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United arab emirates
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Christine Joy C. Primero BSN., RN
Current address: Old nyadat 2nd St. Al Ain , United Arab Emirates
Philippine Address: 36 Brgy Hernando Anao Tarlac, Philippines, 2310
Phone/ Cellphone Number: (+971) 0566308507
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With HAAD license, Saudi Coucil and PRC License


To be able to obtain a position as a Staff Nurse and to contribute my knowledge and skills in my chosen field of work, by working with a great sense of responsibility, dedication and hard work, such that whatever expertise, training or skills I gain will be used for the development in the further growth of the company or institution.


Date of Birth:24 September 1988
Place of Birth:Labo Camarines Norte
Sex: Female
Age:26 Yrs Old.
Height:150 cm
Weight:48 kg.
Religion:Roman Catholic
Civil Status:Single


Primary Level Saint Rose Catholic School 1995-2001
Sta. Rosa Street Paniqui, Tarlac

Secondary Level Saint Rose Catholic School 2001-2005
Sta. Rosa Street Paniqui, Tarlac
Tertiary Level Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) 2005-2009 Saint Louis University Bonifacio Street Baguio City, Benguet

▪ HAAD LICENSE HOLDER (december 29, 2015)
▪ DHA Passer- Dec. 14, 2014 holder of Dubai Health Authority license
▪ Saudi prometric passer holder of Saudi Council License
▪ Passed the Licensure Examination for Nurses, June 2009, Baguio City
▪ Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, March 2009, Saint Louis University, Baguio City
▪ IV Therapy Nurse
▪ Certified ACLS Provider recognized by Saudi Heart Association
▪ BLS Provider given by Saudi Heart Association and Red Cross (Baguio Chapter) Philippines


February 21, 2015- PresentStaff Nurse at AlShorouq Home Health Care Centre

General Nurse/ Home Care Nurse
• Observe and assess the health of their clients, monitor vitals and reactions to medications and look for changes in behavior and condition. Report directly to the client’s physician and family, especially regarding concerns for new medical conditions or worsening health..
• Provide an individual with independence while still remaining under supervised care; responsible for the medical and emotional well-being of the patients.
• Administer medication to patients, including intravenous medications.
• In-Home Assistance or providing assistance with simple tasks such as bathing, grooming and eating, assist patients with toileting, getting in and out of bed and transporting them to and from the house.

February 2, 2014- January 22, 2015Staff Nurse at Prince Mansour Military Hospital
• Labor and Delivery
• Nursery Nurse

Labor and Delivery Nurse
• Provided medical care and treatment to obstetrical patients.
• Delivered babies and instructed patients in prenatal and postnatal health practices
• Participated in initial examination of obstetrical patient and was assigned responsibility for care, treatment and delivery of patient
• Examined patient during pregnancy
• Utilized physical findings, laboratory test results and patients statement to evaluate condition and ensure that patients progress is normal.
• Instructed patient in diet and prenatal health practices
• Stayed with patient during labor to reassure patient and to administer medication
• Delivered infant and performed postpartum examination and treatments to ensure that patient and infant were responding normally
• Administered stipulated emergency measures when necessary
• Visited patient during postpartum period to instruct patient in care of self and patient in care of self and infant
• Maintained records of cases for inclusion in establishment file
• Conducted classes for groups of patient and families to provide information concerning pregnancy childbirth and family orientation

Nursery Nurse

• Cares for infants transitioning to extra uterine life
• Provides age and culturally appropriate care to patient
• Consults and coordinates with health care team members to assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care plans
• Provides nutritional assessment & specialized feedings and changes dressings, inserts catheters, starts IVs
• Provides arterial & intravenous therapy
• Prepares and administers and records prescribed medications. Reports adverse reactions to medications or treatments
• Assists treating physician during examination, treatment and procedures, which can include life-saving situations and communicates patient’s condition to care team
• Instructs and educates patient’s family
• Records all care information concisely, accurately and completely, in a timely manner, in the appropriate format and on the appropriate forms

May 27, 2011 to May 6, 2013 Staff Nurse at SAUD AL BABTAIN CARDIAC CENTER
Cardiac Ward for Adult and Pediatrics, a JCI accredited Tertiary Hospital
• Care/management of the patient with coronary heart disease (angina, myocardial infarction, CHF, angiograms, angioplasty) and cardiovascular and thoracic disease (CABG, valve repair/replacement, Pacemaker insertion, fontal procedure, Bental Procedures, etc)
• Advance Cardiac Life Support Provider and Basic Life Support Provider
• Care of the diabetic patient – blood glucose sliding scale monitoring
• Assessment and care of the patient with respiratory disease
• Care of patients with permanent or temporary pacemakers
• Nasogastric tube insertion and Telemetry experience
• Cardiac Arrhythmia analysis and interpretation
• 12 Lead ECG analysis and interpretation
• Assessment of heart and lung sounds
• Central venous catheter care and management
• Expertise in Intravenous assessment, initiation and management
• IV Push Medication Administration and Blood Transfusion
• IV Heparin Infusion and Wound Care as per protocol
• Care of patients with Chest Tubes
• Participated in Cardiology Cardiac Rounds Seminars
• Facilitated patients and family Cardiac Health Education Conference
• Ability to function well in charge nurse role
February 2010 – September 2010. Staff Nurse at Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center, a 1,200-bed capacity Tertiary Hospital
Cardiac Ward

Responsible for taking vital signs, performing a quick assessment for any harmful signs of an alteration in state and immediately report it to other medical team, oversees medication, assists with essential personal care wants, IV insertions, ECG and Cardiac Monitoring or supervising patients undergoing treatments for various arrhythmias, open-heart surgeries, and anticoagulation arrhythmias, administration of drugs, assisting pleural tapping, rewiring and in central line insertion, assist patients on rehabilitation therapy, provide health teachings on the procedures there will be taking, pre post care of CAG or cardiac catheterization, and cardiac surgery.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Responsible in providing intensive around-the-clock care, including both medical needs and basic daily care activities such as changing diapers and feeding; keeping a quick assessment and a track monitoring of their heart rates, respiration and oxygen levels, IV insertions; responsible for monitoring all the equipments such as the respirator, suction machines, and incubators; and performing necessary procedures on the babies such as inserting feeding tubes and administering medication, also assisting medical team on diagnostics and treatment procedures and health teachings to the family.

August 2009 to January 2010 Staff nurse in De Guzman Children and Medical Clinic
• Expertise in assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of comprehensive patient and family care on an acute medical unit.
• Ability to delegate care to nursing assistants
• Effectively team up with a multidisciplinary team (pharmacy, social work, transition, physicians, occupational and physiotherapist).
• CPR, TPN, IV and CVC certified.
• Implementing and participating in vaccination and immunization programs for both adults and children.
• Taking patient samples, pulses, temperatures and blood pressures Experience of Chronic Disease management i.e. diabetes and asthma, etc.
• Responding calmly to emergency situations.
• Reviewing and evaluating the effectiveness of nursing interventions. Able to liaise with social services and other care agencies.
• Preparing beds, rooms, sterilizing instruments, equipment and supplies, and ensuring that an essential stock of supplies is maintained
• Giving Health teachings regarding family planning and implementing programs for promotion of health
• Knowledgeable and had experience in handling different health care equipments such as telemetry and cardiac monitors, infusion pumps, IABP, Minor set, respirators, suction machine, drain, ECG, Echo, ultrasound, Doppler, Manual BP apparatus, laryngoscope, pulse oximetry, defibrillator.
• Capacity to multitask; manage priorities in a fast paced environment geared towards the provision of safe and competent patient care.
• Administrative and referral experience including admission, assessment, treatment, evaluation, and education for a wide range of patients.
• Excellent patient/family teaching and organizational skills
• Ability to interact effectively in an interdisciplinary environment
• Proficiency in interpersonal skills and communication skills, accuracy in patient history, charting and other documents.
• Reliable, ethical healthcare provider with ability to stay calm and intervene during crises, facilitates groups and educational seminars, and collaborates on multidisciplinary teams.
• Proven ability to build positive relationships with patients, family members, physicians and other medical professionals.
• Work with a team of medical and nursing professionals in delivering quality patient care and perform a variety of duties and responsibilities in a medical work unit.
• Have knowledge on medical equipments such as EEG, ECG, suction machine, cardiac Monitoring, Telemetry, Echo, IABP, threadmill test, Infusoin pumps, hemovacs, respirator, isolette, glucose monitoring devices and other devices
• Adhere to operational and nursing policies
• Excellent skill in written and listening communication, quick learner, flexible and hardworking

• February 19, 2014 – Attended Fire Safety in-service Training conducted in Al Hada Military Hospital, Taif KSA.
• February 27, 2014 – Participated in Infection Control Policies of 2014, accredited by SCHS and held at Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital, Taif Region KSA.
• April 4, 2014 – Successfully completed the cognitive and skills performance examination of the Saudi Heart Association for Basic Cardiac Life Support held at Al Hada Military Hospital, Taif
• May 4, 2014 – Participated in Concious Sedation Training Program held at Prince Mansour Military Hospital, Taif KSA
• September 7, 2014 – Participated in “A nurses guide to Basic Laparoscopy held at Prince Mansour Military Hospital, Taif KSA
• September 10-12, 2012 – Successfully completed the Advanced Cardiac Life Support course at Saud Al-Babtain Cardiac Center, Dammam KSA as recognized by Saudi Heart Association.
• February 25-27, 2012 – Participated in 5th International Cardiovascular Nursing Conference of Saud AL-Babtain Cardiac Center “Coming Together to Improve Cardio Vascular Nursing Practice in Saudi Arabia” held at Sheraton Hotel, Dammam KSA
• February 13, 2012 – Successfully completed the requirements as Participant in Intravenous Therapy held at SBCC Dammam, KSA
• October 13, 2011 – Participated in Cardiac Surgery Critical Care held at Carlton Al-Moaibed Hotel, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
• July 10, 2011 – Participated in Optimizing Insulin Use held at SBCC, Dammam, KSA
• June 28-29 2011 – Participated in the Critical Care Nursing Course at Dammam MOH Training Center, Saudi Arabia
• June 22, 2011 – Successfully completed the cognitive and skills performance examination of the Saudi Heart Association with the ILCOR guidelines for Basic Cardiac Life Support held at Saud Al-Babtain Cardiac Center, Damman KSA.
• September 1-3, 2009 – Participated in BASIC IV THERAPY TRAINING PROGRAM conducted at the Nursing Service Division Training hall, Armed Forces of the Philippines Medical Center V. Luna Road, Quezon City.
• September 14-19, 2009 – Participated in Red Cross Standard First Aid and Basic Life Support Training held at Red Cross Training Hall, Red Cross Baguio Chapter, Harrison St. Baguio City.

Clinical Practicuum has included experience in Saint Louis University Sacred Heart Hospital, Baguio General Hospital, Benguet General Hospital and Medical Center,La Union Medical Center, Ilocos Training Regional and Medical Center, SPED Center, DOH health Departments.

• Samahan ng mga Nurses, Saint Louis University 2005-2009
• Facilitator, Research Dissemination: The Degree of Satisfaction of Patients on the Post-operative Care rendered by Health Workers, Saint Louis University of the Sacred Heart, December 2009
• Philippine Nurse’s Association, Inc
• The Philippine National Red Cross, Baguio Chapter, Premier Bronze Member
• SLU ALUMNI FOUNDATION.,INC, Lifetime Membership


Ms. Imelda D. Laquiste
Acting Director of Nursing/ Nursing Supervisor
Prince Mansour Military Hospital-Taif
(966)502372060/ (966)7336100 Ext: 2227

Shaleha Binti Kasan
Head Nurse- Prince Mansour Military Hospital
Contact Number: (012) 7336100 ext. 2332

Lt. Col Maria Victoria P. Juan
Nurse Corps
Acting Chief Nurse, Education and Training
Contact Number: 426 2701 loc. 6146

Ms. Bindhu Joseph
Head Nurse
Saud Al Babtain Cardiac center

I hereby Certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my ability.

Christine Joy C. Primero Applicant


June 2005/april 2009 Bachelor of science in nursing at Saint louis university philippines


May 2011/ may 2013 Staff nurse at Saud al babtain cardiac center (dammam, saudi arabia)
Feb 2014/ feb 2015 Staff nurse at Prince mansour military hosp it al (taif, saudi arabia)
Feb 2015/ present General nurse at Alshorouq home health care (UAE)