Benson Pharmacy Intern


}Sheriff Benson

2299 Pinecrest Dr, Columbus OH, 43229

Phone: (740)584-9063

Primary Email: [email protected] Alternate Email: [email protected]


Ø    Through my employment I hope to gain practical experience to further my knowledge in patient care and interaction. I also want to learn the intricacies of Medication therapy management so that I may apply what I learn to the care of the people closest to me, my patients, colleagues, friends, and family. I want to incrementally make the lives of the patients I come into contact with better. I want ascend professionally so that I may reach a larger range of patients and making a lasting change on the positive clinical outcomes of my patients.


Ø  PharmD Candidate at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

Ø  B.S. Natural Science/Biochemistry

Ø  Certificate Environmental Science


Work Experience

Akron, OH (330) 535-2700

January 2015 – Present
Akron, OH (614) 432-1837                                               December 2013 – May 2017
Cambridge, OH (740) 439-5591

May 2014 – August 20, 2014
Columbus, OH (614) 688-2426

August 2017 – Present

Medication Management Program

Ø  Clinical Pharmacy Intern


CVS Health

Ø  Pharmacy Technician/Intern


ODNR (Mineral Resources Dept. Div. Oil & Gas)

Ø  Wet Lab Analytics Intern


Center for Academic Advising and Student Success

Ø  Chemistry, Biology, and Math Tutor


Activities, Affiliations, Awards

Ø  Member of ODK National Leadership Honor Society

Ø  Recipient of the Presidential Scholarship at the University of Akron

Ø  Recipient of the Choose Ohio First STEM Scholarship at the University of Akron

Ø  Published Author

Multinuclear NMR and UV–Vis spectroscopy of site directed mutants of the diabetes drug target protein mitoNEET suggest that folding is intimately coupled to iron–sulfur cluster formation. Dec 4, 2015 Inorganic Chemistry Communications


Comprehensive Medication Reviews


Ø  During my continued employment at the Medication Management Program at The Ohio State University I have completed 100s of comprhenssive medications reviews. I ensure each patient I speak with is getting the most benefit from their medicines. The comprehensive medication review (CMR) process involves the individual design of a systematic process of collecting patient-specific information, assessing medication therapies to identify medication-related problems, developing a prioritized list of medication-related problems, and creating a focused evidence-based plan for improved health outcomes using a proprietary EHR software platform – RxCompanion.


Customer Service/ Interpersonal Skills/ Communication Skills/ Problem Solving


Ø  As a tutor and Pharmacy tech I have vast experience with communicating with people in a cordial manner. The experiences have also made me a better listener so that I can correctly access what a person is asking of me, and carry out the instruction. I have improved my ability to listen critically, communicate efficiently and sufficiently when necessary. As a Pharmacy tech at CVS we routinely confer information to patients over the phone, this experience has allowed me to learn and overcome the challenges of non-face to face communication.


Organization and Planning


Ø  I was recently Involved in planning a food drive in conjunction with a charity football game consisting of staff and students. My main focus was logistics, I was in charge recruitment as well as being involved in playing.


Ø  Strengthened flexibility to change and adapt to quick changes in events and work place situations. Example, dealing with patients with quickly changing needs at CVS.




Ø  Extensive experience with analyzing data with excel and creating graphs from data generated from LabQuest probes and other instruments gained from years of in lab course work and internships. Mastery of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and misc. proprietary analysis and documentation software.



Class of 2017 B.S in Biochemistry at The University of Akron
Class of 2021 Pharmacy Intern at The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy


01/2014-Current Pharmacy Intern at CVS Pharmacy
08/2017-current Pharmacy Intern at Medication Management Program