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Auto-mechanicscurtain maker.Electricianplanningand designTechnicianwelding and steel fabricator

Anthony A. Lucion.                               Email Add: [email protected].                   MarkAnthonyLucion   PERSONAL DATA.                                   birth: Feb 7,’71  Place: manila.           Civil status: single  , Filipino.              Height/ weight: 5’4  , R. Catholic.        Parents: Nalita & Antonio Lucion.       Permanent Address: 511 Blue st tondo,manila Philippines.                    EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND.          B.S. architecture Graduated 2005.     TRAININGS ATTENDED.                        July 25 2018 Auto mechanics Tech.   June 28, 2014  Welder.                          Oct 23, 2010 air con technician.          Jan 18, 2009 industrial technician.    May 3, 2008 AutoCad Operator.


aug 2016- july 2018 planning and design,electrical,plumbing works, welding and steel fabricator,repair ref and airconditioning,auto mechanics servicing, curtain design and maker,installing telephone lines. at eulogio amang rodriguez science of technology

Good day can I apply directly in your company and there country, if the open hiring position is needed like my qualification, so I wiling to apply or any said position given I accept.