Section 1 Lot 11 Kwila street Hohola Port Moresby National Capital D istrict Papua New Guinea
: Petrol and diesel engine mechanicAir conditioning technicianAuto. electricianBoom truck operatorCarpentry machines technicianCCTV INSTALLERConstruction machine mechanic and Electrician. Farm equipment mechanic and electricianElectrical TechnicianElectricalTechnicianForklift Operator and welder.Heavy Equipment MechanicLathe machine mechanic and electricianLoader operatorMotorcycle and ATV mechanic and electrician.Outboard and inboard mechanic and electricianPower Generator mechanic and electricianpower tools technician.Pump panel boardTechnicianTrailer driver




Address                     : 14 Mercury street, Saint James subdivision, Batal Santiago city Isabela.

Mobile no .               :+67570182522

Email address          : [email protected]



Age                            : 54 years old

Date of birth           : 01 July 1964

Gender                     : Male

Passport no.            : P2288505A

Civil status               : Married

Nationality              : Filipino

Country                    : Philippines

Language spoken  : Fluent English/ Filipino ( Tagalog, Kapampangan, Ilocano )


POSITION APPLIED: Small Engine Mechanic


Skills: Petrol and diesel engine mechanic, Auto electrician, Electrical technician

Heavy equipment mechanic,  Airconditioning   technician,  CCTV installer

Technician, Power tools technician, Carpentry machines technician, Power

Generator mechanic and electrician, Construction machine mechanic and

Electrican. Farm equipment mechanic and electrician, Lathe machine me-

chanic   and  electrician,  Motorcycle  and  ATV  mechanic and electrician.

Outboard   and   inboard  mechanic  and  electrician,  Pump  panel  board

Technician, Trailer driver, Boom truck  operator, Loader operator, Forklift

Operator and welder.




To quest for a job in a highly competitive environment that will enables me to come up with the latest development in Machine technology and preventive maintenance industry. To secure permanent position in high growth Company with considerable opportunities.


With a total of more than 10 years of experience in workshop management and more than 20 years of experience in various crafts and position in driving, equipment operation, mechanical and electrical jobs.




Contact no.  +67576861861

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Industry                        : Construction and Machine shop

Position                        : Specialist Heavy Machinery Mechanic or Technician

Duration                       : September 09, 2016 up to present

. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Inspect, service and maintain diesel engines

2. Use hand power and power tools and specialized machinery.

3. Completely overhaul non-working engines.

4. Weld joints and components, source materials and fabricate parts

To complete repairs.

5. Clean and Lubricate component parts.

6. Review drivers information about equipment performance and ask

Probing questions.

7. Trouble shoot malfunctions and determine root caused.

8. Drive vehicle before and after the repair for diagnostic purposes.

9. Remove and replace component parts like belts, pumps and brake


10. Work irregular shift with emergency after hour call-outs.

11. Follow all safety regulation and help other to do the same.


Basic Functions          : Overhauling petrol and diesel engines, overhauling gear box and trans-

fercase, overhauling power steering box and steering pump. Modifying

Hydraulic ram seals  and  packing seals.  Modifying  water  pump   seals

Fixing compactor, jack hammer, power tools,  welding machines, lathe

machines,  press  drill,  zipping   machine,   surface   grinding   machine,

milling machine, pipe threading machine, reboring and honing machine

Fixing power generator engine and alternator. Modifying Avr of power

generator. Overhauling Generator set  engine and  stationary  engines.

Assemble  and  install  pump  panel board.  Installing  window type and

split  type  air  conditioner,  cleaning  and  Freon chaging of auto aircon.

Doing alloy welding.Installing  of CCTV  and  perimeter  security    lights.

Fixing power window motor, central  locking ,  wiper  motor  and  locks

repair. Installing auto alarm and blinker. Modifying  damaged   ignition

switch.  Doing electrical  and  mechanical  modification. Operating  tow

truck in towing vehicle and operate  forklift in loading heavy machines



Contact no. +6753113552

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Industry                         :   Power Generator, Marine Supplies and Engineering Services.

Duration                        :   July 04, 2014 to July 17, 2015

Position                         :   Specialist Heavy Machinery Mechanic or Technician


Main Duties :

1.         Liase with the Operation Manager with regard to the repairs and maintenance of the       plant and machinery.

2.         Organize, direct and supervise the plant and machinery section ataffs towards optimum utilization of available resources to install, maintain, repair plant and machinery as specified by the production manager.

3.         Advise the plant and machinery section staff on correct method nescessry appropriate materials and good workmanship practices as necessary.

4.         Train the PNG nominee to take the position of plant and machinery specialistwithithe time schedule provided by the management.

5.         Carry out other duties as assigned


Basic Functions          : Performing engine trouble shooting and general overhauling of power

generator,  outboard  motor,  inboard  motor,  light  vehicle  and truck

engine. Performing gear  box   overhaul and modification.  Performing

mechanical  and  electrical  trouble  shooting  for  power  and  welding

generator. Fixing brush cutter, loan mower and other small engines.         Performing  automatic voltage regulator modification and engine shut

off solenoid conversion.  Performing alternator and starter repair

Operating  boom  truck  and forklift in  loading  and offloading

power generators,   heavy marine  engines and other heavy  materials.

Operating boom truck in installing  250 hp mercury outboard  motor.

Maintaining polypipe and formed metal sheeting machines.




Contact Person         :  Ms. Sandra Wang

Email address            : [email protected]

Location                      : Papa Lea Lea, Papua New Guinea

Industry                       : LNG Plant Construction Project

Duration                      : May 14,2011 to August 31, 2013

Position                        : Truck Operator ( Material control department )

Responsibilities          : Drive operates all warehouse operation  activities such as loading ,

Unloading, moving,storing of equipment/ material at warehouse lay

Down yard according to instruction by Foreman.

1.      Confirms daily operation activities and work location to Foreman,

Maintain safety requirement.

2.      Performs daily inspection and cleaning of construction equipment,

Prepares inspection records and submits its record to Foreman.

3.      Inspects lifting gear and tools with safety color code before start of

Works for safe operation.

4.      Executes loading and unloading of equipment/material according

To chief rigger for crane operation and/or banks man for forklift.

5.      Observes traffic rules and regulations and site safety requirement

At all time.

6.       Attends daily tool box meeting and housekeeping, and maintain

good Health without alcohol.

7.      Maintain the cleanliness at all times and keeps the area free from

Working and free hazards.

8.      Enforces “No Smoking” and “No Alcohol” regulation in applicable


9.      Makes sure Back & Fort/Right & Left and confirms nobody around

Your crane/truck before operation and/or driving at all time.

10.  Performs and/or excecutes making barricade and/or string tape

Crane all the time before operation ( For crane operator)

11.  Cooperates with other staff in case of no particular activity when

Requested by supervisor and/or Foreman.


Meral Auto Parts and Repair shop

Santiago City, Isabela Philippines

Telephone no.     : ( 078 )  682 1910

Position                 : Proprietor Manager

Duration                : 2000 to 2010

Industry                 : Selling second hand truck parts and repair shop

Job Description    : Discuss to my mechanics and helper their tasks before performing their

duties  for  the  day   and  require  them  to  observe  and   follow  safety

working procedures.  tally   the  actual  inventory  level   of  stock to  the

index card balance. Check the tools condition. Maintain  the  cleanliness

of the tools and working area.  Selling  parts  and  offer  repair for Isuzu,

Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota,  and  Mazda Engine,  transmission,

transfer  case,  differential,  power  steering  pump and  power  steering

gear   box.   Overhauling   hydraulic   pump, hydraulic cylinder  jack  and

solenoid type control valve.  Performing  alternator  and  starter  repair,

power window , wiper motor and engine shut off motor repair. Performing

farm   equipment   repair   and engine  overhauling.  Performing  repair  for

power  generator  set,  power  tools,  power  sprayer,  water  pump  and  all

kinds  of  stationary  engines.  Performing  motorcycle  overhauling  for two

strokes and four strokes engine and electrical trouble shooting.


Position                   : Freelance Serviceman Mechanic and Electrician

Duration                  : 1990 to 1999

Job Description      : Check the condition of my tools, check my day schedule, conduct pre trip

inspection of my service vehicle. Discuss  to my helper his day tasks. Keep

the cleanliness of the working place and identify potential hazards. Doing

general   reconditioning   works   to   all   kinds   of   vehicle   from   engine,

transmission,    auxiliary   transmission,  transfer   case,  power   take   off,

control valve, hydraulic pump, hydraulic jack, steering pump, steering gear

gear  box,  front  differential,  rear  differential,  power  divider, planetary

gear  and  brake  system  .Performing electrical harness, alternator repair,

starter  repair , wiper  motor  repair   and   power   window  motor  repair.

Performing   motorcycle   overhauling   for  two   strokes  and four strokes

engines   and   electrical   trouble  shooting.  Performing  farm  equipment

repair and  engine  overhauling . Performing  plumbing  jobs. Installing

pressure pump motor together with the tank and pipeline.




Tel.( 078 ) 3050067 / 6826271

San Isidro Isabela Philippines

Position                    :  Forklift Operator

Industry                    : General Construction

Duration                   : 1987 to 1989

Job Description       : Check  my  schedule  of  work  for  the  day.  Coordinate with our material

supervisor.Conduct forklift pre-operation inspection.Secure the loading

area with cones.Coordinate with the banks man for the materials we are

going  to load. Check the center  weight of the load. Follow the safe load

limit of the forklift.




Roosevelt Avenue Quezon City Philippines

Position                    : Bus Mechanic and Electrician

Industry                    : Public Transportation

Duration                   : 1983 to 1986

Job Description      : Wear   complete   uniform   before   attending   the    tool    box   meeting.

Coordinate with  our maintenance supervisor. Check my  tools  condition.

Check my job order and assignment  for the day. Conduct vehicle pre- trip

inspection  of  the  wrecker  truck.  Inspect  the  towing  bar and clamps if

no  crack  or  damage.  Load  the  fully  charged extra batteries. Check the

extra  tire  if  properly  inflated.  Coordinate  with  the   stockman  for the

withdrawal   of parts  needed  for  the  bus  to  be  repaired   based on the

trouble reported.  Load  brake  fluid,  ATF,  engine  oil,  gear oil, fuel filter,

oil  filter   fan  belts  and  20  litres  of  water for emergency repair of our

buses  stocked  on  the  road.  Observed  traffic  rules and regulation  and

follow  company  safety  towing  guidelines.  Put  proper   signage  to  the

the  towed  bus  to  aware  the  vehicles behind. Maintain  the cleanliness

and road worthiness of the wrecker truck.





CJJV  Workshop Orientation

May 2, 2012

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea



Multi-Skills Training School

Port Moresby  Papua New Guinea

August 15, 2011

Competency Assessment for Class 4 Vehicle ( Trailer Driving )


Multi-Skills Training School

Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

August 15, 2011

Competency assessment for Truck Self Loader Operator


Character Refferences

Name          : Engineer Pablo De Guia

Position      : Country Project Engineering manager

Location     :  Papua New Guinea

Company    : PUMA Energy PNG Limited

Mobile no.  :+67571040603/ +6753099400/ +6753099177

Email add.   : [email protected]


Name          : Riol Esteban

Position      : Electronics Manager

Company    : Security  Systems Ltd.

Location     :  Papua New Guinea

Mobile no   : +67573692946

Email add    : [email protected]


Name          : Erano Obal

Position      : Finishing Carpenter

Company    : Bettabuilt

Mobile no   : +64210708331

Location      : Auckland NZ

Email add    : [email protected]


I hereby certify that the above information are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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