tasks then the job of virtual assistant is made just for you. There are online opportunities for the post of virtual assistant and a lot of payment is also offered to these people.

9. Online marketing work

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This is a very respectable job available online and can also make you earn a lot of incentives with every sale of the website you will be working for. In fact this s a vast job where you can be involved in many fields at a time.

8. Job of a translator

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In order to do this job, you only need to develop proficient skills in more than one language. If you can simply speak and understand more than two languages, you can work as a translator or a linguistic expert in different firms and websites.

7. Job of a website developer

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This job is considered to bring a lot of profit for the professional because nowadays a lot of such professionals are being hired by companies and websites for the purpose of developing and upgrading the websites.

6. Online technical specialist

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There are a lot of websites which demand for the support of a technical specialist. This field is growing presently and it is anchoring its roots in the field of online working. For a technical specialist, it is important to first obtain training and then jump into the field.

5. Call center representative

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Many workshops on the online business give suggestion of becoming the call center representative because its timings and duty hours are foretold and you wll be paid surplus for working every extra moment.

4. Online teaching job

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Online teaching is much more interesting than teaching in a local school because when you are online you will be exposed to different kinds of students, with different sorts of questions and everyday you will have a new challenge to face.

3. Online writing job

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There is a huge scope for online writers to start freelancing on internet. They only need to determine their field of expertise and then start writing after getting their style approved.

2. Blogging

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Owning a blog can bring a lot of money for you. Basically you can write on others; blog and provide them advertisers as well.

1. Online graphic designer

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This is not only a very creative job but can also bring a huge profit because there are only a few graphic designers whose work is up to the mark. You can start the job of graphic designer by sitting from home and the only pre requisite which is demanded by most of the companies is that one should have received proper training in this regard. A graphic designer is also required to have proper knowledge about computer programming because nowadays there are various software programs which are used in the graphic designing techniques.