Antonia E. how Trained Health Care Assistant

London, UK
and a computer literateI am a trained caregiver and work on a carehome as a team leader!I am an accounting graduateI have full driving licence which I am driving in the UK since 2010

I have a 9-1/2 years experience in Care, I work in Mental Care for 7 years  as a team leader, and 6 Years experience in autistic and learning disability in a supporting living homes!  I also have an experience in nursing hone which I work with dementia patient, at a moment I work in a private hospital  with a client who have suffer from cognitive impairment and with a low back pain clients! I live in UK for more than 9 years now! I am from Philippines!


2010-2011 NVQ 2 at Majestic College, UK

I am a graduate of NVQ2 since 2011 while working in a mental health residential homes!

2011-21012 NVQ 3 Adult Health and Social Care at William Shakespeare College, UK

While studying for I was working in a mental health as senior support worker!

2011 - 2013 BTEC - Health And Social Care Level 4 & 5 at ONTO College, UK

I was then promoted in a mental health as a team leader, and also working as full time in a supporting living!

1992 Accounting Graduate at Lyceum of the Philppines

I worked in an insurance company for about 5 years and also did voluntary work at Pasay City Hospital in a physical department for 5 years!


2003-2008 Data encoder at Axa Philippines, Insurance

I was handling the work sheet and ledger, I design things in a power point which company used it in their meetings!