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1. To obtain a special education position that prepare students with disabilities to develop their fullest potential by fostering self- esteem and a sense of achievement.
2. To provide an educational program stipulated in IEP and necessary, related services for each child with disabilities requiring special education, from younger age up to adolescent stage.
3. To serve as an effective, efficient,hard working and passionate special education teacher that understand and serve pupils to use their full potential to enable student to be productive and useful to themselves and to the community.


Master’s Degree: Master in Management
Capiz State University
Main Campus
Roxas City, Philippines
Year Graduated: 36 units

2. Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor in Special Education
Major: Teaching Mental Retardation
West Visayas State University
Luna St. La Paz, Iloilo City, Philippines
Year Graduated: March 30, 1995

High School: Ramon Benjamen National High School(Former Newly
Nationalized High School)
Year Graduated: March 1991
Honors Received: 2nd Honorable Mention

Elementary: Dumangas Central School
Year Graduated: March 1986


School: Sibariwan Elementary School
Position: Grade I Teacher/Sped Teacher
From-To: September 2007-Present
Duties and Responsibilities:

Teach Grade One pupils on Regular class and children with mild to
moderate learning disabilities under Inclusive Program of the
Department of Education which is in full integration to grade one.

Encourage pupils to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses so that
They can good advocates for themselves in all setting.

To provide and implement program and time to all pupils with or without
. disabilities as stipulated in the K-12 program curriculum and IEP.

To create an effective climate for learning by i
girls up to unit meet

Research new learning style, approaches, methods and resources. Use
these to encourage student-centered learning.Develop emotionally,
Socially according to their individual needs.Give enrichment activities
to pupils who are advance and remediation to students performing
below and minimum academic achievement level.

District Test Encoder of Grade I and Grade II test materials used by the schools
every quarter.

School: Astorga Elementary School
Position: Grade One Teacher
From-To: December 2001- September 2007
Duties and Responsibilities:

Teach Grade one pupils and pupils with mild to moderate learning
Disabilities to accommodate children with needs.I am teaching
Mathematics, English( Reading and Language) Filipino, Social Studies
. Music Arts,PE and Health (MAPEH, and science ages 7-9 years old

School Guidance Counselor of the school.

Monitored pupils progress regularly and prepared quarterly reports.
Conduct home visitation to provide parents with schedules and agendas
and annual meeting to gather information regarding the goals and l
educational achievements.

Exposed pupils to various instructional materials and multimedia to
enhanced learning process.

School: Tina Elementary School
Position: Grade One Teacher
From-To: June 1999-December 2001

Duties and Responsibilities:

Teach Grade one pupils subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social
Studies, Filipino, English, and MAPEH

Closely monitored pupils at high of dropping out

Conduct home visitation to provide parents with the agendas and
development of their child.

Maintain classroom conducive for learning and give focus to students
who have low level of performance.Give activities to pupils to learn

4. School: Tina Elementary School
Position: Multi Grade Teacher
From-To: June 1998-June 1999
Duties and Responsibilities:

Multi Grade teacher of Grade IV and V classes with mild to moderate
learning disabilities ages 11-15 years old.

Have a good time management to be able to handle complicated and
difficult needs of two different classes. I had to make sure to have
different levels of textbooks and other teaching materials available for
each subjects . Having a range of levels on hand will ensure that each
pupil can learn at the appropriate level.

School: West Visayas State University
Position: Assistant Special Education Teacher
From-To: June 1995-July 1997
Duties and Responsibilities

Teaching children with autism spectrum, Down Syndrome, cerebral
palsy ages 6-18 years old.

Know and familiarize my student strength and weaknesses so that
I could I could create learning plan that works for pupils so that I could
learning is easy.

Differentiated the instruction fitted for each pupil based on the learning
Capacity. Employ various instructional materials like flashcards, charts
to motivate learners to learn.

Track each pupils progress to see quickly the trends that help create
positive learning environment for each pupil and sometimes share it
with other pupils to motivate learning.

Teach children or learners the basic fundamental skills necessary for
personal growth and development and to the surroundings around
them and develop independence.

Create positive learning environment.Setting up organized classroom which is
safe for learner.Set rules in the classroom to be followed.
Emphasized that positive behavior are Rewarded and negative
behaviors are not. By setting rules in the classroom the children
will know their limits and stop misbehaving.

Engaging pupils to varied activities to reach their full learning potential

Conduct monthly meeting to report pupils progress.

Conduct the IEP meeting on the set schedule to monitor pupils progress.

Sensitive to students with special needs, build self-esteem and comfort
students in need.

Acknowledge cognitive developmental needs of challenged pupil, seek
work in field where skills could come in handy.

Collaborate with parents, other teacher to prepare pupils to become
independently functioning children.

Name Position Email Address/Mobile Number Address
1. MR. Zaldy Villarias SPED TEACHER [email protected] Albuquerque, NM
2. O B. Dañucop Retired Prof. WVSU [email protected] Alta Tierra Village, Jaro, Iloilo City
3. Jonifer D. Alejandra District Supervisor [email protected]/ Mobile # +63921-850-170