Ace Gabriel Acal Waiter, Service Crew

Canada Ace Gabriel T. Acal
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Ace Gabriel Tinaan Acal
Address: Dipolog City, Philippines
Email Address: [email protected]
Contact number: +63 928-969-0324
Career Objective: Seeking a challenging career with a progressive organization that provides an opportunity to capitalize my technical skills & abilities in the field of Hospitality Management.
• Able to motivate subordinates to achieve planned goals.
• Can work effectively under pressure with less supervision.
• Flexible, assertive & determined to deliver results
• Proficient in both oral & written communication.
• Team player and proactive
• Strong analytical skills in problem solving & decision making.
• Willing & eager to be train.__________________________________________________________________________________
Education Background:
Tertiary: Bachelor of Hospitality & Restaurant Management
Saint Vincent’s College – (S.Y. 2008 – 2012)
Padre Ramon Street, Dipolog City, Philippines
Secondary: Saint Mary’s Academy – (S.Y. 2004 – 2008)
Padre Ramon Street, Dipolog City, Philippines
Primary: Dipolog Pilot Demonstration School
Rizal Avenue Street, Dipolog City. Philippines
(S.Y. 1999- 2004)
Seminar’s & Training Attended and Achievements:
•Employer of the Year (2013 to 2014)
•Extra Miles Award (2013 to 2014)
•Performance Excellence Award (2013 to 2014)
•Negros Navigation On Board (On-the-job Training 200 hours)
•Tanduay Flair Bart ending Workshop (5 Days)
•Camilla II Hotel (On-the-job Training 200 hours)
•Sarrosa International Hotel (On-the-job Training 420 hours)
•Catering Services (On-the-job Training 200 hours)
•Extreme Flair Bar tending Tanduay (Champion 2012)
•Bart ending NC II
•Food and Beverage NC II
•Housekeeping NC II
•Front Office NC II
•Commercial Cooking Tesda (6 months)
•Diploma Award (Kumbira Competation for Flair Bartending & Working flair)__________________________________________________________________________________
Personal Background:
Date of Birth: December 18, 1991 Height: 5’7″
Weight: 68 lbs. Nationality: Filipino
Present Age: 25 years old Marital Status: Single
Place of Birth: Dipolog City, Philippines
• Convergys (BPO 2016 – 2017)
Customer Service Sprint e Chat
• Freelance Bar tender – Food & Beverages (2010 – 2012)
Dipolog City, Philippines
• Bon Appea Tea Dipolog (December 18 – 2012 to February 24- 2013)
Pioneer Barista, Dipolog City, Philippines
• Air You Go Travels Experience Co. (June 19- 2013 to October 11- 2016)
Finance Representative & Customer Service Agent – Cebu City
Character References:
• Mia Huang Pelvera
Owner of Bon Appe Tea & McDonald’s Dipolog City
[email protected]
Dipolog City, Philippines
• Hector Julius Soledad
College Professor
Hospitality & Restaurant Management
[email protected]
Dipolog City, Philippines
• Rachel Olmogues
Senior Sales Supervisor
Air You Go Travels Experience
[email protected]


May 06 - 2009 to April 16 - 2012 Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Restaurant Management at Saint Vincent's College