Hi mester …………haw are u …am truk_driver from tunisia i have 6 years experience in transportation and sismique company (vib op _ vib _pucheur .foreman heavy duty driver) . May dream is working and living in canada .am ready to working 6 month owner operateur or stager driver not paiment…may papiers judiciaire and passport and medical is ready .for the love of your gad starting may procedures of employment ……think u
https://www.linkedin.com/in/hakim-aymen-30bb6621 https://www.facebook.com/aymenhakim2?fref=ts


1999/2005 Finich Secondary education at Tataouine secondary school


2008/2014 Truk _driver at Cgg veritas
2014/2017 Heavy duty driver at Geofizika toron
2007/2008 Truk_driver at Gefco