Dhaka MBA at University of Asia Pacific


WestBengal,India MD(AM) at The open international University of Complimentary Medicine

Complimentary Medicine-Cardiology

Dhaka MBBS at University of Dhaka

Medicine and Surgery


September 2015 to October 2016 Director (health service) at America Australia Bangladesh Friendship Hospital

1. Collaborate with medical board to update amend and replace medical policies
2. Manage our team of physicians and ensure that employees are complying with policies when providing care
3. Work directly with providers to educated them on our care process and determine what can be done to improve overall care quality
4. Acts as the medical expert in dealings with vendors and non-medical facilities that work within organization
5. Create work group and leadership committees that are designed to improve patient care and enhance relationships with providers
6. Regular health check-up the Indoor and outdoor patient.
7. To ensure compliance with statutory regulations and maintain the record
1. Went beyond my position’s requirements to accomplish a task
2. Found a new way to perform a task that saved time, coasts, and resources
3. Strictly followed all guidelines and regulations
4. Provided consistent, high-quality care to all patients
5. Work well with staff from other departments
6. Trained others
7. Responded effectively to a crisis situation

September 2012 to September 2014 Project Manager at SLOPB Bangladesh

1. Organize project activities into manageable work efforts for team members, and determine an effective approach to completing the work as out lined in project plan
2. Author/facilities strategic documents such as Project charters, Education and Communication plans, and detailed project plans as well as present project updates to business owners
3. Mange and communicate a clear project scope and motivate team members.
4. Manage multiple business owner(s) and team member(s) relationship to accomplish project activities
5. Proactively identify and manage risks, issues, and cross-project dependencies
6. Monitor and report on project activities and statuses within published timelines.
7. Coach team members to clarify task assignments milestones, and deliverables, Identify, Prepare, and/or ensure completion high quality, professional deliverables as required by each project plan
8. Facilitate the creation of toolkits to support field-based implementations
1. Lead teams across broad technical, financial, business disciplines and Medical management.
2. Focused teams on business objectives and tracked progress to ensure project milestones were completed on time, on budget and with the desired results.
3. Mitigated risk factors through careful analysis of financial and statistical data. Anticipated and managed change effectively in rapidly evolving global business environments.
4. Defined processes and tools best suited to each project. Moved between agile and waterfall approaches depending on project specifics and client goals, creating detailed project road maps, plans, plans, schedules and work breakdown structures.

January, 2006 to December, 2010 Marketing Manager with Medical Lecturer at Standard Bio nutrition Company Ltd

1. Interviews, hires, and trains marketing staff members
2. Establishes marketing goals based on past performance and market forecasts
3. Oversees current offerings and comes up with initiatives for new products or services
4. Researches and analyses market trends, demographics, pricing schedules, competitor products, and other relevant information to form marketing strategies
5. Works with marketing staff to develop detailed marketing plans for all media channels and sales teams
6. Approves and oversees the creative development of promotional materials, website content, advertisements, and other marketing-related projects
7. Communicates with various media buyers, advertising agencies, printers, and other services to help marketing projects come to fruition
8. Provides in-depth information to interested clients, and acts as a representative for the marketing department in important buyer meetings
9. Works within the department budget to develop cost-effective marketing plans for each product or service
10.10Tracks all marketing and sales data and creates detailed written reports and verbal presentations to bring to senior executives
11. Adjust marketing campaigns and strategies as needed in response to collected data and other feedback
1. Created and implemented commercial entrance for local market, first 3 years revenue $ 5 M (US), projected annual sales growth of 200%.
2. Initiated and maintained strategic alliances with international suppliers, raw material cost savings of $ 2 M (US) fortified long term strategic positioning.
3. Negotiated exclusive agency representations
4.Increased company global competitiveness utilizing the export department to drive corporate cultural changes in strategic planning, production, time to market, supply chain and logistics, sales, marketing and administration.
5. Created new commission and base price structure for agents and distributors resulting in increased loyalty and increased revenue of 8%.
6. Re-engineered department systems to increase revenue and customer loyalty through increased efficiency in communications, administrative processes and product shipping.
7. Managed international sales force in Bangladesh (18 distributors / agents).