CHIKHI MOHAMED EL MAHI Male nurse in general care.

Hemdialysis nursemale nurse in general care.

I am a male nurse in general health care ,i have a lot of years old in defferent field of health care,now i al in hemadialysis service,i am from Algeriai am 50 years old,i am single,and i have algerian diploma.

I am looking for a job as a nurse in Canada,or usa,or europe,if it not possible to work as anurse i accepte another job.




October 1988 to June 1991. Male nurse in general care at paramedical school of DOUIRA,Algeria

I have goten a male nurse diploma in general heath care,after 3 years ,of studies,and done a memory at stdies end.


01/08/2015 at this day. hemdialysis male nurse at Clnic NOURYANIZ'(Algeria)

I do ,and i supervise all the prossec of hemdialysis.

01/02/2011 Hemdialysis male nurse at AINDEFLA clinic(Algeria)

I do ,and i supervise all the prossec of hemdialysis.

01/10/1993 at 30/10/2003 Hemdialysis male nurse at Zearalda hospital(Algeria)

Male nurse in dfferent service of health care(emergency,general sugery,gynecology,reanimation service,i have a lot of years old in deffrent field of health care.

04/11/1991 Male nurse in fonctioneel reeducation and reabilation,i take a cera of patiant who lost there otonomie. at BEACH AZUR HOSPITAL

Take a care of a big patiants,who have lost their otonomie,like handcaps,and paraplegique,