Apple Mae D.Dael Medical Technologist



#93 Kamagong St. Green Village, San Pablo Sur,

Sta. Cruz, Laguna, Philippines

Email: [email protected]

Mobile #: +63905-8413-171



To work in a medical laboratory setting of a prestigious growth-oriented organization where I can utilize my considerable work experience in medical technology and skills in developing and testing new methodologies to be a valuable source to your organization.



*Registered Medical Technologist (RMT), Board of Medical Technology Professional Regulation Commission, Philippines

License Number: 0066728

March 25, 2015 – June 11, 2021


*Philippine Association of Medical Technologist, Inc. (PAMET)

ID No. 34684-49-Aa

September 1, 2016-September 1, 2018


*BioRisk Association of the Philippines, Inc (BRAP)

SEC Registration No. CN201715954

Member since April 2018




Birthdate:                                           June 11, 1993

Birthplace:                                          Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Gender:                                               Female

Civil Status:                                        Single

Citizenship:                                         Filipino

Height:                                                5’5”

Weight:                                               62kgs

Religious Affiliation:                          Seventh-day Adventist

Blood type:                                         “B” Rh: Positive







2012-2014                   Bachelor in Medical Technology

Our Lady of Fatima University

Hilltop Subd. Lagro, Quezon City


2009-2012                   Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science

Adventist University of the Philippines

Puting Kahoy, Silang, Cavite City


2005-2009                   Pedro Guevara Memorial National High School

P.Guevarra St. Sta. Cruz, Laguna


1999-2005                   Silangan Elementary School

Villa Silangan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna





Medical Technology Internship Training Program

East Avenue Medical Center
East Ave, Quezon City
November-May 2014

1st Continuing Professional Development for 2018

Outlining Your Lab Biosafety Manual: A Writeshop

Montevista Hotspring and Conference Resort, Calamba City, Laguna

April 28, 2018


4th Continuing Professional Development for 2017

(Topics: Updates on NVBSP-LVBP: Certificate of inclusion, Transfusion Practices in the Philippines, the Good, the Sad, and the Funny, Laboratory Correlation in Diagnosis of Kidney Disease, Over View of Water Analysis, Basic Principles in Voluntary/ Non-Remunerated Blood Donation and Blood Banking, Gender and Development)

Makiling Highland Resort, Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna

December 1, 2017


53rd PAMET Annual Convention

Raising the Gold Standard for World-class Medical Technologists

Marriott Grand ballroom, Pasay City

November 23, 2017


3rd Continuing Professional Development

(Topics: Laboratory Management, Ethics on the Work Place, Updates on HIV Issues and Trends, Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn, Headlines highlights and horizons of biosafety and biosecurity issues in Medical Technology Practice.)

Montevista Hotspring and Conference Resort Pansol, Calamba City, Laguna

September 1, 2017

4th Continuing Professional Development

(Topics: Quality Improvement and Advancement in Clinical Microscopy)

Crowne Plaza Galleria, Ortigas Ave, Ortigas Center, Quezon City

June 8, 2017


2nd Continuing Professional Development for 2017

(Topics: 6 Sigma: Bringing World Class Quality in Clinical Laboratories, Polymerase Chain Reaction and immunohistochemistry)

3rd floor Community General Hospital, San Pablo City, Laguna

April 29, 2017


1st Continuing Professional Development for 2017

(Topics: Continuing Professional Development updates, Tying-up together-Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Blood Banking and lean Management)

2nd floor Conference Room Sta. Rosa City Health Office 1, Sta. Rosa Laguna

January 6, 2017


Philippine Association of Medical Technologist Midyear Convention

Medical Technologists in Responding to Emergency and Climate Change

Princesa Garden Resort and SPA, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

May 18-21, 2016


Basic Training on Direct Sputum Smear Microscopy

Central Laboratory, Quezon Institute Compound E. Rodriguez Sr.Ave., Quezon City

October 26-30, 2015


Seminar/Workshop on Manual Operations for Screening Drug Testing Laboratories

Certificate No.: APSDTL-15-8380

NRL, East Avenue Medical Center, Quezon City

September 23-25, 2015


DOH-HEMS Basic Life Support and Standard First Aid Training

Laguna Doctors Hospital, Inc., Sta. Cruz, Laguna

August 3-5, 2015

Identification Number: BLSHP-15- CHD4A-0757


Operations and Maintenance training in miniVIDAS Classic Compact multiparametric Immunoanalyzer

Laguna Doctors Hospital, Inc., Sta. Cruz, Laguna

June 9, 2015


Vitros 350 Key Operator Training

Laguna Doctors Hospital, Inc., Sta. Cruz, Laguna

June 3-4, 2015




  •     Laguna Doctors Hospital, Inc.

Tertiary laboratory, Level 2 Hospital with 96 bed capacity

Sitio Mapagmahal, Brgy. Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Position: Staff Medical Technologist

April 26, 2015 – Present


Job Description per section:


·           Venipuncture through syringe, vacutainer tube system, and butterfy set.

·           Performs finger prick for pediatric patients and heel prick method for newborn screening.

·           Ensures proper patient Identification.

·           Ensures proper disinfection of site.

·           Ensures proper collection and order of draw.

·           Follows proper waste disposal




·           Perform laboratory examinations in Hematology such as

·           Complete Blood Count which includes parameters like RBC count, WBC count, hemoglobin and hematocrit level determination, differential counting, MCV, MCHC and MCH. Perform in manual and automated methods.

·           Makes and stains peripheral blood smears and identifies different peripheral cells with respect to their morphological characteristics, staining, quantity and quality by using microscope.

·           Performs Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate which involves accurate and regulated time for the test.

·           Performs platelet counting as special procedure which involves proper staining technique and direct smear counting. Perform in manual and automated procedures.

·           Performs Reticulocyte count which involves special staining and counting under the microscope.

·           Performs malarial parasite gross examination which involves proper staining with required stains and determines the presence of malarial parasite and their morphology in the blood picture. Use thick and thin smears for direct examination.

·           Also performs Coagulation tests such as Clotting time and bleeding time which involves accurate and time-controlled assay. Prothrombin Time and Activity / Activated Partial Thrombloplastin Time – uses semi-automated machine (COATRON,Sysmex CA-101) for the assay.  Separates citrated plasma and mixes with reagent then sets-uptime controlled procedure for test.

·           Run quality control daily which includes the monitoring of the automated machine for efficiency and accuracy.

·           Assumes proper maintenance of equipment / apparatus such as machines, glass-wares and microscopes.

·           Monitors supply and consumption in the section and reports them to the supervisor.

·           Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of the section assigned.

·           Stains smear for study of the supervisor and / or pathologist.

·           Prepares and maintains stains for best blood picture reading differentiation and identification.

·           Preserves specimen for further reference or study by supervisor and/or pathologist.

·           Labels test tubes, slides and other apparatuses for proper patient identification.

·           Encodes, prints, logs and signs official results.

·           Presents official results for supervisors / pathologist for approval for    release.



·           Perform compatibility testing of blood. Involves major and minor cross matching to determine compatibility of blood donor’s with that of the patient and vice-versa. Perform in manual tube method and Gel-method.

·           Store and process blood for blood preservation.

·           Prepares reagents for blood typing such as control cells for reverse blood typing.

·           Monitors incubator for required temperature for proper reactions of tests.

·           Encodes, prints, logs and signs results for approval of supervisor/pathologist for release.

·            Record all blood donors and blood units in the proper log books.

·           Assume proper maintenance of equipment/apparatus.



·           Examines Urine

·           Examines Feces

·           Examines CSF

·           Examines Semen

·           Examines body fluids (Pleural, Peritoneal, Ascites). Performs total cell count and differential count.

·           Record all examinations and results in the appropriate logbook.

·            Maintains orderliness / cleanliness of the section by proper disposal of the specimen.

·            Encodes, prints, logs, signs official results for approval of supervisor/pathologist for release.

·            Assure proper maintenance of equipment in this section.



·           Perform laboratory examination Serology and Immunology such as typhidot for salmonella infection, NS1 and Dengue Duo for detection of Dengue fever, RPR, Anti-HBS, HBSag, Anti-HAV, Anti-HCV, H.pylori stool antigen. Performs in immunochromatography methods (kits).

·           Perform C- Reactive Protein, Anti-StreptolysinTest, Rheumatoid Factor in Latex Agglutination methods.

·           Mixes serum samples and reagent and observes reaction such clumping and agglutination after specified time of incubation.

·           Runs control samples during assays.

·           Dilutes specimen to determine titer.

·           Observes reaction macroscopically and microscopically.

·           Performs special immunology tests such: Hepatitis profiles, Thyroid profile, Tumor markers such as: PSA, CEA, CA-125 and others.

·           Maintains equipments and reagents for proper functioning.

·           Record all examinations and results in the appropriate logbook.



·           Perform laboratory examinations such as routine and special blood chemistry, liver function test, electrolytes, lipid profile, 24 hour urine for creatinine test, other fluids like urine chemistries (urine protein, urine electrolytes, urine creatinine), cerebrospinal fluid (csf) chemistries (csf – protein, csf – sugar).

·           Performs cardiac enzymes determination such as Troponin I (qualitative and quantiatative), myoglobin, CK-MB, D-Dimer, NT-proBNP.

·           Performs quality control test daily and graphs results. Runs standard test procedures.

·           Calibrates reagents for chemical examination.

·           Monitors storage period of the chemical reagents, disposes expired reagents.

·           Monitors supply of chemical reagents.

·           Prepares specimen for chemical testing, centrifuge blood and separates the required portion for assay.

·           Dilutes specimen if necessary for further chemical testing.

·           Reconstitutes and prepares reagents for chemical assay.

·           Store specimen in the refrigerator or freezer for references or further analysis.

·           Record all examination and results in the appropriate logbook.

·           Assure proper maintenance of equipments in this section. Environmental monitoring, reagent monitoring, monitoring of materials necessary for the operation of the machine such as tips, diluting cups, salt pads, and other. Use Vitros slides to perform a number of discrete clinical chemistry test fluid specimens. The design of analyzers combines mechanical automaton with computerized electronics to simplify operation, maintenance, and servicing.

·           Isens Electrolyte analyzer – automated processor for quantitative identification of sodium, potassium, chloride in serum.

·           Encoded and prints and signs official results for study of pathologist.



·           Performs semi-automated identification of Bacteria through API 20E and API 20NE.

·           Performs biochemical procedures such as catalase test, coagulase test, fermentation test, color reactions, motility test to accurately identify and differentiate the organisms isolated from a specimen/s.

·           Performs susceptibility testing in accordance to established procedures to come up with respective sensitive, intermediate and resistant antibiotics

·           Prepares different culture media. For bacteriologic procedures.

·           Does gram staining to determine the gram positive (+) from gram negative (-) bacteria as well as their morphological characteristics using microscopes procedures using correct proportions of reagents.

·           Autoclaves materials such as test tubes, beakers, flasks, stoppers and media, to prevent contaminations.

·           Monitor temperature of incubators and the required environment settings for efficient bacterial growth.

·           Performs KOH preparation for identification of fungal infection.

·           Performs Acid Fast Staining for identification of fastidious organisms.

·           Collects specimen from patients to be used for bacterial examination and / or identification.

·           Prepares stock culture for further study.

·           Monitors supplies, reagents, glass wares, plates to be used.

·           Maintains cleanliness by disinfecting the working area as well as proper disposal of used materials.

·           Check and signs results for study of pathologist or supervisor.





Jellica C. Carandang, RMT

Chief Medical Technologist

Laguna Doctors Hospital Inc.

Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Mobile No: +63977-213-3741


Dominique C. Macalinao,MD,FPSP

Clinical and Anotomical  Pathologist

Laguna Doctors Hospital

Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Mobile No: +63920-915-7728


Mrs. Debbie A. Dael

Hospital Administrator/HR Officer

Laguna Doctors Hospital Inc.

Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Mobile no: +63949-104-4668






I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.









2009-2012 Bachelor of Science in Medical laboratory Sciences at Adventist University of the Philippines
2012-2014 Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology at Our Lady of Fatima University


April 26, 2015 up to present Medical Technologist at Laguna Doctors Hospital, Inc