Ashlee Brown Practical nurse

Kingston Jamaica


Seven Miles Bull Bay

St. Andrew

(876) 5579649


OBJECTIVE:​​To effectively communicate with other that I may ​​​​​​​impact on my employer and fellow employee.


EDUCATION:​​National Academy of Nursing (2015-2017)

Camperdown High School C.A.P(2011-2013)

​​​​Vauxhall High School (2006-2011)




​​​​Social Studies

​​​​NCTVET Commercial food preparation

​​​​First Aid and Food Handlers License

​​​​Basic life support (BLS)

​​​​Nursing Diploma



EXPERIENCE:​Wonder World DayCare

Bath Babies
Ensure safety & care of babies
Change diaper
Feed and put babies to sleep
St. Micheals Residents

➢ Bathe patients
➢ Feed patient
➢ Change linen
➢ Assist with wheelchair
➢ Vital signs
➢ Glucose reading
➢ Hair and nail care
St. Thomas Infirmary

Vital Sign

Proper Hygiene
Hair & Nail Care
Glucose Testing
Feeding Adult Patient
Giving and Removing of bed pan
Mouth care
REFERENCE:​​Available upon request




Ashlee Brown

8 Cane River Road

Seven Miles Bull Bay

St. Andrew

Telephone: (876)557-9649

Email: [email protected]



Dear Sir/Madam


I herby take this opportunity to apply for a job  in your organization. My attached resume will give you detail information about my work experience and educational background.I am responsible to make every effort to complete any assigned task on time to the best of my ability.


I know I could be an asset to your organization, I have a great people skill, a good communicator and an all rounded person also a good service for people that will help me in pursuing my long term career goal. I will bring these strengths to yours organization and will do my best to serve.


I hope I will get my chance to meet you for personal interview. Do not hesitate to contact me at

(876)557-9649 or send an email to my account stated above. Thanks you for your attention.


Yours respectfully,


Ashlee Brown