Christopher Tagaca Mechanic

DriverElectrician.Forklift operatorwelder

1. Overhaul engines for Japan made and American brands.

2. Inspect cars for any problems such as oil leaks, anti freeze, and tires, brakes.

3. Computer diagnostic using Lunchpro431 device.

4. Electrical fuses, relay, alternator, stater servicing.

5. Under chassis repair . Brake and Clutch service and repair.

6. Gear  box repair, steering repairs. 7. Test drive cars to determine car okay or needed repair.

8. Troubleshooting on diesel and gasoline engines.



June 1995 to September 1999 Engineering at Northwestern University Laoag city


May 2007 to October 2018 Mechanic at Khalid Saeed Alhajri company
May 2004 to June 2006 Technician at Almousa for electronics