Chris Domagas Senior HR - Administrative


– Versatile, pro-active, seasoned professional who adapts well to rapidly changing environments. – Proven ability to take charge of projects, identify and resolve problems, and bring it to completion on time. – Strong team player/leader that excels in mediating among multiple divisions and maintains productive relationships with staff, peers, and management. – Training and Experience in Customer Relations Management & Public Relations for nine years. – Administrative skills, people management, business correspondence and editorial write ups. – Numerous years experiences in administrative and in dealing professionally with customers and co-workers from staff to management level. – Buyer, Marketing and Logistics person of a Cargo and Freight company four years. – Relevant years experiences in administration and in handling staff to supervisory level people. – Fluent in Written & Verbal Communications / Editor and Internal Journal Writer. – Banking experience on credit, personal, commercial and various loans for two years. – Computer skills / knowledge on Microsoft Office applications. – Certified Automotive Technician with NC II Accreditation