Diana Giang Educational Assistant

Edmonton Alberta


Ø  Experience with special needs children and youth from working as an educational assistant working with 8-12 students with special needs at a special needs school.

Ø  Developed knowledge on mental health settings from working with 5- 10 children with mental heath issues from volunteering at CASA

Ø  Strong verbal communication skills developed from engaging with 8 -12 students every shift and from collaborating with the teachers on implementing activities and caring for the students.

Ø  Excellent written communication skills developed from composing research papers for my Arts degree.

Ø  Effective organizational and time management skills developed from prioritizing tasks such as supervising the students, preparing activities and lunches, and communicating with support staff.

Ø  Applied critical thinking and problem-solving skills when dealing with a variety of requests from 20 – 30 customers and handling over 10 customer phone calls each shift as a sales associate in a demanding environment.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology, Minor in Sociology                               June 2016

University of Alberta


Child Development Worker Certificate                                                               September 2017

Standard First Aid and Level C CPR Certificate                                               September 2017


Work Experience

Educational Assistant, Elves Special Needs Society                                            October 2017- Present

Ø  implemented education plans for 10-15 special needs students to teach them letters, numbers and educational curriculum-based requirements through engaging them with storytelling, songs, dance and crafts.

Ø  Supported the learning of 10- 15 students with special needs and different learning needs by presenting activities that stimulates the mind, fine and gross motor skills, sensory skills and by working with the Speech Language Pathologists and reinforcing their recommended activities for the students that will aid them in learning.

Ø  Assisted teachers with implementing daily teaching plans and providing care to 10- 15 students


Sales Associate, Hudson’s Bay                                                                              March 2016- Present

Ø  Enriched customer service skills through interacting daily with 20- 30 customers and assisting them with finding items they needed in the store

Ø  Managed the cash register and completed the transactions for customer purchases.

Ø  Collaborated as a team with the five sales associates to boost the company’s sales by opening three Hudson’s Bay credit card account for customers per shift

Ø  Trained and mentored eight new sales associates since being employed by the company.


VOLUNTEER Experience
Volunteer Intern, CASA                                                                           July 2017 – Present

Ø  Working one on one with children with mental health issues

Ø  Observed, implemented, and recorded growth and development of children


Patient Visitor, Royal Alexandra Hospital                                               December 2010 – August 2016
Ø  Enhanced socialization skills by providing care and comfort to two to three designated elderly patients per shift to enhance morale

Ø  Assisted the patients with their care by retrieving blankets and water for them as needed

Ø  Encouraged two patients to complete daily exercise during assisted walks around the unit per shift

Ø  Communicated with the patients, nurses, and facility doctors to facilitate and follow through on patients needs being met.


Library Supervisor, University of Alberta                                           September 2015- December 2015

Ø  Scheduled, assigned and oversaw the completion of assignments among employees under a leadership role to oversee an efficient work environment by ensuring that the other five volunteers showed up for their shifts and to report it if they are absent.

Ø  Supervised at least nine to 10 students per shift in the library to ensure rules and regulations were being followed.

Ø  Performed administrative duties including ensuring the computers and printers were operational to maintain a functioning and orderly setting.