Benny Casador Material controller



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To pursue my career in Material management with capabilities to impress and show as model that makes my company proud of my performance and aim to become one of a leader so as an asset to the organization.



1983 – 1987                     Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Graduated)

Filamer Christian College

Roxas Avenue, Roxas City, Capiz


October 2018

§  Diploma in Supply Chain Management

§  Understanding Supply Chain Risk Management

§  Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health

Alison Online Distance Learning

Galway Technology Park
Parkmore, Galway
H91 E309, Ireland




More Than 15 years of working experience in Oil/Gas, Petrochemical refinery and other maintenance project.


§  1 Year Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) –ZADCO – Power Upgrade Project, Zirku Island, Abu Dhabi UAE

§  7 Years SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd –• TAKREER – Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project, Ruwais, Abu Dhabi UAE, • SAUDI ARAMCO – Wasit Gas Plant Project, Kursaniya, Jubail KSA, • SAUDI ARAMCO – Jizan refinery and terminal Project, Baish, Jizan KSA, •KIPIC –  Al Zour Refinery Project, Mina Al Zour, Kuwait.

§  3.5 Years in Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. – • CHEVRON – Qchem II Chemical refinery project, State of Qatar, • SHELL – LNG/OET Project in Sakhalin Island, Russian Federation.

§  3 Years in APTC Contracting Co. – • SAUDI ARAMCO- Maintenance Shutdown & Chemical storage project, RasTanura KSA, • SAUDI ARAMCO – Dry Duct Construction Ras Tanura KSA.

§  3 Years in Kawasaki Helicopter S.A Ltd. – • GENERAL CIVIL DEFENSE AVIATION – Supply and Maintenance, helicopter project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Proficient and has an in-depth knowledge in Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Material basic preservations. I have a hands-on experience in Piping and Instrument diagram (P & ID) and isometric drawings. I have an applied knowledge in Microsoft office, Accounting Package Software (ACCPAC), Marian software (Smart Plant Material) and Integrated Material Management System software (IMMS). I am proactive and can maintain good relationship towards personnel and motivate them to a more productive and efficient work.


In my experiences as Material Controller, Material Supervisor, Material Coordinator, Storekeeper,     Warehouseman and Test Package Reviewer, I am personally involved in material planning such as inventory and material control, deliberations of receipt and issuance, preservation and inspections of Piping, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrument materials used in Oil and Gas refinery and Power Plant construction projects. I used to identify every loose part of the materials as mentioned in the packing list by applying my experience or using technical drawings as reference if available. I reviewed the test packages and performed walkthrough inspections prior to submission of test package to client for review and approval for pressure test of piping lines. I can also operate forklift for arranging, loading and unloading of materials.


I had supervised a maximum of 80 persons when I assigned as Senior Material Supervisor of SK   Engineering

in   WASIT Gas project (ARAMCO PROJECT) and in JIZAN Refinery and Terminal Project (ARAMCO PROJECT).

This work force includes the material Supervisors, Material controllers, Computer operators, Material &

Inspection coordinators, Storekeepers, Riggers, Crane and Forklift operators and Helpers.


I was also involved in coordinating with the procurement office for the status of ordered materials and to

site discipline managers, engineers and supervisors regarding the availability of materials and some issues

about quality inspections prior to release the materials for site installations.




APRIL 23, 2016 – APRIL 22, 2017




ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Process Automation – EPC

Project name:
Power Upgrade Project, Zirku Island, Abu Dha UAE Branch office, Al Dar HQ Al raha beach Abu Dhabi UAE


§  Report to material manager, liaising to construction manager, engineers and site supervisors for material requests and queries for actual conditions and availability of materials at warehouses and lay down area.

§  Liaising to Country Procurement Office (CPO) for expediting the dispatch of materials as well as to expeditors and logistics counterpart to forecast the arrival of material to jobsite.

§  Coordinating delivery status from overseas and onshore counterpart of materials to be supplied to offshore

§  Making material requisition for change order and shortage material required at site.

§  Raised request for inspection (RFI) to Quality Control Office and assisting inspections.

§  Extending support for technical evaluation of local purchase material offered by vendors based on material specification from data sheets in accordance with client requirements.

§  Reviewing material test certificates (MTC) and other inspection related documents required for QC inspection as per inspection checklist & procedures in accordance to the client inspection test plan (ITP).

§  Maintaining computerized electronic database of material details and traceability using Marian Software (Smart Plant Material).

FEBRUARY 10, 2011 – APRIL 1, 2016 & OCTOBER 5, 2018 – PRESENT
MATERIAL CONTROLLER (4 years in Piping, 2 years in Mechanical & 1 year in Elec & Inst )


SK Engineering and construction Company Ltd. – EPC

Project Name:
1.  Ruwais Refinery & expansion Project, Ruwais Abu Dhabi, UAE

2.  Saudi Aramco Wasit Gas Project, Kursaniya, Jubail, KSA

3.  Saudi Aramco Jizan Refinery and Terminal Project, Baish Jizan, KSA


NOVEMBER 10, 2005 – DECEMBER 14, 2009






Daewoo Engineering & Construction Company – EPC- Consortium

Project Name:
1.  LNG/OET Project, Sakhalin Region, Pregorodnoye Korsakov, Russian Federation, Russia

2.  QChem II Project, Messaieed ethelyn derivatives complex, Messaieed, State of Qatar


AUGUST 3, 2001 – SEPTEMBER 21, 2004


Abdulaziz Al Traiki & Partners Trading & Contracting Company


Project Name:
Aramco II Project- Repair Maintenance, Dry Duct and Chemical storage Construction, Ras Tanura, KSA


§  Report to material manager, liaising to construction managers, construction engineers and site supervisors for material requests and queries for actual conditions and availability of materials at warehouse and lay down area.

§  Organized daily toolbox meeting, supervised & gave instructions on work and important task to be prioritized.

§  Designed layout plan of warehouses and lay down yards for easy & quick traceability of Materials.

§  Received incoming shipments of Piping, Mechanical and E & I materials (I was Handling only one discipline at each project depending on the manpower setup) for oil and gas projects and issued the same, as per material requisition and purchase order, shipment number, packing list, and conducted physical inspection through procedures in coordination with storekeepers or key helpers.

§  Performed  basic preservation  of  Piping,  Mechanical,  Electrical  &  Instrument  materials  as  per  proposed preservation procedure or as per vendor’s recommendation.

§  Monitoring material storage conditions at warehouse and lay down yards in terms of material preservations, proper storing and initiating corrective actions.

§  Prepared overage, shortage and damage or non-conformance reports and expedite the delivery.

§  Documented quarterly material inventory status, weekly site material request, procurement status and disseminating daily receiving report to construction team.
§  Implemented methods & best practices on system that supports proper handling, preservations, inventory and material control.

§  Maintained computerized electronic database of material details and traceability using Integrated Material Management System (IMMS) (At SK Engineering), Marian software (Smart Plant Material) (at Daewoo/CTSD and ABB) and Accounting Package Software (ACCPAC) (at APTC).

§  Identifies surplus materials, report to material manager and procurement office.

§  Demonstrate personal commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment.


TEST-PACKAGE REVIEWER (Piping at Daewoo Engineering)


§  Confirmed that test package documents (required inspection related document) has attached as per the checklist and ITP approved by the client.

§  Reviewed and ensured the conformity of Isometric drawing to P & ID concerning the orientation of pipelines, equipment, instruments.

§  Performed  walkthrough  and  on-the-spot  inspections  for  material  &  installation  verification  of  some unreported welding joints prior to review the test packages.

§  Requested for revision of Isometric drawings to field engineering for as built, as per site conditions

§  Transmitted test package to client for final approval.



MARCH 13, 1997 – APRIL 30, 2000


Kawasaki Helicopter Saudi Arabia Ltd. Exit # 10 Airport Road Riyadh, KSA

Project Name: General Civil Defense Aviation- Helicopter Maintenance Project,


§  Receiving and issuing of Helicopter spare parts.

§  Registering received and issued materials to logbook, stock record cards and submit to computer operator to input in the system.

§  Unpacking and inspection of materials based on packing list, purchase order and stored according to its part number.

§  Packing and dispatch materials to warehouse branches within Saudi Arabia.

§  Carefully loading and unloading of materials, and arrange in a proper place.


ADDRESS                          :              Poblacion Ilaya Maayon Capiz, Philippines DATE OF BIRTH                              :              June 02, 1965

PLACE OF BIRTH           :               Poblacion Ilaya, Maayon CIVIL STATUS:                                        :               Married

HEIGHT                             :               5’4”

CITIZENSHIP                      :               Filipino

RELIGION                        :               Roman Catholic