Charmaine Jean H. Gumban Office Staff

Canada, New Zealand, Europe and other country
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195 Sambag, Jaro, Iloilo City

email: [email protected]

mobile: 09096121705





Gender                       :           Female

Date of Birth              :           June 07, 1988

Height                         :           5’3”

Weight                        :           45 Ibs.

Place of Birth             :           San Dionisio, Iloilo

Status                          :           Single

Languages                  :           Single/Tagalog/Ilonggo


Objective:  Any vacant position that would fit my qualifications


Academic Background:


Tertiary:         Bachelor of Science in Information Management

Central Philippine University

Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City

March, 2010


Info 5

Natasha Sales and Inventory Management System with EOQ

Period:  June 2009 – March 2010

Position:  Document Manager



Natasha Sales and Inventory Management System with EOQ is an online inventory control system which utilizes a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) to track the number of stocks sold. Additionally it integrates an Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) system to determine the re-order point as to when a specific inventory should be ordered for re-stocking and the number of stocks that should be ordered.




Period: March 2009-May 2009

Position: Encoder/Balancing Collections


Ø  Segregating of (PRFs) payment return forms.

Ø  Adding and attaching of headers to the forms like Voluntary, Self Employed, Employed, OFW.

Ø  Balancing the check of customer’s payment.

Ø  Preparing summary of total payment of the customers.

Ø  Proofreading of BBL (Batch Balance List)

Ø  Stamping of account name to deposit slept.



Work Experience:


SV MORE PHARMA CORPORATION, General Luna St., City Proper, Iloilo City

Period: May 11-June 13, 2011

Position: Performance Data Audit (Trainee)


Ø  PDA Narrative report of Daily Call Sheets.

Ø  Card Management Report.

Ø  Actual Number of MD Calls, 1st calls and Last calls report.

Ø  Saturday Calls Report.

Ø  Summary of PS Distributed and Product Calls.

Ø  Reviewed MDCRC’s if it is listed in official and submitted MD Master


Ø  PDA Narrative report of MDCRC.

Ø  Product Calls and P.S. Distributed per Product Audit Report of Daily

Call Sheet.

Ø  Actual Number of MD Calls, 1st calls and Last calls report of Daily

Call Sheet.



HOPEWELL FINANCE CORPORATION, Q. Abeto St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City

Period: August 2010-May 2011

Position: Office Staff


Ø  Compute the loan of the clients.

Ø  Encode the information of the clients.

Ø  Arrange the folder in alphabetical order.

Ø  Segregate the documents of the clients.

Ø  Fill-up the requirements for Restructuring.

Ø  Insurance Renewal.

Ø  Make Deed of Sale with Assumption of Mortgage.

Ø  Ledger and Releasing of Mortgage.


FIRST COMMUNITY BANK, INC., Capitol Drive, Iznart St., Iloilo city

Period: January 4, 2012-up to the present

Position: Loans Supervisor



Ø  Promoting/endorsing the products of the bank re: loans program, deposits etc;

Ø  In-charge Salary loans, DepEd Loans (Elementary), Business loans, OFW loans, Chattel and Real Estate Mortgage, investigating the capability to pay and availability of loan of the borrower;

Ø  Preparing documents that needs to process;

Ø  In-charge loans application loans releases & registration to the register of deed;

Ø  Monitoring the loan status of the borrower;

Ø  Preparing notice reminder & Demand letters to the borrower and co-maker who has past due account;

Ø  Encoding & updating the loan payment secured loans & consumption loans;

Ø  To ensure that all documentary requirements are submitted to processing of loans as well as releasing of loans;

Ø  To ensure the proper & correct preparation of loan documents.

Ø  Ensure that loans are properly approved;

Ø  Accurately compute interest, charges and penalties of borrower;

Ø  Secure post-dated checks (PDC’s) from the cashier or Operation Officer on due date for proper application to respective loan accounts;

Ø  Supervise and closely monitor daily activities of the Loans Section of Iloilo Branch, including the supervision of the CI, Appraiser and Loans Processor;

Ø  Develop, motivates and maintain a harmonious relationship among staff members;

Ø  Applies the 5C’s of credit when evaluating a loan;

Ø  Review/Verify the Cashflow Analysis, documents and credit folders as to their viability, accuracy and completeness for proper endorsement to the Manage/OIC or designated approving authority;

Ø  Properly check and validate the Credit Investigation and Background Information (CIBI) Report or Appraisal Report conducted by the Credit Investigator/Appraiser;

Ø  Ensure that all required documents are properly accomplished and submitted by loan applicants prior to release of loans, and that Post-dated checks issued to FCBI are submitted;

Ø  Ensures the correct accounting entries of the Loans Section;

Ø  Ensure that the collateral for the loan (real estate property or motor vehicle) is properly registered and annotated with the Registry of Deeds;

Ø  Ensure that the loan is annotated on the Title or Certificate of registration (CR);

Ø  Ensure that there is adequate fire insurance on the improvements of the real estate property offered as collateral;

Ø  Ensure that the motor vehicle offered as collateral is properly covered with comprehensive insurance;

Ø  Ensures that all loan applications are reviewed and/or approved;

Ø  Conduct daily review of the collection efficiency/delinquency report and enforce collection procedures to ensure 100% on-time collection or “ZERO TOLERANCE” on all payments in accordance with bank policies and procedures;

Ø  Solicit new deposit and loan accounts in accordance with specific periodic performance targets prescribed by management;

Ø  Conduct client re-briefing prior to loan releases;

Ø  Review legal documents and security files of approved loans and ensure their proper safekeeping;

Ø  Train new Loan personnel and conduct periodic performance evaluation of Loan staff (50%);

Ø  Perform/check auto debits in the system to effect scheduled loan payments together with the Loans Specialist or designated personnel, when needed;

Ø  Perform callbacks on all loan transactions;

Ø  Calls borrowers to remind them of loan payments;

Ø  Recommends re-staffing of the Loans Section to the BM/OIC in cases of scheduled and un-scheduled leave of absence of loan staff;

Ø  Custodian of postdated checks, and prepares deposit of post-dated checks (PDC’s) due for the day and monitors the PDC check register if the PDC requirements are submitted and logged prior to release;

Ø  Submit reports for evaluation, review and take-up with the Branch Manager/OIC on a regular weekly basis;

Ø  Ensures that reportorial requirements are accurate and submitted on time;

Ø  Responsible for the over-all supervision of the filing and maintenance of all credit folders, notarial requirementsand security folders of the Loan portfolio;

Ø  Checks the interest computation, charges and past due penalty for correctness;

Ø  Prepare and/or check for correctness and accuracy the Statement of Account of borrowers and ensure that interest, past due interests, charges and penalties are properly billed, and collected for delayed payments;

Ø  Ensures the timely issuance of the Demand Letters including its prompt delivery and receipt by delinquent clients in accordance and strict adherence to the Alarm Signals provided in the loan manual for managing past due repayments to minimize loan delinquency;

Ø  Custodian of the security folder where owner’s copy of the O.R/C.R. (for vehicles) and Land Titles and other sensitive collateral documents are filed separately from the credit folder and for proper filing and safekeeping inside the cash safe/vault;

Ø  Recommend and endorse loans for restructuring and for appropriate para-legal and legal action;

Ø  Prepare all legal documents for filing in court (small claims court case) as well as in the filing of BP 22 in the appropriate court;

Ø  Assist the Manager/OIC in developing new loan products and services, and their corresponding marketing plan;

Ø  The Loan Supervisor is expected to know and perform every function of the CI/Appraiser/Loan Processor, for proper and effective supervision;

Ø  Represent the bank in social and community events, training, conventions and seminars;

Ø  May override transactions of the teller/new accounts (with written authorization); and such other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by Management.







Trainings/Seminars Attended:


January 2008           Leadership Training, Iloilo City

January 7, 2010        IT in the field of film Making, Iloilo City

February 2010          Computer Literacy, Iloilo City

March 4, 2010           AutoCAD, Iloilo City

October 2010            Attitude Awareness Seminar, Iloilo City

September 2010       Attitude Awareness & Personality Development, Iloilo City



Committee Memberships:


2008-2009                SISM Organization


2007-2008                SISM Organization


2006-2007                Information Management


2005-2006                 Banking and Finance

Asst. Treasurer

2003-2004                 Red Cross





Microsoft Office 2010, Flex Builder, Accounting Information System, Cisco Networking CCNA1 Exploration, Cisco Networking CCNA2 Discovery.



Languages: Hiligaynon, Tagalog and English.





















Character References:


Jose Luis P.. Esguera

Manager II

BDO Unibank, Inc.

Valeria St., Iloilo City

(+63) 9128278190


Paulo A. Bawiga

Branch Bookkeeper/Accountant

Wealth Bank

Ledesma St., Iloilo City

(+63) 9182956138


Agnes Teresa  S. Sumagpao

Branch Head

Queen City Development Bank

Plazuela Branch

(+63) 9424798120


Ma. Sheila Sapul

Professor, College of Computer Studies

Central Philippine University

Lopez Jaena St., Jaro, Iloilo City

(+63) 9064734057







life time Excel at Central Philippines University


January 4, 2012 Loans Supervisor at First Community Bank, Inc.

Any vacant position that would fit my qualifications. I am a hardworking, willing to be train.