Angelo D. Oliveros Mechanical Engineer

United Arab Emmerates

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·         11 years of extensive work experience in automotive industryfor both light and heavy vehicles (Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce, Bentley, MAN Truck).

·         Ability to execute multi -function roles. Started as an auto electrician and promoted to service advisor. Given responsibility as technical service engineer, warranty administrator, final controller electrician and vehicle programmer.

·         Worked as a project manager for vehicle electrical modification projects such as Concrete mixer, KSM and Emergency – off installation.

·         Administered maintenance jobs such as pump, motor, valve overhauling, speed reducer repair while in CHEMREZ, overhead crane, A/C electrical in SAMCO.

·         LicensedMechanical Engineer, board passer.

·         Diagnosis and repair of light and heavy vehicles.

·         Ability to overhaul starter and alternator.

·         Excellent in reading circuit diagrams, can interpret KAST drawing for MAN vehicles, vehicle and control module programming using diagnostic tools (Man Cats ll and lll, VAS 5052, Scan Tools and MUT ll and lll)

·         Skills in supervising the work of others.

·         Ability to effectively communicate and possessing good interpersonal skills

·         Knowledge in recordkeeping, inventory, labour and parts cost estimate, and billing.

·         Proficient in warranty claims preparation and quality report. Superior in decision making in terms of warranty approval.

·         Strong analytical skills and customer service.



Vehicle Programmer / Final controller auto electrician                                                                 28/07/2010 to 17/08/2016

Haji HuseinAlireza and Co. LTD – Jeddah KSA

Duties & Responsibilities:

Programmed all new built MAN truck on the assembly line using Man Cats II, based on MAN, ISO and HHA standard and procedure.
Set parameters on the taco graph
Calibrated suspensions, clutch and accelerator
Set head lights based on MAN standard and check batteries
Entered data in the protocol book and MIS computer system for the job done in every truck.
Handled electrical troubleshooting and repair for the rework vehicle
Checked work done by the other electrician for electrical rework.
Assembled wiring harness and wiring installation for IMER mixer, KSM, and Emergency- off.
Downloaded data files from Germany through internet.
Gained 6 months experience for wiring harness installation for MAN vehicles.


Service Advisor                                                                                                                                                12/05/2005 to 29/02/2008

Saudi Arabian Market LTD (Bentley and Rolls Royce car dealer) – Jeddah KSA

Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Handled enquiries, answering incoming calls and offering additional services.

·         Received customer, listened to the problems of the customer, test drove vehicle with customer if required, provided best possible solution and gave the estimated time frame to complete the repairs.

·         Opened job cards and receive vehicle with check list.

·         During repair, asked mechanic for the condition of vehicle for possible additional job and parts needed to be replaced and informed the customer and asked for approval.

·         Checked the vehicle after completion of job; make labour, parts estimate and billing.

·         Boosted the sale of the company by providing customer satisfaction.


Work as Auto Electrician.

Performed electrical troubleshooting by using VAS 5052 and scan tools.
Responsible for fixing all troubles in electrical systems, including starter and alternator overhauling.
Performed pre-delivery inspection for new vehicles
Checked& erased trouble codes by using VAS 5052 and scan tools
Executed reprogramming and coding control modules by using VAS 5052 & scan tools.
Performed A/C troubleshooting and repair.
Responsible for charging refrigerant in the A/C system.
Technical Service Engineer                                                                                                                         05/05/2003 to 26/02/2005

Mitsubishi Motors Balintawak – Quezon City, Philippines

Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Made decisions regarding evaluation and training of the technicians.

·         Managed requisition automotive warranty parts.

·         Issued warranty part and supply to technician and maintained appropriate records.

·         Resolved difficult diagnostic problem for technician.

·         Ensured availability of personnel for emergency service call.

Made countermeasures and evaluation of all problems regarding warranty parts.
Made decisions and signed for approval of the warranty parts.
Made quality reports from time to time to convey quality information between dealer and Technical Service Group, Mitsubishi Philippines and provided recommendations to improve the quality of product.
Responsible for warranty claim preparation and submission.
·         Took photo shots for failed warranty parts if necessary.


Maintenance                                                                                                                                                          08/08/2002 to 01/07/2003 Chemrez Inc. – Quezon City, Philippines                                                                                                                                                     Duties & Responsibilities:

Followed the job order.
Responsible for fixing the troubles of the machines such as: Pump, motor and speed reducer and maintained countermeasures of the causes of the problem to avoid recurrence of the problem and time to time monitoring of equipment, existing pipes and valves.
Maintained safety and cleanliness of tools & work area.
Maintained customer satisfaction, quality and accuracy of works.

Mechanical Engineering                                                                                                                                                                         03/2001         St. John Technological College of the Philippines – Quezon City, Philippines

Licensure Exam for Mechanical Engineering – Manila City, Philippines                                                                              04/2002          Passed – License No. 60161

AB-01d – EBS/ESP Electronic Brake System – Jeddah                                                                         08/05 to 10/05/2016

ABW-01a/ABB-01a – Brake Fundamentals – Jeddah,                                                                       16/02 to 17/02/2016

LE-03e Interface PTO and KSM Programming – Jeddah                                                                    12/10 to 14/10/2015

AZ-01b MAN Cats III Advanced – Jeddah                                                                                                                19/08 to 20/08/2015

LE-01b TG Electrics Advanced – Jeddah                                                                                                 16/08 to 18/08/2015

AZ-01a MAN-Cats III Fundamentals – Jeddah                                                                                    12/08/2015

LE-01a TG Electrical System – Jeddah                                                                                                     09/08 to 10/08/2015

AZ-31-VAE Tachograph Familiarization – Jeddah                                                                               11/03/2015

First Aid-Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care – Jeddah   22/03/2014

TipMatic (ZF ASTronic Transmission) – Dubai                                                                                      08/12 to 11/12/2012 Electronically Controlled Air suspension (ECAS) – Dubai                                                                               06/12/2012

Common Rail Engine – 6 Cylinder, Diesel Engine – Dubai                                                                               20/11 to 22/11/2012        Bentley, continental Flying Spur (Technical highlights and service points) – Dubai           30/08 to 31/08/2005 Mitsubishi Grandis 2004 (Technical highlights and Service points) – Rizal                             27/01 to 28/01/2005 Mitsubishi Outlander (Technical highlights and service points) & Multi-Used Tester      12/10 to 14/10/2004


·         Date of Birth                      :    21/05/1974

·         Place of Birth                     :    Sto. Tomas, Isabela

·         Age                                        :    42 yrs. Old

·         Religion                                :    Christian

·         Sex                                      :    Male

·         Status                                   :    Married

·         Nationality                          :    Filipino

·         Languages                           :    English, Tagalog, Arabic and Ilocano


Character References                                                                                                                                                                                    Available upon request





Jun 1996 / March 2001 BS Mechanical Engineering at St. John Technological College of the Philippines