amado turla engine reconditioning technician /automotive machinist

Saudi Arabia Amado Turla [email protected]
automotive machinist

I am Amado L. Turla 51 years of age, my date of birth is January 19,1965. I am à Filipino citizen  with 5 children. I presently  working here in Saudi Arabia as an automotive machinist which is called also an engine rebuilding technician. My duty and responsibility is to grinding thé main and connecting journals of any engine crankshafts to give the exact under size diameter. I am using à crankshaft  grinder maçhine. I can operate also à horizontal bore maçhine, surface grinder maçhine, cylinder head valve setting machine and honing machine.


1979 to 1983 secondary/diploma granted at Lubao , Institute

General course

1994 to 1996 diploma granted in "Practical English and Basic Computer Programmig at ICS- International Correspondence School/ Pensylvania U.S.A.

I pursued m’y studdies through home study since I got employed here in Saudi Arabia as à contract worker.


1990 to 1997 machine operator/ engine rebuilding at salem saleh babgi

Completed my contract within 7 years of this company Toyota Motors

2002 to 2005 Machine operator/Engine rebuilding at Nazal Al Outha

I have finished my contract within 3 years in this company Al Outha Industrial Co.

2010 to 2015 Machine operator/Engine rebuilding at Usoof Awad Al Outha

I have finished my contract within 5 years in this Establishment which is Arokon Al Hadeth Modern Machine Shop Saudi Arabia

2016 to present Assistant Foreman/ Engine Rebuilding at Mohammed Al Suroor

M’y contract in this company is 2 years anytime I recieve job in Canada I am free to leave and grab thé best opportunity there which is m’y dream Country where is better to live bécasse of Its higher standard of living. With the help of “good hire’s” thanks