Anthony Charles L. Fernando Computer Technician, Cameraman, Photographer, Videographer

Manila, Philippines


Company                                 :  RTE Video Production Services, Inc

Position                                    :  Operation’s Manager / Systems Administrator/

Other positions             :  IT Consultant, Audio/Video System’s Analyst/Engineer, Filming production Systems Engineer, Warehouse Manager (Audio, Video, Grips equipment, etc)

Technical Instructor/Trainer and Technical Operations

Audio/Video Technician/troubleshooting

Source of Income                     : Audio/Video productions services / rentals

Address                                   :  #7483 Bagtikan St., San Antonio Village,

Makati City / #2320 Osmeña St., cor. Pateros St.,

Brgy. Valenzuela, Makati City

Exclusive Dates                        :  November 2, 2011 – June 2, 2014

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Managed/Inspect/Operate equipment used for Audio and   video productions.

Project Analysis on equipment to be used, crews (production crews) and  application for the client’s project in producing movies and or advertising jobs

Conducts/performs repair/maintenance for the audio/video equipment (e.g. cameras, recorders, switchers, etc), computers and electrical equipment to be used

Clients Served: : GMA-7, ABS-CBN, TV5, Mc Donalds, Century Tuna, Hard Rock Café, Talk n Text, etc…

Company                                 :  John-AC Internet Cafe

Position                                    :  General Manager/Owner

Other positions             :  IT Consultant, Instructor and compuer technician/installer

Source of Income                     :  Computer Sales and Services, Internet Café

Address                                   :  #575-B Dña Gloria Bldg, Malate, Manila, Phil.

#475 Cavite St., Gag. Tondo, Manila (Main)

Exclusive Dates                        :  January 2007 – February 2012

Company                                 :  Gameline Marketing Corporation

Position                                    :  Store Manager / Business Partner

Source of Income                     :  Gaming Gadgets / Computers / Tamiya Toys

Address                                   :  SM North Edsa, QC / SM Mega Mall, Mandaluyong

Exclusive Dates                        :  July 1999 – March 2000

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Managed the stores’ Sales, office computerization and managed Tamiya Racing Games (mini 4WD cars) and tournaments.

Company                                 :  ChipsNet Computers

Position                                    :  General Manager/Owner

Other positions             :  IT Consultant, Instructor and technician/installer

Source of Income                     :  Computer Sales and Services

Address                                   :  #615 V. Del Fierro St., Gag. Tondo, Manila, Phil.

Exclusive Dates                        :  September 1996 – 2004

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Managed the company in different forms of transactions and performed the following tasks:

–   In sales, make researches, develops different methods, strategies and techniques in promoting the company’s capabilities in connection to IT, in effect, our company is being known to its long experience in computer sales and services.

–   Conducts on-call training and seminars regarding new technology, troubleshooting/repair computers, assembly and installation of computers and its peripherals.

–   Perform computer maintenance for a number of offices and individuals.

–   Performs as a consultant to companies who needs our services.

–   Installation and setup of Local/Wide Area Network, for both wired and wireless networking.

–   I frequently update myself in connection to new and upcoming technology.  And in doing this, there are instances that I have to attend seminars and training to fulfill this tasks, performed and conducted by some major computer companies here in the Philippines, as to wit:

1.      Intel Corporation: computer processors, mainboards, computer networking and communication products.

2.      Hewlett Packard

3.      Compaq Computers

4.      3COM, networking and communication products

5.      Bay Networks, networking and communication products

6.      Linksys Corp., networking and communication products

7.      Microsoft Corporation, software and applications

8.      Pinnacle Video Products

9.      Canon Products

10.  and many other computer manufacturers and companies.


Company                                 :  INSAM Corporation

Position                                    :  Technical Engineer and Personnel Supervisor

Source of Income                     :  Electronic & electrical products and herbal medicines

Address                                   :  4th Flr, Kastle Condominium, cor Vito Cruz and

Taft ave., Manila

Exclusive Dates                        :  1995 to 1996

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Performs installation and inspection of electronic and electrical products to the clients’ site.

–   Conducts seminars and training to company agents, clients/customers.

–   Computerized all transactions of the company here and abroad.


Company                                 :  Peralta Data Processing School, Inc.

Position                                    :  Technical Engineer and Computer Teacher

Source of Income                     :  Computer School

Address                                   :  Paquita St., cor. España Ave., Sampaloc Manila, Phil.

Exclusive Dates                        :  1985 – 1987 and 1996 – 2000

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Teaches computer technology and computer technician courses.

–   Maintains the school’s computers to work and perform in good condition.

–   Conducts Computer Seminar, Updates school’s faculty in regards to new computer technology for both computer software and hardware areas.


Company                                 :  Al-Kulli Computer System

Al-Waseet Computer System

Position                                    :  Computer Consultant, Office Manager & Technical Supervisor

Source of Income                     :  Computer sales and services (Hardware & Software)

Address                                   :  Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Exclusive Dates                        :  1994 – 1995

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Perform computer analysis and design.  Creates computer system’s  procedures  and  technicalities within the organization.

–   Offers our products and services, and perform computer consultation to companies which fits their needs.

–   Supervises the employees in the technical department

–   Performs technical work in cases of bulk work orders.


Company                                 :  National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR)

Position                                    :  Data Encoder / Programmer / Documents Controller

Source of Income                     :  Government-Owned Power Company

Address                                   :  Agham Rd, Diliman, Quezon City

Exclusive Dates                        :  1989 – 1994

Duties and Responsibilities        :  Performs    computer   programming,     data    encoding, processing,   compilation/safe-keeping and in the socioeconomic and land/air/water resources used surveys (environmental   resources  surveys).        Creates/designs graphs, charts, table of documentation.  Maintenance  of instruments and computers used by this office.

–   Performs site inspection and gathering raw data and samplings to be inputted and processed to the computer for the creation of the feasibility study such government projects regarding power generating facilities.


Name                           :  Anthony Charles Lontok Fernando

Birthdate                      :  April 7, 1966

Birthplace                     :  Malabon, Metro Manila, Philippines

Citizenship                    :  Filipino

Status                           :  Married, two children

Nastasha Camille Fernando Gimena & May Liane J. Fernando

Wife’s Name                :  Liberty Juachon Fernando

Parents                         :  Col., Potenciano and Mary Fernando, both are deceased


Educational Background:

Elementary and high school:      St. James Academy, Malabon, Metro Manila

College             :  Manuel L. Quezon University

Course                         :  Bachelor in Science, Electrical Engineering, Graduated 1992

Other School:               :  Peralta Data processing School, Inc.

Course                         :  Computer Software Technology, Graduated 1987


Seminars /Training Attended:

Course             :  Panasonic Mirrorless Camera Operations, GH4

Conducted by :  Direct Jason Magbanua and other Panasonic Representatives

Place                :  Shangrila, Makati City

Date:                :  July 29, 2015

Course             :  Camera Operations

Conducted by :  Direct Jun Aves

Place                :  RTE Warehouse Office, Makati City

Date:                :  November 2013

Course             :  Video Editing

Conducted by   :  Pinnacle Systems

Place                :  Shangrila Hotel, Pasig City, Philippines

Date                 :  March 2003 and July 2003

Benefits            :  Techniques in Video Editing

Course             : Intel Training Program

Conducted by   : Intel Corporation

Place                : Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City

Date                 : June 2003

Benefits            :  Certification for Computer Dealership

Course             :  Local Area Network (wired and wireless)

Conducted by   :  Microwarehouse Corporation, 3COM and Linksys Distributor

Place                :  Quezon City, Philippines

Date                 :  November 1999 – May 2000

Benefits            :  Certified Network Engineer

Course             : Intel Training Program

Conducted by   : Intel Corporation

Place                : Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City

Date                 : 1999

Benefits            :  Certification for Computer Consultant and Dealer

Note:    Intel conducted several other training programs for us dealers.

Course             :  System Builders

Conducted by   :  Microsoft Corporation

Place                :  Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City

Date                 :  1999

Benefits            :  Certification for Computer System Builder

Note:  Microsoft also conducted other training for us dealers.

Course             :  Computer Networking

Conducted by   :  Bay Networks, Philippines

Place                :  Shangri-la Hotel, Makati City

Date                 :  1999

Benefits            :  Certification for Computer Consultant for Networking

Note:  Bay Networks also conducted other training for us dealers.

Course             :  Computer Technician Course

Conducted by   :  NAPOCOR’s Technical Engineers

Place                :  Training Center, NAPOCOR

Date                 :  1993

Benefits            :  Certification for Computer Technician

Note:  NAPOCOR conducted several other trainings for employees upgrading knowledge

Brief of my Knowledge:

–         Computer System Analysis and Designs, Troubleshooting, Repair, Installation, Assembly and Networking (Wired and Wireless)

–         Computerized Multicam Digital Surveillance Systems, CCTV surveillance setup and installations

–         Computerization Consultant

–         Conduct Computer Training and Seminars

–         Computer Graphics Layout and Designing

–         Electrical and Electronics works

–         Use of Audio/Video Equipment (Handheld DSLR and DMR (Digital Mirrorless Recording) Cameras, Professional cameras, specially Panasonic Broadcast Cameras, HD Video recorders, HD Video Switchers, Lapel Mic system,  Audio Mixers, Communication systems, Porta Jib, Steadicam, glidecam operations and lighting equipment’ operations)

–         Repair of some broadcasting (audio/video/grips) equipment

–         Photography/Videography (Movie/Filming) production’s systems (preparations, setup and operations).


Other Activities:

–         Sportsman, Athlete (basketball, volleyball, cyclist, table tennis, billiard, chess, badminton, swimming, tri-athlete)

–         Computer gamer