Alain Hajj Head Of Logistics

Oman and Dubai

Alain Youssef Hajj
Dubai, UAE / Sohar, OMAN
00 971 55 9250925 / 00968 96587575
[email protected]
Date of Birthday: September 11th, 1980
Nationality: Lebanon

Material Status: Single

Current Location: Dubai, UAE / Sohar, OMAN

Current Position: Head of Logistics


Career Statement


“My greatest strengths are firstly my desire to engage positively in all aspects of distribution planning. Secondly my ability to deliver operational solutions to complex logistical problems. Thirdly my strong commitment to maintaining quality, contributing to improvements and supplying an outstanding service to every customer.”



A Head of Logistics who has a long track record of delivering the right products, in the right quantities, to the right location and at the right time. Organized, process driven, and has the ability to develop efficient logistics procedures. In my long career I had extensive exposure to first tier logistics and manufacturing supply chain management. Pro-active and able to keep numerous plates spinning without losing focus on the customer’s requirements. As a proven leader I am able to quickly establish clear expectations from staff by demonstrating high standards of work practices and having a safety conscious attitude. Always encourages colleagues to work cross functionally, & not stop at the boundaries of their job description.

Areas of Expertise

·     Ability to motivate staff

·     Visionary & Creative

·     Self-motivated and result driven

·     Respect time frame and deadlines

·     Strong skills in business process mapping

·     Strong communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills

·     Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations

·     Writes clearly and informatively with a high level of sophistication

·     Maintaining lines of communication to monitor and improve business unit’s satisfaction

·     Presents clearly and informatively, easily maintaining audience attention and responding to audience needs

·     Logistics Operations, Air Import and Export, Ocean Import and Export, Brokerage

·     Handling all Mod of Dangerous Good (IATA DG by Air, IMDG by Sea, ADR DG by Road (Accord européen relative au transport international des merchandises Dangerousness Par Route)

·     Budget settings and forecasting

·     Corporate strategies

·     Legal compliance issues







Career History

AATCO Food Industries Sohar / Dubai


Use IT systems to manage stock levels, delivery times and transport costs; and evaluate performance and quality and to plan improvements.
Use associated information systems to coordinate and control the order cycle.
Allocate and manage staff resources according to changing needs.
Manage staff.
Liaise and negotiate with customers and suppliers.
Develop business by gaining new contracts, analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions.
Understand, work with and possibly help to develop business.



Continually try to improve and develop business performance within the constraints of legislation, fuel costs and rising environmental pressures.

Implement health and safety procedures.
Manage staff training issues.
Motivate other members of the team.
Work on Projects to enhance the dispatching Model.
Set yearly goals and objectives.
A logical and systematic approach to work.
Good time management ability and to solve problems and make decisions.
Ability to manage change;
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well as part of a team, as well as manage people;
Excellent communication skills, both oral and written;
Negotiation and analytical skills;
Positive attitude to continued learning.
Reporting Structure:

Head Of Supply Chain (Directly)

MD (Indirectly)

BCC Logistics Dubai


A well networked and highly successful branch manager with extensive customer service experience and of working to set schedules and deadlines. Boasting a strong background of supporting staff & senior management, as well as possessing an excellent commercial approach to solving problems and developing business. Having the commercial and visual awareness to drive sales, manage profit and loss and ultimately increase branch profitability.

Developing, implementing and maintaining a business plan for the branch.
Coordinating sales, purchasing, distribution, warehousing and staff costs.
Focusing on achieving customer acquisition, retention and cross sales.
Managing the daily activities of the branch.
Enforcing the companies’ policies, principles, and procedures.
Inspiring and motivating staff.
Identifying then addressing team training and development needs.
Coaching and developing staff to do more and better.
Adherence to regulatory requirements.
Providing excellent service to customers
Interpreting, analyzing and producing sales & financial data.
Liaising with the Area Manager to develop innovative marketing strategies.
Communicating clear business messages to staff.
Responsible for dealing with complex and diverse managerial problems.

Key Skills and competencies:
Implementing change effectively.
Strong People Management skills.
Proven ability to win new business.
Excellent mentoring and motivational skills.
Extensive product knowledge.
Financially and commercially aware.

Maintain a pricing database

Set Key Performance Indicators (KIPs) for each event / process

Develop a strategic Road Map for the branch

Prepare annual Budget planning with Product Managers & Head of departments




Prepare a branch business plan / road map with the General Manager

Design a business process mapping to ensure productivity

Manage and increase effectiveness and efficiency of support services

Establish and maintain close relation with carriers and service providers

Pre-plan and deploy a daily-prioritized work schedule to meet deadline targets

Ensure a better management reporting, flow of information, and business planning

Improve the operational processes, systems and policies in support of the organization mission

Implement a structured process management approach and methodology to build and monitor efficiency & productivity



Oversee monthly budget assessment and commercial performance vs budget

Control all associated operational costs according to the prevailing annual budget forecast

Closely monitor Revenue per file / revenue per desk / shipment per desk /revenue per client

Review departments’ bonus contribution against performance, goals, culture, budgets/revenues and achievements



Schedule a minimum of 20 meetings per month with customers (existing and target)

Identify business opportunities and establish SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis)

Actively develop business for the branch through effective involvement in sales and retention


Transition and retention:

Maintain customer reviews and customer related statistics

Maintain proactive, dynamic and effective communication with customers at all


Offer flexible and supportive customer service to preserve a high level of customer’s satisfaction and repeated business



Conduct Employee Review Meetings (ERM) to Product Managers and Head of departments

Set, monitor and review workload schedule to ensure quality service

Communicate information to the departments filtered for management

Monitor, review and address personnel under performance, liaising with the General manager and maintain records



Ensure that appropriate systems and processes are in place to measure and manage staff performance and to coach high

performance workforce



Promote awareness and compliance of policies and procedures

Explore ways to improve and promote quality, accuracy and thoroughness

Uphold company performance standards and ideology (on time delivery / quality/ continuous improvement/work ethic)


Reporting Structure:

Regional Director (Directly)

CEO (Indirectly)








Expeditors International LLC Abu Dhabi
AIR AND OCEAN PRODUCTS MANAGER and acting as OPERATION MANAGER for air import, air export, ocean import, ocean Export and retention



Adherence to procedures and productivity standards

Interact with our customers in arranging their international shipments

Create and maintain an effective department organization chart, which is designed

for flexibility and growth

Monitor and improve key departmental productivity indicators including revenue per shipment

Managing Brokerage Departments

Maintain and develop Strong relationship with Carriers (Airlines, Shipping lines and trucking companies)

Develop and implement performance and quality improvement program

Map and understand department process flow



Review daily branch revenue report

Analyze P&L on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis

Maintain Accounts Receivable within company strategy

Manage accounts Payable to vendors (airlines, shipping lines, trucking companies)

Implement and maintain yearly Budget Planning

Monitoring data management to keep accurate product, contract, pricing and invoicing information.



Negotiating contracts to reduce costs and achieve maximum efficiency.

Develop accounts, provide logistics solutions and bring the account to high level of satisfaction

Visiting key clients to build relationships and identify their key needs.

Ensure Quality Management Reviews and Scorecards (QMRS) are completed

with regular customers

3PL and order management solutions

Take an active role in the transition of new business or existing business


Transition and implementation:

Develop a transition timeline for both business and systems.

Communicate Customer’s requirements to Management

Manage Transition resources, scope, schedule and quality

Point of Contact for client inquiries from client, sales, management, etc.

Resolve open issues and minimize risk

Communicate project status to Transition team, sponsors and Branch


Bring project to closure (through a Successful Quality Management Review)

Provide T&I training needs



Managing and orient 14 staff

Ensuring the personal safety and safe working environment of staff.

Communicating needs, objectives to Supervisors and key personnel in procurement and logistics

Review and conduct staff appraisals timely and at a minimum twice per year per employee

Plan for and hold effective weekly departments meetings with teams



Be open to implementing new system changes and enhancements into departments

Be involved and suggest system/process improvements







Ensuring the efficient running of administration and office procedures.

Adhere with the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) regulations

Proactively promote the company’s 10 cultural attributes.


Reporting Structure:

District Manager (Direct)

Director Air cargo, Europe/Gulf stats/Middle East/Africa (Indirect)

Director Ocean cargo, Europe/Gulf stats/Middle East/Africa (Indirect)



July 2016 – Present


























August 2014 – June 2016









































































2008 – July 2014



Bachelor (BSc/BA), GPA 3.2, AUST, Beirut, Lebanon
1998 to 2003

Emphasis in Management information system (MIS)

BAC 2, St Joseph Antoura, Beirut, Lebanon


Cisco Certified (CCNA), Sites and Power, UAE since 2008.

Latin American (LATAM) Certified since August 2011

Holding Dangerous Good regulations certificate (CAT6) from GCAS (Gulf Center for Aviation Studies) since October 2010

IATA Certified (International Air Transport Association) since July 2010

IMDG (Dangerous goods by Ocean) Certified Since April 2012

Knowledge in Dangerous Goods by Road ADR (Accord européen relative au transport international des merchandises Dangerousness Par Route)








Arabic                         Native.

English                        Fluent

French                         Fluent

Sports (Football, Basketball), Swimming, Travelling, documentaries
NB: Additional Info upon request