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construction carpenter form work rough and roofing installer


Industry:         Building construction & Restoration Activity

Address:          701 Great South Penrose Auckland New Zealand ( 1061 )

Position:         Lead Structural Carpenter & Form work Carpenter

Date:               July 27,2018 up to present


Duties and Responsibilities (Job Description

Residential home projects: garages, fences, decks, and additions from start to finish.

Utilized blueprints and completed projects with hand, power and air tools associated with carpentry.

Perform tasks on electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work.

Responsible for managing materials, maximizing resources, and managing work flow.

Beginning to end residential construction, including framing of new homes, remodeling existing construction, roofing and skylights, siding, door and window installation, insulation, drywall, flooring and tile, cabinetry, and precision trim installation

Build custom homes and additions/remodeling directly from blue-print designs

Knowledge of masonry, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems

. Conducted daily safety meetings

Provided training for proper use of tools, ensured work order completion and assessment.

Measured job sites to order materials needed for projects ranging from home additions such as sunrooms, porches, garages, and decks.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Conducted daily safety meetings

Provided training for proper use of tools, ensured work order completion and assessment.

Door and window installation.

Read blueprints and use my on-site knowledge to make suggestions on any changes I foresee

Work with inspectors and all subs on the jobs; Make sure all work is done to completion and client satisfaction

Work closely with client in determining their needs and want

Maintain a clean and safe work site

Responsible for completing various carpentry tasks to highest standards with imposed deadlines.

Coordinated time schedules and material orders..

Install doors, windows, flooring, cabinets, and bathroom fixtures, and appliances.

Repaired roofing and siding as needed.

Supervised crew to complete residential remodels.

Complete daily reports of job progress.

Conducted job status meeting with crew and homeowner

Composing lumber lists, ordering material

Customer relations, interacting with architects and town inspectors

Maintaining a quality built structures while meeting company set deadlines.


Responsible for building cabinets, framing houses and hanging sheetrock. They can also work training for apprentice carpenters and teach carpenters’ assistants on different tasks.

Ensure customer and company satisfaction with their professional appearance, expertise in workmanship and good communication skills. They also attend all company and client meetings that are approved by their production manager.

Create critical path or any anticipated project schedule, project commencement and adjust daily schedule as necessary based on their production realities.

Must also inform their Production Manager daily regarding progress of projects which include customer concerns, needs and delays. They manage the company’s field activities, carpenter’s work as well as independent subcontractors.







Company:       PT Saipem Indonesia
Industry:         Oil & gas construction

Address:          Indonesia karimun

Position:         Civil  & Structural Supervisor

Date:               May 12,2017 to sept ,01.2017


Duties and Responsibilities (Job Description)


Hands on work and interpretation of drawing

Examine blue print sketch or building plan

Calculate and estimate material required

Brace form in place with timber tie  rod and anchor bolt

Cut and assemble timber to builds trestles and coffer dams

Ceiling install roof flashing install fine door

Erect frame work

Do the lay out  of direct cutting material

Nail deats  brace accros board to construction concrete supporting form

Mark cutting line on material using pencil and scriber shape  to require  sizes using saw

Measure board timber or plywood using square measure

Erect frame work for structure and lay sub flooring

Concrete form building frame work including  joist studding  and rafters

Do the erection of window door and jams

Do the manual cutting of wood or using machine equipment

Construct building building form work  including walls floors and door frame

Install structure and fixtures such as window and moulding

Measure or cut or shape wood plastic and other material

Build cabinet varities

Frame roomaddtion as needed for client

Install cabinet counters and moulding

Follow all code requirements for kitchens

Select and evaluate materials for defects

Prepare drawing for carpentry framing and other construction project on site


Company:       Saipem Sa ENI group
Industry:         Oil and gas rehabilitation

Address:          Angola africa

Position:         Forman carpenter/civil foreman

Date:               August 2009-april 2012


Duties and Responsibilities (Job Description)


Calculate and estimate material requirements

Set up and operate  woods working  machines  uses hand and power tools

Select material and tool suitable  for job required

Build form  concrete locates and install  prebecated toods metal material

Do the installation of bollards anchord bolt

Do the installation of set file foundation

Do the capping beam foundation

Do the frame of slab and retaining  wall

Do the fabrication and installation of steel rebars of capping beam foundation

Do the wood stairways window and door frames

Siding dry wall and bat or roll installation

Preparation of form work and steel rebar

Rebar fabricationand installation for favemant flor for slab

Preparation of form work foundation  for retaing wall box culver and pipe sleeper

Material cost schedule and coordinate work on site

Vendrade  build deck and fences and install platform safolding ramps

Willingness to work overtime when necessary to deliver the project on time

Possession of basic hands tools and reliable transportation on site

Build scaffolding and create form work

Repair structure fixture and wood fly wood and wall board

Measure board timber or plywood using square measure


Company:       First Kuwait Trading & contracting company
Industry:         facility modernization project

Address:                      Kuwait

Position:         Finishing carpenter/form work carpenter

Date:               July 2006 –Nov 2008


Duties and Responsibilities (Job Description)


Knowledge of power tools including circular saw ban saw

Knowledge  of lumber grades counter tops material

Knowledge power tool skill saw and jig saw rooter machine

Do the construction of foundation

Do the installation of form work

Calculate and estimate material requirement

Do the construction vehicle access asphalt  road

Do the fire proofing installation for structure

Do the quality of form work both fabrication and installation of form work

Do the box culvert drain slump valve pit and pipe rack

Do the construction of form work like U/ G piping trench

Do the construction of electrical duck bank

Do the construction of form work  of local support footing ,blinding and also junction pit

Assist scaffolding at site

Coordinate to the site supervisor for the location and elevation of the structure

Do the construction of evaporation pond

Do the construction of collums and retaining wall

Do the construction  of chain link fence

Installation of fixing jams

Check the verticality of the structure

Verify trueness of structure using plumb  bob and level

Shape or cut material to specified measurement using hand tools and machine power tool


oct 1993 - oct 1997 marine engineering at Philippines maritime institute

I would like to apply as an carpenter construction could you please find me if you need carpenter in your companyi hard working and honnest to my job