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To obtain a position in a well-established electrical engineering firm that will challenge my ability and enhance my technical skills

Electrical Engineering (DIPLOMA) | Seneca College
2016 – 2018

Cashier | Pioneer Energy                                                                                                    2017 – Present
·       Demonstrated exceptional customer service skills

·       Responsible for cash handling

·       Improved quality of communication by efficiently dealing with customers and resolving their queries

Machine Operator and Supervisor | Display Point                                                            2016 – 2017
·       Regularly inspected the quality of parts produced and fixed machines with defaults

·       Always exhibited skills of being a team player and did multiple task handling effectively

·       Earned the ability to pay attention to details of a task and work with a calm nature in a fast-paced environment

·       Knowledge of application of project management principles directly in the planning, execution, monitoring, control and closing of a technology project

·       Analyze workplace areas and perform safety and environmental inspection

·       Capable to demonstrate the safe setup, verification, troubleshooting, and operation of various electrical equipment including: digital multimeters, DC power supplies, oscilloscopes, and function generators

·       Proficient in reading, analyzing and utilizing the technical documents such as data sheets, timing diagrams, operation manuals, schematics, and ladder diagrams.

·       Understand motor control strategies, including voltage and frequency control

·       Able to describe the basic physical properties of pneumatic and hydraulic components

·       Efficiently trace and describe the flow of energy in each mechatronic system or subsystem

·       Capable to write technical documents using language, style, and page design that align with AODA guidelines

·       Learned the skill of designing a Printed Circuit Board

·       Sound understanding of Linux and Windows operating system

·       Possess understanding and the use of a debugging facility in the C/C++ environment

·         Modelled a “Robotic smart car” using Arduino Mega whose functions were controlled from phone

·         Built an AC to DC converter power supply with variable output voltage

·         Build an amplifier – microphone system