Amado Valdez Jr Process Engineer


Process Engineering

Started working since January 20009

B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering


Executive summary


Product development, product transfer, process improvement, intensive statistical analysis, material destructive/non-destructive testing, research, value engineering, and project management are the major foundations of my career experience. As an experienced individual in this fast-paced industry of technology, I am eager to learn more and provide utmost service in order to achieve the goals of the organization.


Key Achievements & Trainings

Essilor Manufacturing Philippines Inc.(EMPI)

·   Successfully validated and transfer new product AR Anti-UV protection lens(Crizal Alize and Crizal Easy UV) from EMTC(Thailand) to EMPI(Philippines).

·   Successfully validated, qualified and endorse for mass production new product  AR Anti blue-violet cut lens(GBC).

·   Improve process capability of AR machine through implementation of Tilting Liner.

·   Successfully validated ZrO2 Cubic pellet to reduced cost of using ZrO2 materials.

·   Machine commissioning and acceptance of two LH machine.

·   Successfully validate and qualified new packaging for lens.

·   Successfully validate and qualified new ribbon use in printing on the packaging.

·   Validate New Auto Labeler machine to replace old machine.

·   IMS Internal Auditor based on ISO19001-2011.

·   Machine acceptance training in EMTC(Thailand) June 13-23, 2016.

·   AR machine expertise training in EMTC(Thailand) October 2-6, 2017.

·   DOE training Neville-Clark

·   Internal training( ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015,Root-Cause analysis, QRQC training, 8D training, OHSAS 18001)


·         Qualification of New Machine for Product loading of FCCSP

·         Qualification of Additional machine for Capacity Improvement

·         Join in solving Costumer Related issues

·         Optimization of machine for Quality Improvement


Company Name  :  ESSILOR Manufacturing Philippines Inc.

Industry                 :  Opthalmic Lensess

SFB #10 FAB Mariveles Bataan, Philippines

Date Employed     : December 15, 2015 to present

PROCESS ENGINEER (December 15, 2015 to present)

Process Engineering Section



·         Proposes, defines, implements, validates industrial production system, process & equipments of production, industrial and specific tooling (to ensure the quality at the expected production cost) for the benefit of Production Department.

·         Validates  process  evolution  through  new  raw  materials,  tools  or equipment or new process validation.

·         In-charge of the Process Control Plan definition / alignment with GE and Quality and overall ensures that all working instructions and technical information are available and known to ensure the right process (to contribute to quality achievement).

·         Increases capability of the process and increase capacity of machine through cycle time.

·         Continuously engages benchmarking with the other Essilor plants to take and bring the best.

·         Leads Technoclub Projects & Implement Technoclub Standards

·         Performs process diagnostic & create project for improvement

·         Improves process leading to Ideal State

·         Supports Workshops In house Process Engineer in deeper analysis & problem solving of process problems arises provided there is initial analysis and actions done by the Workshop.

·         Ensures PCP implemented is aligned with the Global Essilor Standard

·         Redefines standard adapted to current process in compliance with GE

guidance and agreement

·         Supports new products validation

·         Provides Technical know-how to production

·         Works closely with Production, Maintenance & Safety Departments for alignment of targets and safety concerns.



Company Name  :  IBIDEN Philippines Incorporated.

Industry                 :  Computer Parts Manufacturing (Flip Chip IC Package, PCB)

First Philippine Industrial Park Brgy. Sta. Anastacia, Sto. Tomas Batangas, Philippines

Date Employed    :  February 07,2012 up to Present

PROCESS ENGINEER (February 07, 2012 – May 21, 2015)

New Product Development(NPD)




·         Join making DOE(Design of Experiment) if encountered abnormality/issue.

·         Generate procedures if necessary to improve NPI loading and yield.

·         Calls out non-conformance to NPI procedures observe in the production line.

·         Support on low yield analysis related to new material, new design, new methods/process, new machines etc.

·         Support on the new parts loading and process monitoring

·         Generate New procedure for easy understanding of operator.

·         Know and perform Failure analysis techniques like SEM/EDX (Scanning Electron Microscope), Surface Profiling Machines, XRF(X-ray Film Thickness Measurement, cross section, FA, and FTIR.

·         Can do defect mode classification using High Magnification microscopes(Keyence).

·         Thermal oven profiling using WT-1000.

·         Know and perform statistical techniques. (JMP), FMEA, and data analysis

·         Proposes program for continual improvement of area

·         Hands-on operation of various types of plating lines (Horizontal and Vertical, Electro less and Electrolytic Plating Lines), Surface Cleaning and Preparation Lines (Plasma and Chemical), Solder Mask Application lines (Roll-coater), Contact and Non-contact UV Exposure Machines, Vacuum Lamination, Development, UV Cure, Thermal Cure, Soft Etching, Pre-treatment, NiPdAu Plating).



Industry               :  Broadband Radio

ACP Bldg. Carmelray 1, Canlubang, Calamba, Laguna.

Date Employed    :January 05, 2009 -April 21, 2011

RF Test Technician (ODU MRI)



·         Performs variety of test on microwave radio( Par/Cal test, BER test, Hass test, IFABN test)

·         Ensures all units tested meets the specifications and standard set by the work instructions.

·         Mastery on work procedures and test instructions.

·         Basic troubleshooting skills.

·         Mastery on calibration procedures, preventive maintenance and other company related policies and trainings.

·         Basic knowledge of test equipment required in RF and Sub-System testing and calibration.



·                     Computer literate(Excel, Powerpoint presentation, Word)

·                    Flexible and can be easily trained.

·                   Hard working who is eager to learn and to be train.