Avilali Joel henry Radiographer

Ct scanning operation theatre Emergency trauma

I’m Joel henry currently working as a medical radiographer in kuwait past 3yrs I’m an Indian nationality..,  I worked 5yrs in Apollo hospital India and I have total 9yrs experience in this field manual Xray computed Xray digital Xray all machines(ge,Kodak,Siemens) I worked in operation theatre Philips ge and Siemens machine experience ct scanning Siemens and ge 20 slice machine I’m well knowledge in this field my main ambition is to take care concern of the patient till the patient goes out from my department..,  giving quality radiographs good positioning as low as kv mas settings and low dose for children’s and infants giving proper gonad shields protection ..,,giving to avoid another parts of body exposed from radiation and giving valuable ideas and constructing the radiology department..I have experience in putting the indent to stores for ultrasound gloves thermal papers ct  and Xray films cd and all need for department.., reports filings
bills payment vouchers filing important warranty of the machine bills and servicing bills filing..,  please would you give me an opportunity to work in your hospital I will discharge my duties with respect and kindness..,
With kind regards
Joel Henry Avilali


Aug 2006 to aug 2010 radiology at Vinayaka missions


Oct 2010 to feb 2015 Radiographer at Apollo hospital India
Nov 2015 to till date Radiographer at Kuwait ministry