Cheryl Tomas Caregiver

NICU / NURSERY NURSE for 11 years


Cheryl Dela Cruz Tomas, BSN, RN
Mobile No. +966544139716/+966582911914/ +9639167167305
[email protected]
Specialized Medical Center, Riyadh K.S.A.
# 30 Fernando St., San Bartolome, Mayantoc, Tarlac, Philippines

A highly skilled and effective NICU Nurse with 10 years experience and wide ranging expertise in neonates.

Professional Experience
Specialized Medical Center, Riyadh KSA May 2005-up to present
Staff Nurse-NICU/ Reg. Nursery
Basic Function: Is to provide a good standard of nursing care which will promote the recovery of sick neonate.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Assessing the baby under care and the newly admitted in order to collect relevant data and information.
Admits neonates as well as carries out order for discharge procedure when needs arise
Maintains and updates all relevant charts.
Plans the care in providing by using the available resources.
Implements the care that has been planned and organized in effective way.
Evaluates the care given, if it’s effective or not and take the necessary corrective action.
Provides the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the patient.
Protects the neonates from infections and harm.
Prepares the neonates and the necessary equipments for diagnostic procedures.
Assists the physician in every diagnostic procedure.
Carries out the therapeutic nursing procedure, in order to delegates by the In- Charge and monitors the condition.
Receives and reports the neonate’s condition from the treatment prescribes by the physicians (Neonatologist) to next shift.
Provides general physical care to neonates as a assigned in her care.
Collects specimens as requested by the physician for laboratory investigation.
Takes vital signs and records on the chart, and reports and any abnormalities from the neonate’s condition.
Sets up the intravenous infusion and maintains an accurate record of fluids given to the neonate.
Administers injection as prescribes by the physician.
Demonstrates competence in neonatal resuscitations and other emergencies.
Participates in the rehabilitation of the neonate and plans for discharge.
Carries out order for post-mortem care whenever applicable.
Keeps an accurate record of equipment used in the ward.
Checks all equipment on regular basis, making sure that they are functioning.
Reports directly to the immediate superior for any problems and difficulties that may arise during whole shift.
Acts as a In- Charge in the absence of the Head Nurse.
Informs the relative of the neonate about his/her progressive condition.
Demonstrates an awareness of the fire hazards and necessary procedures to be taken in the event of fire.
Attends and participates in unit meeting.
Promotes professional development in terms of education, trainings, skills and attitudes so as maintains current trends and practices.

Equipment handled: Infant incubator 800NC;Infant incubator (Caleo); Ventilator (Bearcub 750 PSV); Ventilator Babylog 2000 (Drager); Ventilator 8000plus (Drager); HFOV (Babylog VN500); Photoheraphy 4000 (Drager); Photheraphy single (Mediprema); Intensive photheraphy (Drager); Warmer (Babytherm Drager); Philips MP50 cardiac monitor; Philips MP30 cardiac monitor; Acromed (IV infusion pump); Acromed(syringe pump); IMED Gemini PC (IV infusion pump); Temp Plus (IVAC); SureTemp(oral& rectal probe); ABG machine (RADIOMETER); Jaundice meter; Hearing test machine; Glucometer (ACCUCHECK); APGAR timer

Talon General Hospital, Tarlac City, Phil. February 2003- May 2005

ER Staff Nurse II

Basic Function: Responsible for the provision and continuity of Nursing care in emergency cases.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Assess patient (s) to Emergency Room and notifying the Resident on Duty.
Inquires form patient (s) or relative (s) if they have a preferred doctor and notifying said doctor or Medical Director or Resident Doctor accordingly and;
Secures and carries out doctor’s order, and records on patient’s chart.
Responsible for taking the vital signs of patient (s) seeking medical consultation and noting the same in the patient info card, and logging all consultation made.
Informs other Nursing Units concerned of incoming patient (including equipment and other required paraphernalia).
Carries out doctor’s order , accompanying patient’s transfer, and performing bedside’s endorsement; and
Performs other related functions that may be required.
Staff Nurse

Basic Function: Responsible for the provision and continuity of established Nursing Care delivery
inherent to the particular unit assignment.

Duties Responsibilities:

Assists the Nurse II in the following: Provides and renders nursing care to patients.
Admits and discharge patients in accordance with the policies and procedures.
Completes endorsement of patients with their medications and treatment, procedures as per order of the Attending Physician (AP)/ Residence on Duty (ROD).
Observes, and records the condition of patients and administers medications as well as drugs reactions.
Documents on patient’s chart, for complaints/problems and other observation noted on the scope of duty.
Administers medicines (IV push/oral meds) to each patients at given time
Strict compliance with 7R’s administration of medications.
Doing rounds every now and then, notes observations to patients (objectively and subjectively).
Observes signs and symptoms and provides remedial actions when appropriate.
Assess nursing needs of patients then plan of actions to meet other needs.
Documents pertinent information f the patient such monitoring vital signs, daily weights, input and output monitoring (as ordered) are taken and plotted on time.
Assist administering the special procedures and records patient’s condition or nay changes of patient’s condition and recovery.
Assist physician in doing rounds especially for the special procedures such as; Lumbar Puncture, Direct IV transfusion, NGT insertion and catherization.
Carries out different nursing procedures such as; insertion of IVF, changing of wound dressing, suctioning, removal of indwelling catheter etc..
Assist in the preparation of patients for treatment, examination and surgery.
Sends request for lab. /x-ray procedures-unusual lab. /x-ray findings of patients must be relayed to AP or ROD once available.
Educates patient regarding the rehabilitations including promotions of physical and mental health.
Instructs patient’s relative especially to those needs of continues of care.
Gives social, psychological, emotional and spiritual support to patient and/ or patient’s relatives.
Assists patient’s in moving (Body Mechanics) and utilize good body posture (maintaining proper body mechanics).
Prevents of post-op surgery complications by encouraging respiratory functioning such as; deep breathing exercise and passive exercise (ROM).
Establishes methods of communication in which needs/ problems of patient can be expressed and total care of patient can be rendered satisfactory.
Frequent interactions with patients through rounds, notes observation and complaints made by the patient (verbal-non verbal).
Prioritizing patient’s needs/ problems and making progress notes.
Assess nursing needs of patients, plans actions to meet other needs.
Practicing therapeutic communication skills.
Maintains ward and nurses station conducive for working.
Maintains cleanliness and orderliness in the unit.
Inspects all equipment /emergency drugs are in order and properly endorsed.
Assist the Head Nurse/ Chief Nurse in giving evaluations for performance of volunteer /trainee.
Helps in dissemination of information related to policies and procedure, rules and regulation to patients and other concerned.
Directs them in proper authority regarding medical issues.
Informs the patient’s relative, visitors on hospital rules and regulations such as visiting hours, no smoking silence, etc..
Monitors and records vital signs.
Accomplishes request for diagnostic procedure
Instructs patient and watcher (s) regarding required preparation prior to extraction of specimen.
Notifies the unit for incoming patients and Linen Section of required beddings and related paraphernalia.
During the Code Red situations; notifies the ROD and carries out STAT orders; notifies attending physicians regarding the patient’s condition, medication and management rendered, notifies the ICU regarding the order of transfer; and
During the Discharges’ Order: Secures the final diagnosis from the Attending physicians (includes Professional fees of all referred doctors),
Notifies ROD to advice patient o their decision for HAMA, HPR or HT.
Secures consent for HAMA, HPR or HT.
Secures Clinical Abstract, Discharge Summary, duplicate copies of all diagnostic results, Referral Letter from the ROD as per request by the other hospital of destination and means of transportation.
Instructs patient for Home Medications , and informs for the follow-up visits in OPD
Documents all Health Teachings and instructions during discharge.
Responsible for the proper turnover of patient during endorsement / changing of shifts for medications, STAT orders on specific hour of medicines, medicines not yet administer, and summary of hospital medicines used per shift/ consolidated summary of hospital medicines used.
Performs the following under the supervision of Nurse II:
Administers IV medications.
Receives Bedside’s endorsement, carries out doctor’s order and records on patient’s chart.
Reviews Pre-op check list, administers pre-operative medication and endorsement of patient to OR/DR.
Stabilizes patient’s condition prior to transfer and performs bedside endorsement; and
Administers emergency drugs, performs Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Ambubagging.
Responsible for the releasing and maintains in monitoring and replenishment of ward stock medicines.
Responsible for the conducting inventory stocked medicines prior to shift turnover; preparation of summary of hospital medicines used
Accomplishes and submits requisition to the replace consumed hospital medicines.
Checks available hospital medicines against requisitioned; receives available medicines and log replacement and medicines; and
Performs other related functions that may be required.

Tertiary Perpetual Help College, Manila, Philippines 1994- 1998
Degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Secondary Tarlac College of Agriculture 1990-1994
Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines

Elementary Mayantoc Elementary School 1984-1990 Mayantoc, Tarlac, Philippines


Registered Nurse Professional Regulation Commission 2015-2020

Saudi Commission for Health Specialties 2015-2016

Training/ Certificates:

SNRP (Saudi Neonatal Resuscitation Program)
Dec. 22, 2013 – Dec. 21, 2015
Post Graduate Training Center – KSAUHS

BLS Provider (Basic Life Support)
May 2015 – May 2017
Saudi Heart Association National CPR Committee
SMC, Riyadh KSA

1rst Middle East Pediatric Gastroenterology Course
Feb. 05 & 06, 2013
Main Auditorium College of Medicine
KSU, Riyadh KSA

Pediatric Advance life Support Course
April 15 & 16, 2004
Jecson Medical Center, Tarlac City

IV Therapy Training
March 30, 31 April 01, 2003
Banana Grove, San Roque, Tarlac City

Workshop on Patient Documentation
March 03, 2003
Banana Grove,San Roque,Tarlac City

Trends & Updates in Nursing
“The Career Pathway
February 10, 2003
CLDH EI San Vicente, Tarlac City

Ms. Anabel Andres, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing (NICU-Nursery)
SMC, Riyadh KSA, Tel.: # 011-4343800 Ext. #: 1647

Ms. Jaimol Phillip, RN, Nursing Coordinator
SMC, Riyadh KSA, Tel.: # 011-4343800 Ext. #: 4288

Dr. Ali. Helwa, Consultant Peditrician
SMC, Riyadh KSA, Tel.: # 011-4343800 Ext. #: 1621

Dr. Mohammed El Farra, Resident Pediatrician (NICU-Nursery)
SMC, Riyadh KSA, Tel.: # 011-4343800 Ext. #: 1621
Languages Spoken:

Filipino, English, Arabic

Computer Skills:

MS Word, Window 7, Vista, Excel and PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Publisher 2007


Accreditation Canada, 2015-2018


June 1994- March 1998 Bachelor of Science in nursing at Perpetual help college Manila

BSN graduate


February 2003 - May 2005 Staff nurse at Talon general hospital
May2005 up to present Staff nurse at Specialized medical center hospital