Anthony Apolinar Battad Commissioning Engineer


Professional Profile
· 9 years significant experience in process, production, quality control and laboratory works
· Extensive knowledge about the main machines in the area
· Highly analytical with regard to laboratory tests, formulation adjustments and product control
· Results-oriented leader, with aptitude in supervising number of people earning respect from them
Excellent team-player, flexible and gets along with different people
Proficient in computer: SAP, MS Windows (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), AUTOCAD, Adobe Acrobat
Knowledgeable in laboratory testing and quantitative analysis
Knowledgeable in process design, quick study with an ability to easily assimilate new ideas, concepts, methods and technologies
Knowledgeable in handling ARL 9900 X-ray Analyzer (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Knowledgeable in handling ARL Quant’x – EDXRF Analyzer (Thermo Fischer Scientific)
Knowledgeable in handling FLS QCX  1681 – Auto Sampler; FLS Raw-mix Optimizer
Knowledgeable in handling operation of pyro/or grinding equipment, instrumentation and control systems
Knowledgeable in handling Ultrasonic, PCM, N2 Purge, Megasonic and SFC-V machine
Knowledgeable in ISO system (14001 , 9002 and 9001)
Jun 2001 to Sept2006                                                            Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Minor in Environmental Engineering

Mapua Institute of Technology

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines


Professional Experience

August 2015 to May 2016                                                     FLSmidth Jersey Ltd.

Jersey, Channel Islands



Commissioning Engineer (Travelling Engineer specializing in work for international cement industry)

·             Responsible for either pyro or laboratory as well as the quality operation at the site.

·             Overall focus is to ensure a smooth commissioning process with optimized use of the technical equipment and                  maximum safety precautions.

·             Participate in testing and starting up the equipment, and bringing the equipment up to full production capacity before conducting the contractual Performance Guarantee Tests.

·             As a Commissioning Engineer, normally cooperate closely with the Burner or Mill Master and also Laboratory activities with hands-on testing, operation from central control room and troubleshooting in the field.




Mar 2011 to July 2015                                                             Arkan (Al Ain Cement Factory)

Al Ain, UAE


QC Inspector (from Laboratory Technician)
Responsible for chemical analysis of clinker, cement and gypsum.
Conducts hourly physical testing of cement: blaine, fineness, whiteness and moisture content.
Prepares reagents for chemical tests.
Calibrates laboratory equipments.
Conducts physical and chemical testing of raw and packaging materials and finished products
Conducts inspection of in-process and finished products.
Prepares reagents and standard solutions to be used for analysis in accordance with procedures.
Evaluates necessary reagents, glass wares, and/ or equipment required for testing.
Run the FLS  QCX – Auto Sampler system; FLS Raw-mix Optimizer  and conduct  XRF analysis on the samples taken from the raw-mix up to the finished mills and relays the corresponding result to cement controller for necessary adjustments.
Conducts XRF analysis on raw and bulk materials deliveries in accordance with the testing plan.
Performs free lime (CaO) determination and chemical reduction test on clinker samples as taken from the kiln.
Prepares and standardizes solution for free lime and calcium carbonate determination.
Coordinates with various operation/ production groups as to the status of different plant equipment.
Records and relays results of all tests and monitoring done to concerned personnel.
Reports to superior instances of quality parameters not meeting the prescribed targets.
Responsible for data entry in SAP, incoming raw materials analysis results.
Responsible for safety records, Inspections, MSDS, COSHH register and Risk Assessment.


July 2008 to July 2010

Rotary Kiln Operator (Central Control Room)                          Eastern Province Cement Company (EPCC)



Major Operational Experienced:

·     Able to operate fully dry process kiln with on line Dopol Calciner from Central control room through DCS by ABB ACS 800.

·     Able to operate the following major equipment and system:

Ø  Rotary Kiln 1 & 2 (Polysius): Dia = 4.6m; L = 70m; Slope = 3.5%, supported by 3 tyres roller stations and driven by girth gear/pinion 580kw DC motor with the capacity of 3500 t/d; Speed range = 0.3 to 3.0 rpm.

–     Preheater type = 2442 Dopol, 4 stages with on line calciner prepol with separate T.A.D. as equipped with 20% bypass extraction.

–     Bypass Bag Filter: Type: FC – I/RJ/2448/6 x 160/ (17×8) x 1 x 6/3/S4/3P/3S; Gas Flow = 213 Nm3/h; Total Gas Temp = 230 deg. C; P = 100mm WG.

–     Main Bag Filter: Type FC – T/PJ/6336/6 x 160/ (18×11) 2×2/8/P5; Gas Flow = 607 Nm3/h (total); Gas Temp = 230 deg. C; P = -662.8 mm WG

–     Clinker Cooler, 3 Grate Hydraulic driven: Cooling efficiency from 1370 to 115 deg. C at 3500 t/d; Each grate are driven by 2 axial piston pumps.

Ø  Rotary Kiln 3 (Polysius): Dia = 4.6m; L = 70m: Slope = 4%, supported with 3 tyres Girth gear/pinion 492kw DC motor with the capacity of 3500t/d; Speed range = 0.5 to 3.8 rpm.

–     Preheater type 422, 5 stages with online Dopol calciner (one string)

–     Bypass Bag Filter System with 20% bypass extraction; Gas Temp = 220 deg. C; Fan Speed = 890rpm; Output of shaft = 401.3kw

–     Reciprocating Grate Cooler (REPOL RS 10087-2) 2000 with hammer crusher.

·      Responsible for operating rotary kiln and maintain its normal conditions with proper coordination with laboratory for product analysis to attain a normal operation.

·      Coordinate with field Engineer regarding operational alarms.

·      Coordinate with the maintenance team for immediate response of alarms.

·      Coordinate with the logistic people regarding loading magnitude and priority.

·      Practice standard safety procedures during operation.



October 2006 to May 2008                                                   TKD Philippines Corporation (former TDK Fujitsu Phil. Corp.)


Process Engineer

·      To conduct studies and implement improvement actions for continuous process.

·       Perform evaluations on new equipment and/or materials.

·       Assists in the qualification and set-up activities relevant to new projects and corresponding equipment/ materials.

·       Generates and revises procedural documents and written instructions.

·       Assists in the qualification and pre-mass production stage of new products.

·       Participates on presentation meetings for transfer of new process/methodology.

·       Assists in the failure analysis and activities relevant to process improvement agenda.


Trainings and Seminars Attended

August 2015                                                                                 Commissioning Training Course – FLS Valby, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Mar 2014                                                                                        Radiation Safety Training – Arkan Building Materials (UAE)

Feb 2012                                                                                        CPI (Cement Technology Course) – Arkan Building Materials (UAE)

Dec 2012                                                                                        Safety Zone S & S Consultancy – Arkan Building Materials (UAE)

Aug 2007                                                                                       Documentation Originator Certification Training (Philippines)

Oct 2006                                                                                        ESD Awareness TDK Fujitsu Phils. Corp. (Philippines)

Oct 2006                                                                                        ISO 9001:2000  TDK Fujitsu Phils. Corp. (Philippines.)

ISO 14001 TDK  Fujitsu Phils. Corp (Philippines)

May 2006                                                                                         Forensic Science (Mapua Institute of Technology – Philippines)

Sept 2005                                                                                         Nuclear Power (Mapua Institute of Technology – Philippines)

DIAGEO Philippines

Oct 2004                                                                                           San Miguel Corporation (Philippines)

Trans Asia Power Generation (Philippines)

Union Cement (Philippines)


2000-2006 Chemical Engineer at Mapua Institute of Technology


2015-2016 Commissioning Engineer at FLSMIDTH
2011-2015 Quality Control Inspector at ARKAN - Al Ain Cement Factory
2008-2010 Central Control Room Operator - Kiln at Eastern Province Cement Company
2006-2008 Process Engineer at TDK Philippines Corporation