Alastair Cameron Project and sales coordinator

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Date of Birth:  22nd February 1990
Nationality:  British
Resides in Dubai with family (Born in Sharjah).
Mobile Number:  050 3988310
Email:  [email protected]
Holds UAE Driving Licence and have my own car.
Able to start at short notice

Having gained a broad spectrum of skill sets, I am currently looking for a challenging position within a reputable professional company where I can expand my current level of expertise and knowledge. I have excellent people skills and very quickly build good relationships with people from all walks of life.

Personal Profile
I consider myself to be an honest, pleasant, hardworking person who is a quick learner and can easily turn my hand to most jobs.  I have the ability to multi task, engage with a positive interaction with customers, contractors, consultants and am a very good team player. I can actively work on my own or within a team environment.  I am committed and hardworking. My skill of successful problem solving and commitment to whatever I do has been recognised in the past. I always make a point to enjoy my work and handle situations professionally at all times.
Key Skills
Attention to detail, time management skills and quest for excellence.
Ability to work with all nationalities and levels of positions from contractors to consultants
Ability to balance responsibilities and commitments of technical support, management and implementation

Ability to work successfully as a member of a team and manage effectively.
Experience of working with a range of colleagues in diverse environments.
Corporate and Governmental experience working in HVAC and other disciplines in the construction industry

Passion and desire to promote effective use of technology both in office and on site.
Proficient in the use of technology and have a desire to keep up to date with latest improvements in technology

Excellent problem solving skills.
Logical and analytical
Ability to think critically and “outside of the box”
Ability to creatively devise solutions to on site related problems within the strict bounds of budgetary stipulations
Ability to think quickly on my feet in especially difficult situations

Work History
Intellicon International LLC March 2015- current
Project Manager / Team coordinator
Meeting with Consultants and End Users to establish the actual requirements of Projects; Selection of the materials required including making IO points, Schedules and Work Progress Reports. Overseeing the Installation of Physical Hardware and Software; Researching and Preparing Proposals; Technical Documents; Submittals; Post Contract Handover; Stock Control; Delivering Materials to site and all associated project related administration work on site and in the office.  Supervision of staff and contractors during projects to ensure a smooth installation and running of projects until final handover.  Meeting with Consultants and Contractors to discuss work plan and scheduling the relevant works. Training of staff on the systems, operation and maintenance thereof.
Manco Real Estate Solutions LLC2014-2015
Property Consultant
Carrying out my duties as a Property Consultant by looking after Clients, Guiding them to the most suitable properties  both for rental and for sales and working within their budget; Negotiating directly with owners and clients to obtain the best properties available on the market.  Ensuring all the documents were in line with the local regulations and to follow through with the buyer and seller to  have all the correct papers and signatures required before exchanging contracts for  the final sale or and rental.  Arranging meetings with other agents, clients and staff at the Land Department and keeping up with the latest market trends.
Finding and securing new properties to advertise as part of the company’s portfolio. Unfortunately, the Property Market became very slow and the company as a whole was struggling to maintain its foot in the market place.

Critical Airflow2012 – 2014
Project Co-ordinator
Assisting my Father with his own business called Critical Airflow that was involved with designing, supplying, installing and commissioning Critical Air Systems into the main laboratory floors within the Masdar MIST1B site in Abu Dhabi at a value of Dhs 24Million.  This project was completed and all the works related to Critical Airflow came to an end.
This was only a temporary position for me due to the timing of the project and to assist my Father until completion and the successful handover of the project.  I worked as a Project Co-ordinator and I learned a great deal about project management and people skills. I assisted with all aspects of the job handling from basic administration to commissioning and handover. I was also tasked with preparing Operating and Maintenance Manuals.  I was involved in the training of the Maintenance Contractor and operation of various equipment during the handover period.

Dubai Desert Extreme, Dubai 2011-2012
Social Media and Event Organiser
Duties Included:  Updating and Maintaining RAGE website and the RIDE BIKESHOP website along with the associated Facebook and Twitter Accounts. I attended meetings with customers and engaged in international conference calls with suppliers. I also researched and coordinated the supply of existing and new products from various Brands associated with extreme sports. Other key qualities required for this position included data entry, preparing and emailing weekly newsletters. I also researched, organised and booked all associated requirements to hold skateboarding competitions and events throughout the UAE both for RAGE and Brand suppliers. I assisted with warehouse stock and any area within the organisation that needed help.

Verger et Delporte, Sharjah.2008-2010
Trainee Electrical/Commissioning Engineer
Duties Included:  Data Entry, Installation of Physical Hardware and Software, Researching and Preparing Proposals, Technical Documents, Submittals pre and post contract handover, Stock Control, Delivering Materials to site and all associated Administration Work on site and in the office

Part Time Work Experience and Promotions.
Various jobs between 2008 and 2011 included Gitex Exhibition, Cabsat Exhibition, TV Commercial for Aster Medcare, Main Actor for a Perfume Commercial with TAKE1 Productions
Professional Development

Product Training & Certifications
Cylon  Controls – Ireland-  Basic Products Training
OSS Controls U.K.  Multi-protocol controllers and BMS
DEOS – Germany BMS basic Controls and Integration
Kamstrup – Denmark    Water, Electric and Energy Meters
Biddle UK- Holland and France Fan Coil Units and Air Curtains
Ability Projects U.K.  Fan Coil Units
Sontay Limited U.K. Peripheral Controls
Global Energy Alliance – U.K. Bosch Technology
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Personal Interests
Extreme Sports; Skateboarding; Snowboarding; BMX (Bicycle Motor Cross); Desert Driving; Mixing Music, Squash and attending the gym; Software Packages and Gaming.  I am computer literate on both windows and Mac.  Pet lover.

Education History
SAE Institute, Knowledge Village.
Digital Filming – Sound Audio and Electronics Engineering

English College, Dubai.
Studied 2003 to 2008
Mathematics, English, Science Chemistry/Biology/Physics, Business Studies, IT and Geography
Aditiya Kothare – Partner, Intellicon International
Denny – BW Interiors, Project Manager, Oracle Building
Jim Slade – Partner, Aspect Energy

Some of the Projects completed and successfully handed over by me
The Oracle Building (Knowledge Village)
Successfully handed over with 240 Intelligent Fan Coil Units specifically designed for each and every area of floors from 2 – 6. This was done under a very strict guideline from the clients and from Cundalls the Consultants. For the open spaced areas the fan coils have been Master/Slaved.  The Consultants were impressed by the way how the fan coil units are self-commissioning and the fact that the majority of the settings can be easily changed to any specifications.  A redesign was made after the installation and rewriting and reprogramming was implemented by me.
SAP – Butterfly Building (Media City)
Completed 4 floors with our fan coil units inside along with commissioning them to Cundalls the Consultants specifications and within the guidelines of handing over the project. This included setting the correct litres per second for each room and correctly setting the thermostats to the required set points and interfaced to the CO2 and lighting controls.
International Modern Hospital
Site survey for a fully running hospital; I was required to do an inspection for the health and safety of the site after a fire had broken out in the hospital. This required me to check every floor, room and roof for any concern for safety. This was required by the civil defence and in accordance with the safety guidelines with in the building. Some of the works included measuring, exit status, storage space and the span of life left for chillers and fire pumps, access points for refuelling and deliveries.
Hyatt Hotel Creek Heights
Successfully install, commission and handover of 1900+ Wireless Water, Electric and BTU Meters for Billing purposes within the residential apartments and other retail outlets. All this was carried out whilst the building was occupied. Coordinating with up to 120 technicians and labourers to ensure the project was carried out within the agreed timeframe without causing any disturbance to the occupants and guests; liaising and arranging access with the Hotel and Apartment management. Carry out the commissioning using MBus software, in line with the Meter manufacturer guidelines, introduce and check the third party billing software and successfully hand over the project. This is the largest wireless project of its kind in the region using all three types of meters.
Kizad Project
Install a metering system in line with the Estidama requirements where all new projects now require metering systems installed and monitored.  The meters were sourced and supplied by us along with the controllers, software and the touch screen dashboard.
GEMS School in Abu Dhabi – UIC Indian School – Baniyas
Liaise with the main contractor to supply and overview the installation and then commission the Metering system in line with Estidama. This was achieved by converting the MBus meters to BACNet IP for integration into a BMS supplied by others. All integrations were handled directly by me.