Brian F. Meriales Housekeeping Supervisor

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


H72 hotel Sharjah, U.A.E.


To obtain any position related to my career that will enable me to share and apply my knowledge, experience, also develop new skill’s in the company. As a hotelier in hospitality

Especially in housekeeping department with having motivated then I have delight valued

Customers/guests with have pleasant environment providing cleanliness, safe and hygiene

Eco-friendly atmosphere to make stay.

Present Employee:
Nov. 29, 2014 – present

Company: Hotel 72  ( Sharjah, UAE )


Housekeeping Supervisor

Duties and Responsibilities:


·         Responsible for opening shift when required.

·         To check the IDS system in which have rooms for departures and arrival rooms.

·         Assists in handling out control of keys and work sheets to room attendants and public areas.

·         Ensures that room attendants/cleaners report for duty on time and that they are neat & tidy.

·         Assign special duties e. g. spring cleaning, VIP rooms etc to room attendants.

·         Ensures room attendants have relevant guest supplies and cleaning supplies.

·         Ensure inspect all vacant clean rooms and reports any discrepancy to front office.

·         Conducts inspection of all guest rooms are cleaned to the highest standard.

·         Conducts and records training to room attendants are required.

·         Assist the staff for the any pending assignment/task like room cleaning etc.

Corrected and informed to the staff of any mistakes encountered during inspection.
·         Ensure all products and equipment are maintained, used and stored correctly to assist in the control of housekeeping costs.

·         Assist the management to recruiting the new staff for housekeeping job.

·         To train the newly recruited housekeeping staff.

·         Ensures that safety and security standards are maintained and reports any Hazards immediately.

·         Assist with the distribution of all cleaning materials and equipment ensuring regular stock checks are carried out and any required materials are ordered using the correct procedures.

·         To participate in any Training/Briefing/Development schemes as recommended by senior management. (Occasional responsibility).

·         Assist the executive housekeeper in any task outlined/detailed by him.

·         To display a pleasant manner and positive attitude at all times and to promote a good company image to guests and colleagues.

·         Undertake any additional duties as requested by the Housekeeping Manage.

·         Reporting and update to the management regarding any damage, repair  maintenance wherever if necessary.

June 09, 2009 – July 2014

Project: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

High Standard Facilities University.


Company: SAUDI OGER Limited (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)


Group Leader-Housekeeping & Site Cleaning in KAUST

Duties and Responsibilities:


·         To responsible for the SUPERVISION and control of cleaning and serving of all in the buildings facilities for  activities and inspecting correct cleaning like KAUST Inn., restaurant , laboratories building,function,parking,public area’s, residential home, chemical ware house, external glass cleaning, and mechanical room’s this is the cleanliness critical highest standard of our hospitality industry in the university.

·         To coordinate the lock keys for facilities rooms to the Work Control Center  (WCC)

·         Worked Order for coordinate to the Work Control Center (WCC) which one priority from the ticket complaint order.

·         Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM).



June 09, 2009 – August 2011

Company : Saudi Oger Ltd. Co. Jeddah , Saudi Arabia


Housekeeper :


·         Attending for briefing with any update our operation.

·         Maintain cleanliness all the storage, carts, tools, equipments machine, etc.

·         Any maintenance problem report to the supervisor or in charge.

·          Update all task schedule for the daily,weekly,monthly & quarterly task procedures.

·         Maintain cleanliness also all corridors, meeting rooms, offices, parking area.

·         Update for assigning schedule in the Laboratory rooms ( with certified staff only ).



April 12, 2005-May 21, 2007

Forest Glen Food Shop


·         Greet the customers as they enter in the restaurant

·         Assess the customers to the dining table

·         Serve the customers by asking their needs

·         Preparing some menu according to the occasion that would appropriate to the holidays seasons.



·         Setting smart goals and objectives and excellent and comprehensive assessment to the client.

·         Customer service oriented able to  hard work well or without supervision

·         Able to follow direction and learn quickly

·         June 2000-March 2008 Bachelor of Science Hotel and Restaurant Management Asian Development foundation College,Tacloban  City

·         June 1998-March 1999 Bachelor of Arts  and Science Leyte Colleges, Tacloban City

·         1994-1998Celestino de Guzman National High School Minuhang Barugo Leyte

·         1987-1994Minuhang Elementary School Barugo, Leyte

·         LABORATORY SAFETY TRAINING: (procedure’s safety Lab. cleaning) in held by (KAUST) King Abdullah University of science & Technology, Jeddah Thuwal Western Province, Saudi Arabia.


Held at Hotel Las Palmas, Manila, September 15, 2001

·         FIVE MONTHS TRAINING AND ATTACHMENT Held at Hotel La Rica Tacloban City

November 3, 2004-April 2005

·         COFFE HISTORY & BEAN  VARIETY Held at Asian Development Foundation College Tacloban City

September 11, 2007


Held at Asian Development Foundation College Tacloban City, February 23, 2008.

·         Present Address              :              Brgy. BulodBarugo, Leyte Philippines

·         Current Address              :              Brgy. BulodBarugo Leyte Philippines

·         Civil  Status                 :           Single

·         Sex                              :           Male

·         Age                              :           33

·         Date of Birth                :           April 1,1981

·         Speak Language         :           English& Tagalong

·         Father’s name            :           Fidel A. Meriales Jr.

·         Mother’s name            :           Irene  F. Meriales

Contact #            :           +639153410788


·         Passport   #                :          EC2139190

Expired date            :          Sep. 19, 2019  Date Issue : Sept. 18, 2014


2000-2008 BS - Hotel & Restaurant Management at Asian Development Foundation College, Tacloban Philippines
1998-1999 BS- Arts & Science at Leyte Colleges, Tacloban Philippines
1994-1998 4 years high school graduate at Celestino Guzman National High School, Barugo Leyte Philippines
1987-1994 7 years elementary students graduate at Minuhang Elementary school , Barugo Leyte Philippines


29/11/2014-present Housekeeping Supervisor at Hotel 72 , Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
09/06/2009-07/14/2014 Group Leader Housekeeping at Saudi Oger Ltd. Co.
09/06/2009-10/08/2011 Housekeeper at Saudi Oger Ltd. Co. Saudi arabia