Baylin mangosib Household

Canada Baylin
Having fun with children. Loving a baby

I’m legal age 41 year ald single mother  has 1 daughter nationally Filipino previously working in dubai im hard working honest very kindly flexibility  must of all love working


1990.1994 Hight school at La salette school


1999.2003 House maid at Uea

Making organise the cleaning cooking and washing ironing and taking care the family of emplyer

2012.2014 House maid at Uea

Doing all duties maintain tidy cleaninga the house

2014.2015 Maid nanny at Malaysia

Having treating nicely and playing the kid at play ground and teach like my on kid giving a both shower daily fidding changing diaper

2015 2016 Cooker at Qatar

Preparing cook on time breakfast lunch and dinner

20172019 House maid at Uea

Make sure finist the work daily washing ironing cleaning tidy around the house sometime joined play the children