Bhushan Mokal Pharmaceutical Production


About 8 Years of Experience


2007/2010 B.Sc Chemistry at Annamalai University


10/2003-10/2016 Attendant Operator at Hindustan Antibiotic

1. Preparing IVF product Batches.
2. Following SOP & cGMP Procedures
3. Sterilization of Manufacturing Tank, Holding Tank & Filter Line.
4. Operation of Bucknor Filter, Plate & Frame Filter.
5. Maintaining log of Activities & related testing logs.
6. Exposure of Petri Plate.
7. Operation of Strapping Machine.
8. Operation of Vial Washing Machine & its Siliconisation.
9. Operation of IMA Shrink Machine.
10. Experience of working in Wet & Dry Granulation.
11. Operation of FBD (Fludizsed Bed Dryer).
12. Operation of Cadmach-16 & Cadmach-27 Compression Machine.
13. Operation of German Kapsule Filling Machine (GKF-1500).
14. Operating Planetary Mixer, Drum Mixer, Blender, Shifter, Tray Drier.
15. Operating Multimill.
16. Operating Blister Packing Machine, Pharmapack-150.
17. Operation of Coating Spray Gun.
18. Check for LOD, Hardness, Thickness, Friability, Disintegration Test, Weight
Variation & maintain its log’s.
19. Operation of Carton & Box printer.
20. Worked in fermentation plant in which activity

10/2006-03/2008 Operator at Naik Enviro

1. Operating a Effluent Water Treatment Plant.
2. Checking & Controlling the pH of the Water.
3. To control the dosage of Chemicals.
4. Sending the samples to the QC for water analysis & maintain its logs.
5. Informing to maintenance, incase of failure of the pumps.
6. Maintaining flow rate of water.

04/2008-01/2010 Jr. IT Officer at RBK INternational School

• Giving Support for Installation of all Software’s & Hardware’s troubleshooting, Handling Networking & configuration Problems.
• Handling all IBM, HP, Compaq, Wipro & Assembled Machines and Laptops with Windows 98/XP/2000.
• Responsible to handled all Types of Printer & desktop Related Problems.
• Handled all Mail related Problems, LAN and Application Problems.
• Maintaining Inventory registers of all computers & related spares.
• Knowledge of Cross as well as Straight cable crimping.
• Handling of BlackBerry configuration & it’s Mail configuration.
• Knowledge of configuring Lotus ID & support on related problem.
• Handling of ISDN & PSTN modem & it’s connectivity.
• Solving the problem through Telephonic support as well as through remotely.
• Handling Active Directory User & Groups.
• Knowledge of Firewall (Gajsheild GS-300).
• Configuring Network printer.
• Knowledge of giving priveliges to the folder in Active Directory.
• Data backup & Hard disk recover with 3rd party software.
• Maintaining IT equipments inventories.
• Handling & configuring projectors.

02/2010-02/2013 Manufacturing Technician at Riyadh Pharma

1. Practice of Good House-Keeping & Sanitization.
2. Operation of Drops Filling Machine IMA F87,IMA F57 & Comadis Tube filling
Machine, Online Checkweigher like Graseby & Garvens.
3. Operation of De Lama Autoclave. Performing Bowie-Dick & Leak Test.
4. Operation of Packaging Machine like Marchasini, Newman Labeling, IMA K150
Cartoning Machine, IMA Shrink Wrapping Machine, Inkjet Printer for shipper,
Case Pack Machine.
5. Experience of working in Sterile B Class Area.
6. Performing CIP / SIP of Vessel & Filling Machine.
7. Experience of Manufacturing Gel / Ointment / Creams / Sterile Cream &
Ointment in Krieger Vessel.
8. Participation in Media Fill Activities.
9. Practice to avoid cross-contamination of the product.
10. Currently working in production documentation.
11. Preparing BPR’s, BMR’s, Deviation, Change Control, Preparing Daily, Weekly,
Monthly, Yearly Production Reports, SOP’s, URS, CAPA and Conditional

09/2013-07/2016 Senior Executive at Reliance Life Science

1. Maintaining Good-Housekeeping & Sanitization on Shop floor.
2. Creating Purchase Order, Creating Material Request, Consumption of materials
Closing of Purchase Orders in SAP.
3. Dispensing of Packing material, Filling up of BPR materials, Reconciliation
of material.
4. Operation of Maharshi Labelling machine, Willet Inkjet Printer & Shrink
5. Monitoring of Incubation & Cold Room.
6. Monitoring & managing contract personnel in packing activities.
7. Getting QA Clearances wherever required.
8. Raising Change Control, Deviation, Closing CAPA.
9. Associated with many internal & external audit during this tenure.
10. Preventive Maintenance of machines & whenever required.
11. Filling up of all packing related Log-Books.
12. Follow-up with co-related department.
13. Packing target completion within timeline while adhering to SOP.

08-2016 Jr. Officer at Neopharma

Employed on Company Visa
1. Maintaining Good-Housekeeping & Sanitization on Shop floor.
2. Generating Work Order, Dispensing Material, Consumption of Materials
in ERP.
3. Verifying the Calibration of Balances, Updating Log-Books, Follow-up with
QC for Release of Material.
4. Monitoring of Environmental Condition like temperature, humidity, differential
5. Ensuring proper flow of man & materials.
6. Handling of Manpower.
7. Ensure proper quantity of material is dispensed & labeled with all details.
8. Ensure as per document, all material dispensed & record it.
9. Training new person.
10. Handling of Material as per MSDS with proper PPE.
11. Ensure proper usage & cleaning of Equipment used in material transfer like
Scoop, Pumps, etc