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Aamir Shahzad
House No:  A-73, Prime Minister Housing Scheme, Wah Cantt, Pakistan. (47040).

Mobile #:   +92 300 515 4838,      Email:  [email protected]

To achieve professional excellence and distinction through my education, experience and teamwork and to pursue a career in an organization that expects its employees to take initiative in a challenging and dynamic environment.


Ruba Digital                                                                                                                                                   (Feb. 16 to Present)

Ruba- SEZ Group Pakistan

Industry:           Consumer Electronics

Designation:     Sales Executive


Ø  Customer Dealing Product Information to closing sales individual.

Ø  Sales promotion activities with the help of marketing department.

Ø  Recovery of credit sales.

Ø  Aging analysis on daily basis.

Ø  Focusing the Receivable Account and reduce the overdue on daily basis.

Ø  To assist in preparing the walk-in customer register / report.

Ø  To check the invoices of incoming and outgoing stock / units.

Ø  To prepare the customer feedback registers and sends to HQ.

Ø  Any other task assigned by the management.

Ø  Assigning new corporates and conduct display.

United Sales (Pvt.) Ltd                                                                                                                              (Nov. 07 to May. 14)

A Dawlance group of Company

Industry:           Consumer Electronics

Designation:     Credit & Recovery officer


Ø  Building & maintaining relationship and networks with assigned Corporates.

Ø  Collecting & analyzing competitor intelligence.

Ø  Resolve the compliances which are receives from customers and customer care services.

Ø  Focusing the recovery and sales targets month wise.

Ø  Conduct the verifications of walk in customers.

Ø  Conduct the displays in corporate.

Ø  Appointment of new dealers and corporates.

Ø  To maintain the record of receivable bills from corporates every month.

Ø  Up-to-date and sharing the new company policies with corporates.

Ø  Monitor the sales outflow in the customers and corporates.

Ø  To prepare the monthly aging reports of Accounts receivable.

Ø  To record the dealers& corporates customer data.

M- Artal Poultry International (Pvt.) Ltd                                                                                           (Feb. 99 to Mar. 07)

Designation:     Distribution & Logistic Coordinator

Industry:           Frozen Poultry


Ø  Planning & Supervision of daily stock dispatch.

Ø  Co-ordinate with distribution Managers & sale admin, RSM’S regarding delivery issues & manage the orders according to the requirements.

Ø  To manage the deliveries and supplies in north region of the country.

Ø  To assign Drivers and helpers to their duties regarding deliveries on daily basis.

Ø  To update and submit Delivery Summary Report, Short Delivery Report, Export Orders Status Report to the manager on daily basis.

Ø  To monitor the loading of local orders according to provided SOPs.

Ø  To monitor online the vehicles current location through tracking system & their Container temperature etc.

Ø  To check stock the of company’s outlets (Value Chicken) in different location of North Region.

Ø  To reconcile the transfer data with North Region on monthly basis.

Ø  To cross check all record in software like Supplies record.

Ø  To co-ordinate with production department regarding the Fresh chicken Orders.

Ø  To check & verify that all activities related to Food Safety are fulfilled in the department & during transportation.

Ø  Planning & Supervision of daily stock dispatch.

Ø  Managing retail distribution, wholesale distribution, DC warehouse distribution and x-plant distribution

Ø  Tracking deliveries and making sure the right stuff gets to the right place.

Ø  Negotiating costs with suppliers, couriers and other third parties.

Ø  Dealing with workshops for immediate and periodic repair & maintenance of delivery trucks.

Ø  Keeping up to date all relevant documentation, vehicle logbooks, fuel consumption records & servicing protocols

Ø  Optimizing resources and cost control.

Ø  Daily vehicle fitness inspection, Repairing & Maintenance.

Ø  Reviewing the material handling tools and procedures to improve the efficiency and optimize cost and time.


MBA (Major in Finance)                                                  Preston University                                                              1997 ~ 1998

Ø  Got shield from Management of Ruba Digital as Best performance of the year 2016.

Ø  Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Ø  Team player, teamwork has involved different roles, which helped in developing negotiation and persuasive skills.

Ø  Capable of adapting to new environments, working under pressure and face the challenges bravely.

Ø  Managerial skills like planning, organization, and time management etc.


Ø  Extensive experience of Microsoft Office.

Ø  {MS Office (Editor, Spreadsheet, Presentation), MS Project (Project Planning and Scheduling), PowerPoint (Presentations), Excel (Statistical Analysis and Forecasting), Access (Data Base)}.

Ø  Experience of using MS Projects.

Ø  Experience of Visual Data Base and FoxPro.

Ø  Graphical Tools and some languages.

Socializing with family and friends, reading, music, net surfing, snooker and cricket.

Jul.2001 – Nov. 2001
MS Office User Specialist Course
Nicon College of Computer Sciences

Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Fathers Name:                                  Muhammad Akram

Date of Birth:                                    20-04-1973

Nationality:                                        Pakistani

Marital Status:                                  Married

Languages:                                         English, Urdu & Punjabi

CNIC No:                                            37406-9335498-7

Furnished upon request.