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Arnel L. Macunat

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More than fourteen (14) years’ work experienced in construction locally and overseas especially conflict zones. Has working experienced in oil and gas – SAUDI ARAMCO, high rise building projects, US Federal Government and Military Projects such as AFCEE, USACE and NAVFAC. Familiar with Project and Construction Quality Management (i.e. three phase inspections and quality control system), Project Scheduling Primavera P6, OSHA and USACE’s EM 385-1-1 Constructions Safety Standard. International Code Council (ICC) Reinforced Concrete Inspector, Structural Masonry Special Inspector, Structural Steel & Bolting Special Inspector, Soil Special Inspector and ISO Quality Management System (QMS). Experienced, practical and driven Manager with exposure to managing multi-cultural workforce.




Construction Quality Control Manager – Tokuyama Architects and Engineers G.K., Okinawa, Japan

Project and Cost: Repair Military Family Housing (MFH), Camp Foster, Okinawa/918,000,000JPY – U.S. Air Force Project

May 7, 2018 up to Present

·         Ensure that quality control personnel working for subcontractors meet required qualifications;

·         Review and understand project-specific quality control plans; ensure that these plans contain the appropriate definable features of work (DFOW), testing plan, and submittal register for the project. Draft recommended modifications to the approved plan if the plans are substandard and obtain the required approvals. Ensure that the project-specific quality control plan is maintained current at the project;

·         Ensure that the submittal register meets project requirements and is appropriately linked to the critical path project schedule. Manage or monitor the submittal process to ensure that we are meeting the submittal register requirements;

·         Ensure that the Three Phases of Control (Preparatory Meeting, Initial Inspection, and Follow-up Inspection) are being planned, performed, and documented for each DFOW;

·         Ensure that daily quality control inspections are performed and documented;

·         Ensure that all quality control testing is being performed in accordance with the testing plan, that the testing results are being reviewed for conformance with requirements, that the records of the testing contain all the required documentation;

·         Ensure that all materials and equipment delivered to the job site are inspected and certified to ensure that they conform with project requirements;

·         Monitor project documentation including records, photographs, and logbooks to ensure that the records and documents meet project requirements. Maintain and organize documentation in accordance with the project closeout requirements.

·         Submit project documentation needed for QCS/RMS.

·         Ensure that non-conformances are identified and corrected in a timely manner. Report and investigate quality incidents, and develop lessons learned;

·         Notify contracts and operations personnel of any subcontractor who consistently does not conform to contract plans and specifications. Submit your findings on QCS/RMS.

·         Assist project surveillances, issue prompt reports to operations personnel as required, and ensure appropriate closeout of action items from the surveillance.

·         Arrange a training for all project personnel including subcontractors on the project quality control process and requirements. Ensure that each person understands their responsibilities for delivering a quality deliverable to our client.



QHSE Deputy Manager – VSL Philippines Inc. (Member of Bouygues Construction), Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Projects: Skyway 3 Project, Stage 1, 2 3 and 4, MOA Expansion Project, Mactan-Cebu Airport Elevated Roadway, K-Line Maritime Academy Expansion Building, TPLEX Bued Viaduct and Anduyan Bridge Project.

Type: Construction and Post-Tensioning Works

November 2, 2016 – March 2, 2018

·         Head of Department (QHSE) VSL Philippines

·         Over-all in-charge for VSL Philippines’ quality and safety related issues.

·         Investigate accident/incident onsite and provide corrective action & topset investigation.

·         Provide projects activity hazard analysis and risk assessment.

·         Plan, program and monitor of quality and safety related works.

·         Ensure implementations are accordance with ISO compliance (QMS).

·         Maintained safety and quality records and make sure properly logged.

·         Organized Monthly HSE Committee Meeting and Inspection

·         Organized and conduct Management Review (MR) Meeting

·         Plan, program and conduct company’s Internal Audit (IA)

·         In-charged for company training needs and train workers and staffs about the procedures.

·         In-charged for monthly QHSE report submitted to VSL-Bouygues Regional Office in HK.

·         One of the support staff for VSL Philippines Inc. to be ISO 9001:2015(QMS) certified last April, 2017.


Quality Control Manager/Consultant – JV SKE DJIBOUTI MACC, Camp Lemonnier Djibouti

Project/Cost: Construct P227 Armory Building/ $3.9M (USD) – Design-Build (DB) Project

January 2015 to May 31, 2016

Project/Cost: Replace 11kV Feeder Cables/ $3.8M (USD) – Design Build (DB) Project

August 2014 – December 2014

Quality Control (QC) Manager/Consultant – P&S Construction Inc., NAVFAC, Djibouti, Africa

June 15, 2013 to July 4, 2014

Project/Cost:  Aircraft Maintenance Hanger/ $15M (USD)

·         Responsible for overseeing the daily on-site execution of project tasks, coordination of all the trades and subcontractors.

·         Responsible for implementation of quality control system onsite.

·         Be thoroughly familiar with all contract documents and at all times communicate and coordinate with the on-site project superintendent.

·         Actively monitor all ongoing work and immediately bring to the attention of the project superintendent and subcontractor work not meeting contract requirements and/or quality standards.

·         Participate in the Post Award Kick-off, Partnering, Preconstruction, Coordination and Mutual Understanding Meetings.

·         Implement the “Three Phase of Control” plan for each DFOW and notify the Contracting Officer at least 3 business days in advance of each Preparatory and Initial Phase meeting.

·         Ensure that no construction begins before the DOR has finalized the design for that segment of work and construction submittals are approved as required.

·         Inspect all work and rework, using International Conference of Building Officials certified QC specialists as applicable, to ensure its compliance with contract requirements

·         Immediately stop any segment of work which does not comply with the contract requirements and direct the removal and replacement of any defective work. Follow through on corrective measures and document non-conforming work as well as corrective action taken to resolve.

·         Prepare daily QC Reports.

·         Hold bi-weekly QC meetings with the DQC Manager, DOR (or representative), Superintendent and the Contracting Officer.

·         Ensure that design and construction submittals are reviewed and approved, as required by the contract, prior to allowing material on site and work to proceed with these items. Maintain a submittal register.

·         Update As-built drawings daily. Maintaining up-to-date set on site

·         Maintain a testing plan and log. Ensure that all testing is performed in accordance with the contract..

·         Maintain rework log on site, noting dates deficiency identified, and date corrected.

·         Certify and sign statement on each invoice that all work to be paid under the invoice has been completed in accordance with contract requirements.

·         Perform Punch-out and participate in Pre-final and Final acceptance Inspections. Submit list of deficiencies to the Contracting Officer for each inspection. Correct all deficiencies prior to the Final inspection..

·         Ensure that all required keys, operation and maintenance manuals, warranty certificates and the As-built drawings are correct and complete, in accordance with the contract, and submitted to the Contracting Officer.

·         Assure that all applicable tests, special inspections, and observations required by the contract are performed.

·         Coordinate all factory and on-site testing, Testing Laboratory personnel, QC Specialists, and any other inspection and testing personnel required by this Contract.

·         Prepare job specific Quality Control plan. Maintain and update as required throughout the project duration.

·         Provide lists of DFOW including list of design submittal packaging.

·         Conduct quality and safety audit for sub-contractor onsite periodically.

·         Provide, maintain and manage Request for Information (RFI) in compliance with NAVFAC procedures.


Head QA/QC Engineer – ASEC Development & Construction Corporation (, Manila and Cebu, Philippines

February 4, 2013   to June 20, 2013

Project/Cost: Residential Condominium Building/ 500M (Pesos)


·         Providing compliance with client, end user, conceptual design, value of engineering and constructability.

·         Ensuring works are being done in accordance in project specifications, approved materials/submittals and drawings.

·         Providing QC requirements and reporting (e.g. NCR’s, corrective actions, documentation for the phases of inspections, etc).

·         Providing Punch Lists items, corrective actions, red lines in the drawings for As-Built updates.

·         Witnessing and ensured the testing requirements had been implemented.

·         Providing assistance with submittal/s review and updating submittal register/log.

·         Answering the Non-Compliance Notice (NCN) issued by the Client Representative.

·         Monitoring of quality concern and issues throughout the projects and providing corrective action.



Quality Control Engineer/ Asst. QC Manager/Consultant – Environmental Chemical Corporation, Int’l (ECCI) (,USACE PROJECT, Afghanistan

Oct 29, 2009 – Jun 3, 2011

Project/Cost: ANP – National Logistics Centre (PEB & Concrete Buildings)/ $40M (USD) – Design-Build (DB) Project


·         Coordinating with Afghanistan Quality Control Manager (QCM), Design Manager, H&S Manager, Team Members and Sub-Contractors for project execution to include design, engineering and construction.

·         Providing compliance with client, end user and hoist countries to include trip notes, conceptual design, value of engineering and constructability.

·         Ensuring works are being done in accordance in project specifications and approved submittals and drawings.

·         Providing Daily Quality Control Report/s (DQCR) to be submitted as per contract requirements.

·         Providing QC requirements and reporting (e.g. NCR’s, corrective actions, documentation for the phases of inspections, close out, ect).

·         Providing Punch Lists items and monitor it for close out (e.g. log action items, updates).

·         Providing red lines in the drawings for As-Built updates.

·         Ensuring testing requirements had been implemented as per approved Quality Control Plan.

·         Providing assistance with submittal/s review and updating submittal register for ALL related with projects (e.g. weekly reports, status – pending, under reviews, long lead items, approved)

·         Ensuring ALL submittals for ALL related projects requires re-submittal had been corrected and updated.

·         Ensuring proper log/s on recipient submittals from subcontractors received and approved by the Government.

·         Providing progress information/reports with CM. PM and QCM.

·         Providing weekly QC and Construction Meeting minutes with the Government Representatives (COE/COR).

·         Operating the QCS/RMS.




Quality Assurance Engineer/ Title II – Versar International Assistance Projects (VIAP) (, AFCEE PROJECT, Iraq

Oct 1, 2007 – Jan 2, 2009

Projects/Cost: Mechanical and Electrical Distribution, Water Treatment Plant, POL, Steel Tank, PEB and Concrete Barracks, Asphalt and Concrete Pavements, K-Span Buildings and Warehouses/ $200M (USD)


·         Oversight the U.S. Government Projects under Air Force Centre for Engineering and the Environment (AFCEE) Program in Iraq.

·         Check and ensure that the Quality Control Plan (three-phase quality control system) of AFCEE’s Prime Contractor are properly implemented in the construction site.

·         Ensure that the Prime Contractor follow the three-phase quality control system as per definable features of work (DFOW), according to Statement of Work (SOW), Statement of Requirements (SOR) and International Code and Standards.

·         Conduct site quality and safety audit for AFCEE’s contractor’s periodically.

·         Providing daily, weekly and project progress reports for the entire Projects/Task Orders (TO’s) assigned and submitted to QA Managers.

·         Check, ensure and verify the approved submittals in the Prime Contractors project portal

·         Witness quality control testing of the Prime Contractor. Identifying and verifying QA and QC deficiencies.

·         As QA and Government Representative on site, in-charged on signing real property form or DD 1354 for project close out.


Building Inspector/Supervisor – Rezayat Company Ltd., SAUDI ARAMCO PROJECT, K.S.A.

May 24, 2005 – Jul 26, 2007

Project/Cost: Saudi Aramco Community Construction, Oil and Gas/ $20M (Saudi Riyal)


·         Check and inspect the deficiency, quality and maintenance issues of Aramco Offices and Facilities (Utilities) includes Hazardous Gas (H2S) in Saudi Aramco, Udhailiyah, KSA.

·         Providing work orders/tickets for minor and major maintenance.

·         Multi-craft Supervisor in Saudi Aramco housing renovation, E.D./Water Treatment Plant and Utilities.

·         Check and supervise the whole Udhailiyah Saudi Aramco Recreation facilities.

·         Supervised and handled different discipline and nationalities.


Park Supervisor/Administrator – San Agustin Realty,Inc, Bulacan & Makati Philippines

Apr 25, 2003 – May 25, 2005

Project/Cost: Site Development & Maintenance 31- Hec Memorial Park/ $500MPesos


·         Over-All In charge for all phase of construction, development, maintenance, beautification and land/lot surveys for the thirty-one (31) hectares Memorial Park.

·         Maintaining the sanctity of Memorial Park and providing assistance to the lot owners on their respective property during park visit.

·         In charge for the costumer care relation before/during/after the interment proper.

·         Providing weekly and monthly operational report.

·         Supervise and handle twelve (12) utility men as work force in the park.



Project Engineer – Geaunt Construction and Development, Quezon City, Philippines

Jan 2001 – Jan 2003

Project/Cost: Housing and Commercial Buildings/ $10M (Pesos)


·         Over all In-charge for all phase of constructions onsite.

·         Check the development and flow of the project based on the project schedule.

·         Ensure that the constructions are being implemented according to the approved plans.

·         Responsible for the safety and project implementation onsite.

·         The contact person of the client/owner in the project.

·         Providing/securing permits needed during time of constructions.





Highest Education: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Marinduque State College, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines, 2000




·         Licensed Civil Engineer, Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) #0089584

·         International Code Council (ICC) 47 Reinforced Concrete Inspector – 2009

·         International Code Council (ICC) 84 Structural Masonry Special Inspector – 2009

·         International Code Council (ICC) S1 Structural Steel & Bolting Special Inspector – 2009

·         International Code Council (ICC) EC Soil Special Inspector – 2009

·         OSHA 10 and 30 Hours Construction Safety Training

·         40Hours EM-385-1-1 Construction Safety Hazard Awareness Course

·         USACE Construction Quality Management for Contractors

·         USACE Excavation and Trenching Safety

·         Environmental Compliance, Assessment, Training and Tracking System (ECATTS)

·         American Red Cross Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Certificate ID: GS9LE1

·         Philippine National Red Cross Occupational First-Aid Trained (valid until 02/10/2019)

·         Primavera P6 R8.2

·         TESDA Scaffolding Erector Assessment NCII

·         PT-1A (Post Tensioning) Training  (VSL Academy, Bangkok Thailand)

·         ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems Foundation Course

·         OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems Foundation Course

·         International Driver Permit

·         Multiple Entry US VISA Holder (B1/B2)


·         References available on request



June 1994 to April 2000 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Marinduque State College


May 2018 Quality Control Manager at Tokuyama Architects and Engineers G.K.
November 2016 to March 2018 Deputy QHSE Manager at VSL Philippines inc.
August 2014 to May 2016 Quality Control Manager at SKE Srl