Crispin Saquing Professional Electronics Engineer


Crispin T. Saquing
Address: Blk 110, Lot 27 Heritage Home, Gregorio, Trece Martires City
Cel Nr. +639279737601/Email: [email protected]

Educational Background: BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering (1997)
Saint Louis College of Tuguegarao, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer (1998-2007)
Licensed Electronics Engineer (2007 to 11 May 2016)
Licensed Professional Electronics Engineer (12 May 2016 to Present)
145th Naval Officers Qualification “C” Course (2000-2001)
Naval Education Training Command, San Antonio, Zambales

Management Profile: Commanding Officer, Electronic Systems Unit (27 December 2007 to
01 October 2013)
Managing and planning of resources for the depot level repair and maintenance of shipboard electronics system, and provide support on
the maintenance and repair of the electronic systems of the Littoral Observatory Station to include development of personnel and laboratory for
effective, efficient, reliable and responsive organizational in support to the Philippine Navy operating units.
• Experienced manager, producing output to satisfy the stakeholders beyond expectation, and directing all aspects of administration, budgeting, operation and planning of the unit depot level maintenance and repair support services to Philippine Navy vessels, Littoral Observatory Station (LOS), and to other Philippine Navy operating units.
• Ensured the successful accomplishment of the project timelines on the installation and testing of the shipboard and LOS electronics system with proper implementation and observation of high level of quality control and safety standard in works place.
• Effectively and efficiently working as a team within the organization, and continuously coordination to the local maritime, and defense industry to achieve self-reliant in terms of maintenance, repair and system integration of shipboard navigational and sensors equipment.
• Attuned with the technical innovation in the maritime and defense industry in accordance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and military standards.
• Provided technical recommendation on the aspect of shipboard and Littoral Observatory Equipment and System upgrade relative to the Philippine Navy upgrade and modernization projects.
• Sensible leadership and work hard to inspire others to achieve the unit’s set mission and functions.
• Maintained and built rapport within the organization, business maritime and defense industry.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills. Proactively relay the needed supports to senior management level.
• Instructor for On the Job Training students, Electronic Systems Safety Course, and Basic Weapons Communications Electronics Information Systems Course.
• Passed interim secret security clearance.
Executive Officer (2001-2007)-Electronic Systems Unit
• Directed the supervision of 36 members of the unit’s team for effective and efficient division and section work processes within the policy, rules and regulations standards of the Naval Combat Systems Center, Naval Sea Systems Command, Philippine Navy.
• Supervised the daily activities then analyze and review the critical and sensitive data information of the team works output from the division and the section Officer in Charge/Petty Officer in Charge (POIC) that transpired in daily work plan to came up with a good and reliable suggestion and recommendation for the timely accomplishment of tasks, and to maximize the allocation of budget resources.
• Dissemination of up to date guidance to the unit’s team on the depot level maintenance and repair support services in highly dynamic operational environment of the Philippine Navy vessels and other operating units to came up with acceptable and reliable suggestion and recommendation on the risk delay and problems encountered during the implementation of the project and other activities of the unit.
• Direct coordination to the Commanding Officer (CO) with regards to suggestion and recommendation of the unit’s division and section subsequently lateral coordination be made to the headquarters staffs for the action to be undertaken upon approval by the CO.
• Produced daily and weekly assessment and evaluation of the unit activities based on the transpired depot maintenance, repair, installation, harbor and sea trial test of the shipboard electronic systems, and in-shop training for the On the Job Training students then provide the report to the headquarters operation staff with the Commanding Officer’s authority.
• Supervised the services support on the maintenance and repair of the Littoral Observatory Station (LOS) electronic systems.

Officer in Charge as Operation Staff (HNCSC)-2009 as Collateral Duty
• Directed guidance and planning of one hundred (100) plus members of the Naval Combat
Systems Center three (3) operating units and one (1) supporting unit with lateral coordination with the other center’s staff officer.
• Monitored daily activities based on the work plan submitted by the respective units.
• Conducted daily assessment and evaluation report of the respective units based on the implementation timelines of the project.
• Provided an acceptable and doable recommendations as basis for commander’s decision based on the transpired activities of the units and staff offices.
• Presented weekly and monthly status reports of the project activities and other activities transpired of the respective units to the commander.
• Coordinated with other staffs of the planning and programming of projects and activities for the whole month including its implementation timelines.
• Informed directly the center’s commander on the daily activities being transpired, and the recommendation to undertake.
• Monitored other calendar activities for effective and efficient implementation.

Professional Experience:
• Philippine Navy, Armed Forces of the Philippines
• Terma Marketing and Intelligent Consultant
• Philippine Vision Group and Raytheon Philippines
• Freelance Consultant

Defense Acquisition System Assessment Team
• Acquisition of Two (2) Frigates
• JCPVs Combat Systems Alignment (Phase 3)

Technical Working Group:
• Procurement of the Philippine Navy shipboard electronics equipment through Capital Outlay and Special Acquisition Project.
• Technical member for Planned Repair Availability (PRAV), and Emergency Repair Availability (ERAV) of the 78 footer crafts.
• Technical member for the upgrade of the PF15 Weapon and Electronic Systems, PF16 Acquisition Projects, and Technical member for Joint Visual Inspection of Maestrale Frigates at Italy.
• Technical member for International Standard Organization 2001:9008 Quality Management System (QMS) for Electronic Systems Unit, Naval Combat Systems Center.

Other Course/Training/Seminar
• Basic Weapons Communications Electronics Information Systems Course, Network Base
Navigational and Sensor System, Safety Supervisory Course, and Information Assurance/Computer Defense Network.

Technical Experience
• Actual hands on troubleshoot, repair, maintenance, inspection, evaluation, installation and quality control during harbor and sea trial test acceptance of shipboard navigational and sensor equipment and system of the Philippine Navy ships including test and evaluation of the other surveillance equipment and system of Littoral Observatory Station.

Computer Knowledge
• Microsoft office Works (Word, Excel and Power Point)