Aiko Gabriel Food attendant


Blk. 56 Pipino St. Tumana Marikina City
Contact no. 09275871012
Email [email protected]

To be part of your company’s service. To obtain opportunity which will allow me to grow professionally, while effectively utilizing my versatile skill, and set to help promote your corporate mission and exceed team goals.

Educational Background:

Baptist Bible College
Balante, Sn. Mateo Rizal
Bachelor of Theology
S.Y. 2011, 1styr/3 blocks

Marikina Polytechnic College
Sta. Elena, Marikina City
Bachelor in Industrial Technology
Major in Food Service and Management
S.Y. 2007-2011

Concepcion Integrated School
J.P Rizal Concepcion, Marikina City
S.Y. 2003-2007

Concepcion Integrated School
J.P Rizal Concepcion, Marikina City
S.Y. 1997-2003

Personal Information:

Age: 26 yrs. Old
Birth date: January 12, 1991
Civil Status: Single
Nationality: Filipino
Weight: 55 kg.
Height: 5’4’’
Religion: Christian

Personal Strength:

* Can work under pressure
* Sense of responsibility
* Fast learner and good team player
* Excellent skills in communication and collaboration

Work Experienced:

Patio De tata Roque(catering services)
Food server staff
On call
Scope of work:
 Setting up the food bar area
 Checking of the things needed
 Scooping and serving the food to the guest
 Helper in the kitchen

Breadtalk Phils. Inc.
Position : Store Auditor
31st BGC Taguig City
From September 22,2015-February 22,2017

Scope of Work:
 collating, checking and analyzing spreadsheet data
 examining company accounts and financial control systems
 gauging levels of financial risk within organizations
 checking that financial reports and records are accurate and reliable
 ensuring that assets are safeguarded
 identifying if and where processes are not working as they should and advising on changes to be made
 preparing reports, commentaries and financial statements
 liaising with managerial staff and presenting findings and recommendations
 ensuring procedures, policies, legislation and regulations are correctly followed and complied with
 Undertaking reviews of wages.

Philman Motors Corp.
Position : Accounting Staff
Baracca St. Binondo Manila
From January 2012 to December 2012

Scope of Work:
 Posting of in and out of motorcycle units dealership, packing list and jacket.
 Posting sold and pull-out of motorcycle units.
 Monitoring inventory of motorcycle units.
 Processing delivery of units
 Scheduling of things to do in deliveries, pull-out of units and for repair
 Posting overpayment of dealership and retail customers overdue payments
 Process the needs and request in production.
 Monthly Reporting per accounts in dealership updating of outstanding stock and status of collection

Philman Corporate Distribution Corp.
Position: Operation Staff
Generator Department
Baracca St. Binondo Manila
From January 2013 to August 7, 2015

Scope of Work:
 Monitoring of expenses per project
 Documentation of papers per project
 Processing of papers for delivery of units
 Providing quotation to customer/ Sales Support
 Accommodate Inquiries and basic technical details of unit/ Technical Support
 Monitoring after sales service, warranty, preventive maintenance,
Parts and other services needed in generator sets.
 Coordinating details, ordering and deliveries of units to customer
 Gathering suppliers details for future purposes needed in operation
 Payables to supplier, contractor and billings per project.
 For approval of sales contract
 Monitoring of generator sets and parts inventory

Seminar Attended:

Industrial Toward Global Competitiveness
TESDP Conference Room
Marikina Polytechnic College
October 26, 2009

Pre- Employment Orientation Seminary
Illagan Hall, Marikina Polytechnic College
February 14, 2011

Character References:

Pstr. Sherwin Juanillo Ms. Ivy Rose Vanguardia Mr. Maruel Liporada
(Ministry Overseer) (Teacher in Irving School) (Orbitcad/AutocadTechnician)
099889622240 09238429217 09267498023

I, the undersigned applicant do herby certify and say that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and beliefs.

Aiko B. Gabriel