Christo Coetzee Multi Site | Camp & Facilities Management | Remote Life Support | Catering Manager | Food & Beverage | Food Production

South Africa

A Dedicated Professional. Underpinned by 24+ years of worldwide Cross-Cultural Environments in Remote Site Life Support Survives, Multi-Site Management, Facilities Management, Hard and Soft Services, Venue Management and Catering Management. Trained in; QHSE Level 1, 2 & 3, ISO 14000 Environmental management, ISO 9001 Quality Food Safety Standards, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management, HACCP, COSHH , Risk Assessment, Injury Prevention Program – Train the Trainer. A Strong Understanding of P&L, budgeting and all financials, Business development & Key Performance Indicator (KPI,s) with a background of multi-million dollar contract management. Experienced in Logistics management, Resource Allocation, HR processes & performance Evaluations. Responsible for Safety Management development and implementation.