Devin Carnell Turner Personal Banker

Columbus, MS
and Cash Handlingattention to detail.Customer ServiceEffective CommunicationKnowledge of Civil and Public Legal Rightspublic speakingRetail Banking KnowledgeSales

This resume contains information on work experience and skills that I have acquired through my career.


January 2012/May 2016 Criminal Justice/Psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi

During my collegiate career at The University of Southern Mississippi. I attended multiple seminars and completed courses pertaining to Civil and Public relations, Justice Administration, Organizational Management. I was also called upon to present multiple projects ideas to Law administrators to improve public relations.


June 2016/Present Employer Personal Banker at Cadence Bank, N.A.

Provide top tier customer service to all clientele whether individual or commercial
Provide product knowledge that will help improve customer finances with special emphasis on customer needs
Retain extensive knowledge of banking regualtions as put forth by the federal government
Provide correct documentation with emphasis to detail
Focus on clientele expansion in the marketplace within the area

January 2015/May 2016 Associate at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Provide high quality customer service to all customers
Promoted sales, services, and products to customers with emphasis on customer needs
Provide cash handling, as well as, vault maintenance