Name:              ARNOLD K. BACNOG
Profession:      Licensed Civil Engineer
PRC No. :       0112413
Experiences:  (Earthquake Zone and Abroad)

Permanent Address: IFSU Drive, Poblacion West, Lagawe, Ifugao
Mobile No. :   +639278567824
Email Address: [email protected]

My Capability to work on any of these projects:

Coverage Job Description of a License Civil Engineer:
Plans, designs, and directs civil engineering projects, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges, harbors, channels, dams, irrigation systems, pipelines, and power plants: Analyzes reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, tests, and aerial photographs on soil composition, terrain, hydrological characteristics, and other topographical and geologic data to plan and design project. Calculates cost and determines feasibility of project based on analysis of collected data, applying knowledge and techniques of engineering, and advanced mathematics. Prepares or directs preparation and modification of reports, specifications, plans, construction schedules, environmental impact studies, and designs for project. Inspects construction site to monitor progress and ensure conformance to engineering plans, specifications, and construction and safety standards. May direct construction and maintenance activities at project site. May use computer-assisted engineering and design software and equipment to prepare engineering and design documents. May be designated according to specialty or product.

(Present to Previous)

Philippine Rural Development Project
4thFloor DA-OSeC Building
Elliptical Road, Diliman, Quezon City
POSITION                                           Rural Infrastructure Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                             September 5, 2016 – Present

Work Assignments:

a.         Develop technical manuals to guide the overall development of the access and other infrastructure types.
Ensure the implementation of access and other infrastructure subprojects in accordance to the I-BUILD operations and technical manuals.
Coordinate training programs for technical staff at the PSO, RPCO and LGU level for access and other infrastructure.
Oversee implementation of the quality assurance and quality control programs for access and other infrastructure at the PSO, RPCO and LGU level.
Conduct random field visits and audits to assess compliance of LGUs and contractors’ on the social and environmental safeguards, occupational health and safety program, quality control/assurance program and operation and maintenance program.
Conduct of periodic project assessment and consolidation of Island cluster reports on the implementation of access and other infrastructure.
Regular consultation and coordination with the PSO, RPCO and LGU Engineers and other components in the implementation of the Program.
Review subproject FS and bid evaluation reports needing NPCO and WB OL or NOL for access and other infrastructure.
Provides feedback and recommendations on how to resolve issues in the implementation of access and other infrastructure.
Do other functions as the NPCO I-BUILD Chief may assign.

2.  COMPANY NAME:                      PLGU/ SPECIAL PROJECT
Provincial Capitol
Lagawe, Ifugao
POSITION                                           Civil Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                            July 27, 2015 –March 31, 2016

Work Assignments:
a)         Philippine Rural Development Project (PRDP)
v Includes surveys, design of Pavements, Bridges, design of slope protections (retaining walls, grouted riprap) and design of Cross drainages (reinforced concrete box culvert and reinforced concrete pipe culvert) and geo-tagging.
v Designed the retrofitting scheme of the existing bridge as a detour for the proposed project.
b)        Do monthly accomplishments reports.

Tokyo, Japan
POSITION                                          Project Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                           May 05, 2014 – July 15, 2015

Work Assignments:
a)         Monitoring and assisting the workers for the construction of the Mini-Hydropower at Haliap – Mappit, Asipulo, Ifugao.
v Includes supervision for the construction of retaining walls, canal headrace, tunnel, head tank, powerhouse and installation of penstocks.
b)        Do weekly project report.
c)          Responsible for conducting and coordinating the technical and management aspects of projects.
d)        Participating in Client/contractor meetings and resolving Client/engineering and management project issues.

4. COMPANY NAME                        Al Mutlaq & Bu-nuhayah Consulting Engineers
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
POSITION                                          QC / QS/Civil & Structural Consultant
DATE INCLUSIVE                           February 15, 2013 to December 2013

Work Assignments:
a) Coordinate and check engineering deliverables.
b) Do monthly project status reports and change orders.
c) Responsible for planning, scheduling, conducting and coordinating the   technical and    management aspects of projects.
d) Accountable for the successful completion of engineering projects.
e)          Requires extensive regular contact with assigned project Clients.
f)           Budget monitoring and trend tracking.
g)         Participating in Client/contractor meetings and resolving Client/engineering and management project issues.
h)        Check material deliveries in accordance with the client approved quality.

5. COMPANY NAME                         W.A.K Construction
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
POSITION                                           Project Site Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                            May, 2012- January 2013

Work Assignments:
a) Managed the construction of the 8-storey Nurse Accommodation building of Tebabat       Jeddah Polyclinic.
b) Do details of footings, columns, beams and slabs and other shop drawings.
c) Designed and retrofit the foundation and column.
d) Estimate and calculate the needed materials.
e) Arranged the daily activities of the people.

6. COMPANY NAME                        Al Muttawa Contracting Establishment
Khamis Mushayt, Abha, Saudi Arabia

POSITION                                         Project Site Engineer and Surveyor
DATE INCLUSIVE                           October, 2011-April, 2012

Work Assignments:
a) Supervised and assist workers in the construction of the 3000 cu.m elevated tank.
b) Survey and plot water supply line projects.

7. Philippine government agency      Municipal Local Government Unit
Office of the Municipal Planning & Development
Lagawe, Ifugao

POSITION                                          Civil Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                           June 2010-August 2011

Work Assignments:
a) Conduct and assists in the inspection of local government projects.
b) Close monitoring and inspection of the project constructions and assure that it is done in
full accordance with the plans and specifications.

8.  COMPANY NAME                       San Patricio Construction
Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

POSITION                                          Project Engineer
DATE INCLUSIVE                           January 8, 2009 – May 8, 2010

Work Assignments:
a)         Monitoring and supervision of the construction of log cabins at Birch
Circle, Woodlands Point, Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay City, Philippines.
b) Prepares detailed estimates and Bill of Quantities.
c) Monitor material consumption norms and wastages.
d) Monitor deliveries of supplies to site.
e) Obtain daily reports and weekly reports of concluded tasks and tasks behind schedules.
f) Conduct/assist in the final inspection and turnover of the units.

9.   Philippine government agency       Provincial Engineering Office
Office of the Provincial Engineer
Lagawe, Ifugao

POSITION                                              Engineer I
DATE INCLUSIVE                              July 3, 2007 – January 4, 2009

Work Assignments:
a) Prepares program of works and detailed estimates of the provincial         infrastructure projects such as roads, social infra and other related engineering works.
b) Have closed monitoring and supervision of on-going projects as assigned.
c) Conduct/assist in the final inspection of completed projects.
d) Perform other related tasks as maybe assigned by the superiors.

10.  COMPANY NAME                        J4 Consultant, Inc.
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

POSITION                                             Draftsman, Survey Assistant and Estimator
DATE INCLUSIVE                              April 2, 2005 – June 30, 2007

Work Assignments:
a) Prepares residential house plans, plots survey data and estimates horizontal    and vertical projects.


Ø On-the-job trainee at Nueva Vizcaya Sub-District Engineering Office, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on November 21, 2006 to March 27, 2007.
Ø Seminar on SAFETY ENGINEERINGheld at Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 5, 2005.
Ø Lecture-Seminar on ORIGINAL LAND SURVEYS AND COMPLEXSUBDIVISION SURVEYSheld at the Audio Visual Room-1, Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 9, 2005.
Ø Seminar on CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENTheld at S208, Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 11, 2006.
Ø Seminar on GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS)held at Audio-Visual Room 1, Teacher’s Center, Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 14, 2006.
Ø Seminar on VOLUNTEERISMheld at AVR 1, Teacher’s Center, Saint Mary’s University, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya on December 15, 2006.
Ø Workshop on COMPREHENSIVE LAND USED PROGRAMheld at Lagawe, Ifugao, Philippines.
Ø 40Hrs seminar on Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) held at Hotel 45, Baguio City, Philippines on September 21-24, 2015.


Civil Status:                                               Married
Gender:                                                    Male
Date of Birth:                                           February 12, 1982
Place of Birth:                                         Lagawe, Ifugao
Contact No.:                                           +639278567824
Permanent Address:                              IFSU Drive, Poblacion West, Lagawe,   Ifugao
City Address:                                         Naga St., BAI Cmpd, Bgy. Culiat, Quezon City
Email Address:                                      [email protected]


School/University:                                 Saint Mary’s University
Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
Degree:                                                 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Date of Graduation:                            June 2000-April 2007