Daniel saman drivers


Daniel Rocas Saman/37yrs old/april  05,1982,live in  Brgy Bautista Labo Camarines,.Norte,/my Father is Pedro  Vedad Saman/my mother is Erlinda Aguilar Saman/im the 4th siblings in our family.


2012_2019at the present drive in1-2_3 vihechels at DeQue liwag National school

im very thankful if i hired in your company as a driver or any kind of work as capable for me.

2000_2001 tailoring/aoutomotive at liwag vocational school

pls hired me and have an employer a soon as possible thank you


2013_2019 massager/Farm manager and Driver/driver for this present at AMA Computer shool as massenger/Villanr 7 farm./Graceland Bakers plaza