Chris Beytell SHERQ Officer / Sherq Administrator / SHERQ Co-ordinator

South Africa

Information and contact details:

Chris Beytell
e-mail: [email protected]

Cell: +27 83 297 1547

Home: +27 16 971 1695

Skype: Chris_Beytell

South Africa



I have 30 years’ experience in administration, management and practical experience at two multi-national corporations, Omnia Fertilizer (See, Omnia also has chemical operations in Canada and the USA, as well as Sasol (See Sasol also has chemical and oil refinery operations in Canada and the USA. I have a 3-year diploma in Health and Safety (assessed and accepted by WES, Canada).


Education and Qualifications
1985: Grade 12, Goudrand High School in Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa

2011: National Diploma in Safety Management: Vaal University of Technology in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa See

Subjects passed:

Business Management I
Occupational Health and Safety Law I
Risk Management I
Language and Life Skills (English)
Safety Principles and Practice I
Occupational Health and Safety Law II
Safety Principles and Practice II
The Personnel Function
Quantitative Techniques
Occupational Health and Safety Law III
Safety Principles and Practice III
End User Computing
Financial Management I

Employer sponsored courses
Essential Process Leadership Practices at the Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management
Working at Heights
Industrial Fire Fighting
Hazardous Identification Risk Assessment Methodology
Root Cause Analysis at International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA)
Implementing Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2004)
OSHAS 18001:1999 Implementation
Area Emergency Controller (Chief Emergency Warden)
Emergency Floor controller (Evacuation Warden)
Environmental Awareness
Permit to Work (South Africa)
Explosion prevention for hazardous areas
Management of change (MOC)
Behavioural Based Safety and Risk Identification Training
Construction Safety Training
Legal Responsibilities & Accountability
BowTie Incident Investigation Methodology
MS Word – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
MS PowerPoint – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
MS Excel – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
MS Visual Basic for Excel
MS Access XP – Level 1&2
MS Project 98
Fundamental facilitation skills
Customer care
Negotiation skills
Practical Supervision
First Aid Level 1
Evac-Chair Proficiency and Trainer (Evacuation Chair)

SHERQ Officer (Technical Support Services)
Omnia Fertilizer, (See

I am responsible for Contractor Management on site

I manage the database to confirm the status and compliance of all service providers and contractors
I Audit and Approve Contractors Safety Health & Environmental Files and ensure all minimum requirements are met
I confirm conformance to Omnia specifications
I participate in Incident and Accident Investigations where I do:

Preliminary investigations
Ensuring incident investigation is conducted as required by the OHS Act
Consultation during investigations
Providing feedback to factory employees with regards to the results of the investigation
I consult with all maintenance (Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation) managers with regards to all safety related matters
I conduct workshop and site inspections which include:

Compile reports on inspection findings
Follow up on completion of any actions identified during inspections
Provide feedback at safety meetings on the status of inspection findings
I consolidate and submit monthly Safety Health & Environmental reports

Including man-hours
Statistical data
I co-ordinate the factory’s SHE Representatives

I ensure the SHE Representatives are nominated and elected as required by the OHS Act
I schedule and manage the training requirements
I chair quarterly meetings with all the SHE Representatives

I am responsible for Standards and Procedures and this include:

I develop standards and procedures as and when required
I review standards and procedures as and when required
Emergency preparedness

I am a trained and active member of the Omnia PROTO Team which include reaction to:

Emergency situations
Fire Fighting

Bennie Smit

Omnia Fertilizer SHERQ Manager

+27 79 887 7560 / +27 16 970 7339

[email protected]


2008 – 2015:
Health and Safety Practitioner
Sasol South Africa Petro-Chemical Construction

Approval of Contractors Safety Health & Environmental Files if all minimum requirements are met
Auditing of service provider Safety Health & Environmental Files
Ensure conformance to client specifications
Audit Risk Assessments

Task Risk assessments
Health risk assessments
Environmental risk assessments
Legal requirements as per Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations

Training of all employees are as per requirements for the tasks to be performed
Legal appointments
Statutory requirements
Lifting equipment
Working at heights
Confined spaces
Motorised equipment
Vessels under pressure and pressure equipment
Conduct construction site inspections:
Environmental issues
Occupational Health
Personal Protective Equipment
Procedures and instructions
Statutory requirements
Work Permits
Emergency preparedness
Signage and markings
Use and handling of hazardous products and chemicals
Waste management

Cold storage
Hazardous chemicals
Flammable chemicals
DSTI’s (Daily Safety Tasks Instructions)
Provide any Safety Health & Environmental related training as and when required
Co-ordinate any additional external and internal training as and when required
Participate in Incident and Accident Investigations

Lead investigations
Gather information
Submit reports
Consult with construction and project managers with regards to all safety related matters
Participate in Management site inspections

Ensure any deviations identified are addressed
Provide feedback to management regarding any deviations observed
Attend and participate in Management meetings
Consolidate, audit and submit monthly Safety Health & Environmental reports

Including man-hours
Consolidate, audit and submit end of job Safety Health & Environmental documentation
All documentation are submitted

Documentation are complete and up to date
Participate in PDA’s (Potential Deviation Analysis)

Ensure that anything that can still go wrong with all procedures are identified and all mitigating actions are in place and implemented


Johan Swart
+27 71 643 2055 / +27 16 960 7690

[email protected]

Senior Construction Manager


2002 – 2008

Senior Admin Officer

Sasol Technology, South Africa (Petro-Chemical Research and Development Division)

Managing the pool vehicle fleet for Sasol Technology Research & Development Division

I was responsible for 12 vehicles
Co-ordinate the use of vehicles as required by all departments
Co-ordinate the servicing  and maintenance of all vehicles
Co-ordinate licensing of all vehicles
Ensuring vehicles are inspected and kept safe
Create inspection roster for drivers
Purchasing and replacement of vehicles
Managing company drivers (4 Employees)

Ensure driver’s time and schedules are well managed
Ensure all drivers are trained as per minimum requirements
Generating financial reports
Generating graphs
Livelink super user (Document Management System)
First line support for Livelink users

Set-up of Livelink sites for users
Setting permissions for users
Systems, Applications and Products (SAP) super user

First line support for SAP users
Generate reports from SAP
Create projects on the system
Maintain project attributes on SAP
Maintain HR Mini Master attributes on SAP
Safety representative for group

Assisting with all safety related issues for the department as per legal appointment

First Research Assistant

1996 – 2001

Sasol Technology Research & Development (Water Research Department)

Well/Borehole sampling (122 Boreholes in and around company site and in town)

Boreholes to be sampled twice per year
Water levels to be taken monthly
Preparing samples for analysis

Conducting analysis on samples
Consolidate and submit report
Working on MIMS to order equipment from stores
Safety representative for group: Assisting with all safety related issues for the department
General first line computer support for the department

Senior Laboratory Analyst

1991 – 1996

Sasol Chemical Industries, South Africa

Routine analysis on production samples

Wet chemical analysis
Dry chemical analysis
Gas chromatography analysis
Safety representative for laboratory

Assisting with all safety related issues for the department as per legal appointment