Brenda G. Imperial Professional ESL or SPED teacher

Baguio City, Philippines



198 Molave Drive, Km. 4, Asin Road

2600 Baguio City, Philippines



To apply as SPED teacher or ESL teacher



Energetic English and Special Education teacher. Learner-centered and goal-focused educator with solid qualifications in English Language Teaching. Her 16 years teaching experience and her various trainings and seminars on teaching had equipped her to be a 21st educator. Further, she has the ability to use pedagogical methods and practices to achieve high quality results. She is also skillful in communicating with varied audiences of cultural diversity. Aside from her Bachelor’s Degree, she continued her journey of education by finishing her Master of Arts in English as a Second Language. After which, she also finished Diploma in Especial Education (DSPED) which led her to be a dedicated Special Education teacher adept at challenging students to reach their full potential. She ensures that every student is progressing and is held to high expectations.  At present, she is working on her dissertation paper as a final requirement for her graduate course, Doctor of Philosophy major in Language Education.



School: Benguet State University (2012-present)

Address: Km 5, La Trinidad, Baguio City, Philippines

Course: Doctor of Philosophy, Major in Language Education


School: University of Baguio (2010-2011)

Address: Gene. Luna Rd., Baguio City, Philippines

Course: Diploma in Special Education


School: Benguet State University (2008-2010)

Address: Km 5, La Trinidad, Baguio City, Philippines

Course: Master of Arts in English as a Second Language


School: Saint Louis University (1990-1994)

Address: Bonifacio St., Baguio City

Course: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Major in English



Baguio City High School (2002-present)

Gov. Pack Road., Baguio City, Philippines

*English teacher   Duties handled: English coordinator, Remediation teacher, English teacher, Lesson

Planner, Reading teacher, Class adviser, English club and School paper adviser


University of the Cordilleras (1999-2000)

Gov. Pack Road, Baguio City, Philippines

*English instructor   Duties handled: English instructor, Research teacher, Coach to English competitions


Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School (June 1997-Oct 1997)

Gen. Luna Rd., Baguio City, Philippines

*English teacher      Duties handled: English teacher, class adviser


Saint Francis of Assisi College System (1994-1995)

Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines

*English teacher    Duties handled: English teacher, teacher librarian



*Lesson planning expertise                        *  Works  with special needs children

*IEP familiarity                                              * Can make assessment tools appropriate for learners

*Behavioral disorders knowledge             * Attended a variety of professional development

*Academic performance evaluations        workshops centered on learning goals, classroom

*MS Office proficient                                   management, student motivation and engaging

*Certified Student Teacher Trainer              learning activities.

*Highly effective interpersonal skills      *Organized and driven with the innate ability to stay

* Communication skills                                                                  on task