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Dr. Anthony Bruce


Goal: Seeking Position as Medical Science Liaison in Oncology


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Clinical Research Associate program at McMaster University. 2016-2017


Post Doctoral Fellowship. University of Guelph. 2014-2016


PhD McMaster University.  2013


MSc (Biology) York University.  2003


Honors BSc (Genetics) University of  Western Ontario.



Clinical Research Associates Program McMaster University 2016-2017


Successfully completed CRA  101: Clinical Trial Research Coordinator, 2016


First Preceptorship: Farncombe Digestive Centre McMaster.  Followed CRA through daily work, in a trial where fecal donors were used for patients with chronic gastrointestinal ulceritis.


Second Preceptorship: Phase III double blind genetically defined randomized, placebo controlled trial that used the drug dalcetrapib for acute coronary syndrome.


Successfully completed CRA 104:  Statistics, Databases and the Internet in clinical research trials. April 2017.


Successfully completed  CRA 105: Critical Analysis and Advancement of Writing and Communication Skills. April 2017.


Successfully completed CRA 103: Methodologies in Clinical Trials. Obtained ICH-GCP certification, May, 2017.


Sucessfully completed CRA 102: Ethics and Regulatory Affairs.  Recently obtained  TCPS2 Core certification, October 2017.


Post Doctoral Fellow (Breast Cancer Research), University of Guelph 2014-2016


PROJECT 1: Studied the role of microRNA clusters in primary epithelial mouse breast cancers and their loss in recurrent mesenchymal breast cancer tumors.


PROJECT 2:  Studied the transcription factor Twist1 in primary epithelial mouse cancers (over expression) and its loss in recurrent mesenchymal mouse breast cancer.



PhD (Medical Science), McMaster University 2005-2013


PhD  Comprehensive Exam  Topics:


1. The role of PGC1α in diabetes.


2. The use of mTOR inhibitors in the treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma.


PhD  PROJECT: Studied Cytochrome B5 Heme Binding Protein CYB5D2 and its Heme Binding Dependant Functions.



MSc (Biology) York University1998-2002


MSc  PROJECT:  Studied the role and regulation of  a serine/threonine kinase, GSK3β in v-src transformed Chicken Embryo Fibroblasts (CEFs).


Honors BSc Genetics. University of Western Ontario 1991-1996


Work Experience:


Pro Hockey Life.  Sales Associate (Current Employer, Sept 2017 to present)


Customer Facing Sales Associates:  Engaging and fitting customers for appropriate fit of skates.   Informing and educating customers on skate fit, technologies, design and performance of skates. Educating customers on Superfeet, a skate orthotic. Explaining

Skate blade profiles.



Zoevation Talent. Background Actor (2014-2016)


Performed as a background actor on a few Hallmark Christmas movies.  Performed as a background actor on “Pixels”, an  Adam Sandler production (August 2014).


Teaching Assistant Positions


York University:  Lab demonstrator and teaching assistant for second year Cell Biology and Biochemistry II 2020, and second year Genetics 2040


McMaster University:  Teaching assistant for fourth year Biochemistry II.  Advanced Topics in Gene Expression.


Hamilton Regional Cancer Centre. (Lab Technician) 1997-1998


Cloned  Cell cycle genes into MMTV vector

Cloned Cyclin B gene into Yeast Two Hybrid vector


Owner/Operator of University Pro Driveway Sealing 1992-1995


Utilized Student Venture Loan  to generate company sealing ashphalt driveways





·         Instructor for Stoney Creek Girls Hockey (SCGH) Fundamentals 2009-2013

·         Assistant Coach for Novice House League SCGH 2011-2012

·         Iinstructor for Hamilton Hawks Girls Hockey Fundamentals 2013-2014

·         Head Coach Novice team girls hockey Hamilton Hawks 2014-2016

·         Head Coach Atom B rep team Hamilton Hawks Girls Hockey 2015-2016

·         Head Coach Bantam B rep team Hamilton Hawks Girls Hockey 2017-2018

·         Volunteer at the Helen Lyng-Mckenna Breast Cancer Charity Dance Ottawa 2014

·         Volunteer at the Bright Run Breast Cancer Research Charity Run Hamilton 2016



References available upon request