Digant Shah Trainee E.C engineer (B.E)


I am an Engineer (B.E & D.E in elec & comm.), Looking for a job in which, I may fit in & can able to do optimized work. Not bounded by my field, as I am fresher can able to understand new environment and modify myself accordingly.

v Educational Profile:

· Highest level of education: (Degree)Bachelor of engineering(B.E)

Major:  electronic & communication (E.C)

CGPA: 7.51

Passing year: 2015

University: GTU (Gujarat technological university)


· Additional education-1: Diploma in engineering (D.E)

Major:  electronic & communication (E.C)

CGPA: 9.02

Passing year: 2012

University: GTU (Gujarat technological university)


· Additional education-2: certified course on basics of PLC and S.C.A.D.A

Year: 2016


v Co-curricular and extra-curricular Activities:

· I have actively participated in my collage co-curricular like paper competition, poster competition, other activities, also was winner for some competition.

· Done training in sigma institute for Basic Electronic & Embedded systems.(8051,pic,aurduino)

· Got 6.5 bands in IELTS exam. (also 6.5 in each module L;S;R;W)


v Experience : Trainee at H.K.Automation (in 2015),for 6 months, Energy meters reading and data feed into web browser scada, Industrial Automation, basic networking, CCTV camera, High power fittings, other day to day office work.



v Personal details:

· Full name: Digant Pinakin Shah

· Dubai address: near Ajanta veg. restaurant opp. Karama fish market, Al-karama, Dubai.

· Date of birth: 18 Feb, 1991

· Nationality: Indian

· Language Known: English, Gujarati, Hindi.

· Experience level: Fresher

· Passport No: H9899446 (Digant Mehta on passport)


v Area of Interest:

· Power sector & Electrical /Engineering admin

· Government services/jobs

· Teaching (both technical & non-technical)

· Circuit assembly, Basic components, circuits & networks

· Administration / Management/Admin/Service  executive/E.A/P.A

· Communication field

· Customer services / Banking


v Project summary:

· I have done two projects (easy but innovative). In Diploma during, 2012 “Frequency Counter using 8051 microcontroller”, which were working successfully. In that project we (team) had made a project which counts the frequency of the signal using microcontroller 8051. It calculates frequency and display it on lcd.

· Other major project was done in a team, in Degree during, 2015 “AUTOMATION USING FLEX AND TOUCH PAD” (final year project). It was based on wireless switching concept. It comprises of zig-bee, microcontrollers, touchscreen, & flex sensors with various interfaces. It was make by using the cheapest way to have an automation in homes, offices & other work places. As it states the switching any devices wireless using zig-bee, through sensors like flex and touchpad.


july 2015 B.E (Batchelor if engineering ) in electronics & communication at Gujarat Technological University
july 2012 D.E (diploma engineering ) in electronics & communication at b.s.patel polytechnic


july 2015 trainee at h.k automation

done 6 months only as per course / work guidance.