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Piping Stress Engineer with 11+ years of experience demonstrated in the delivery of projects to support onshore construction programmes in sectors including refinery, petrochemical, food & beverage, LNG and nuclear power. Key areas of expertise include detailed piping design engineering and analysis including critical and non-critical piping systems (FEED, plastic piping, thermal loads, wind loads, water hammer, seismic loads, slug loads, hydrotest loads, PSV thrust force loads and thermal bowing) and bespoke piping engineered items (expansion joints, spring type supports and sway strut). Conversant with related industry design codes and standards (ASME B31.3, ASME B31.1, ASME B16.5, API 610, API 661 etc.). A highly motivated individual, with strong personal integrity and a reputation for exceeding expectations and making things happen.  Equipped with the skills to work with diverse, multi-skilled teams. Currently seeking a career enhancing opportunity in a position that requires a dynamic and objective driven individual.



Acted as lead for stress projects in Ambitech Asia. Improved and organized the work flow of the team, solved different problems and issues related to stress, and mentored all the stress engineers to increase the capability of the stress team.
Provided and shared knowledge to the stress and piping team which includes preparing a training material and conducting a stress training to give an idea regarding the concepts and principles in stress analysis.
Identified and resolved issues with piping analysis on the BNPP nuclear power plant project prior to completion of final documents. Worked with team members to review lessons learned and to share the best practice.
·         Rationalised resourcing costs on BNPP project; improved efficiency and quality by simplifying processes. Encoded references (including catalogue) and other reference data for piping analysis into an excel model for easy viewing and selection.

Shared AutoCad and Microstation software skills with the team at Kepco E & C and Fluor to improve overall performance and efficiency.
Recognised throughout career for ability to consistently meet challenging deadlines and for an exceptionally low error rate.
Achieved 90%+ for two consecutive years for performance at KEPCO E&C.
Assigned as a mentor for junior colleagues at Fluor.
Worked closed with vendors for key projects at Fluor to exchange data and ensure the specialty item (expansion joints) was designed and engineered in line with requirements.
Delivered projects including: piping stress analysis on Modular Continuous Catalyst Regeneration project (CCR) at Egypt and Indonesia; Singapore LNG Project at Jurong Island, Singapore; piping design (plot plan study) at Singapore LNG Expansion Feasibility Study; process graphics (P&ID drawings) at Satah al-Razboot, UAE; piping design (piping estimate) at Dow Falcon; piping design (estimate) at BASF-MDI; piping stress engineering at BASF-IPS II Expansion Project, China and piping stress engineering at Porto Refinery Conversion Project and LDK Polysilicon Project in China.

Piping Stress Engineer, Ambitech asia (zachry), Philippines             Dec 2015 – Present

·         Acted as lead on various projects which involves identification of critical and non-critical systems, generate stress log, progress tracking, man-hours monitoring, solved and mitigate different issues and problems related to stress.

·         Assisted junior stress engineers in modeling, checked stress calculations and enhanced their knowledge by teaching different methods and stress principles.

·         Analyzed critical systems involving cold spring, jacketed piping, and plastic pipes.

·         Evaluated nozzles using Nozzle PRO.

·         Made a case study to mitigate problems and works with a solution involving a severe settlement of an existing pipe rack and its effect to the piping.

·         Designed engineered specialty items such as expansion joints, variable spring and constant spring.


Piping Stress Engineer, TECHNIP, Abu Dhabi, UAE                               June 2015 – Sep 2015

·         In charge of pipe stress analysis for the FEED scope of Al Dabbi’ya ASR gas development project.

·         Assisted the lead stress engineer in developing the stress critical line list and selecting the stress critical lines.

·         Reviewed and analyzed stress critical piping systems for proper flexibility and supports using Caesar ii.

·         Performed necessary calculations for nozzle loads and thermal movements to ensure the safety of the piping connected to different equipment such as Pig Launcher, Pressure Vessel, Flare Stack, Tanks, Pumps, Columns, etc.


Piping Stress Engineer, Kepco e&c, Republic of Korea                        Nov 2011 – Nov 2014

·         Selected to work at the BNPP Unit 1 & 2 nuclear power plant project to conduct piping analysis of the turbine generator building. Reviewed and analyzed piping layout to ensure appropriate levels of flexibility and support.

·         Produced calculations for thermal nozzle movements and nozzle loads of different equipment including pumps, heat exchangers, filters, air compressors etc.

·         Analyzed critical systems involving load cases, including thermal loads, wind loads, hydrotest loads, water hammer and SRVA.

·         Introduced support if required, including expansion joints and spring hangers.

·         Calculated boundary anchors including penetration, strap, tube and stanchion anchors.

·         Checked interferences in piping and reported to the layout team.


Piping Stress Engineer, Fluor daniel inc., Philippines                       Nov 2007 – Oct 2011

Produced calculations to ensure the safety and integrity of piping systems as submitted by the design group. Conducted static analysis of critical piping systems connected to pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, drums, filters, air fin fan coolers and columns.
Designed standard and special pipe supports, including rod hangers, spring hangers and high stiffness strut.
Modelled expansion joint elements and conducted modelling techniques, including spring can model, trunnion modelling and equipment skirt modelling.
Provided pipe-supporting philosophy for lines connected to reciprocating compressors, lines with two-phase flow and slug flow conditions.
Established a philosophy for hot-cold analysis of pumps and columns and worst-case analysis scenarios.
Established load cases for seismic analysis, wind analysis, hydrotest loads case and PSV analysis load case philosophies.
Defined fix and sliding support locations for saddles in heat exchangers and horizontal vessels.
Ensured load imposed by piping system to relative equipment did not exceed allowable amount as per vendor information or WRC requirements.
Reviewed and commented on vendor drawings for air fin fan coolers, heat exchanger, vessel and other equipment.
Calculated piping loads imposed on structural element, supports, guides and anchors.
Checked integrity of pipe attachments (such as trunnions and other welded support) and verified additional reinforcements if required.
Ensured the overall compliance of piping system was acceptable and in line with related industry codes and standards.
Piping Stress Analyst, Mitsubishi Technical Services Corp.                   Aug 2006 – Jan 2007

·         Conducted stress analysis of the piping system and structures.

·         Ensured safety of piping, piping components, connected equipment and structures.

·         Guaranteed the deflections were well controlled when the thermal and other loads were applied.

·         Confirmed piping system satisfied the code requirements.


Education & qualifications

BSc in Mechanical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology, Manila, 2001-2006



AutoCAD for the Professionals (Crescent Technologies Institute)

Basic Pipe Stress Training (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)

Advance Pipe Stress Training (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)

Phase I Basic Piping Engineering Design (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)

Phase II Piping Engineering Design (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)

Piping Modeling – PDS Training (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)

Pipe Stress Engineering Enhancement Training (Fluor Daniel Inc. Phil.)



Design software: AutoPIPE, AutoCAD, Microstation, PIPSYS, Caesar II, Nozzle PRO,

Bentley Navigator, Smart plant review, Navisworks, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)



2001-2006 Bsc. Mechanical Enigneering at Mapua Institute of Technology